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  1. fIsince08 said:
    VetteIfan said:
    MBKF1 said:
    I got bored so decided to find some new F1 Sporcle quizzes. These 3 are quite good, a couple of them completely random, but they're all pretty challenging, give 'em a go.


    My scores were:
    1) Anyone but Rosberg quiz: 62/75
    2) Monaco GP scorers: 156/271 (poor, were so many names on there I forgot about)
    3) Formula E drivers: 28/42 (again, poor effort, were loads I forgot again)

    Tried the "Anyone but Rosberg" quiz. Only got 52. Couldn't remember anyone who made their debut in 2006, but for some reason could remember all the drivers to get a podium with a Toyota engine. It's weird what information our brains decide to retain. 

    Hughesy said:
    Watching F1 Austria 1999 on Sky, every time I watch an old race I really miss the old engines. I don't care if I get called a dinosaur because they ruin the planet bla bla bla,  but I miss these engines, sound is one of things that first drew me to F1. The new engines sound slow even though they clearly aren't, ever since they went to the same size engine as my VW Golf I don't get the same enjoyment even with my surround sound turned up. 
    This is a problem which I thought only affected me, especially when they were first introduced in 2014. It's amazing how much slower they feel onboard on the straights when they're revving ~6000rpm less than the V8's, despite them actually reaching much higher speeds.

    They're a different animal in the flesh, but unfortunately still quieter than the GP2 and Porsche Supercup cars. That's the main disappointment. 
    I don't get the slowness of the new engines, but I absolutely agree with the last part. I'm one of the biggest advocates of the V6s but my instant biggest disappointment when I heard them last year was how quiet they are. You really can't hear them coming until they're right upon you.

    They do sound organic and the Honda especially roars when it is upon you though. The Honda is the loudest of the lot but even then, last year it was only about as loud as a BTCC car.

    EDIT: This oculd be interesting, Dietrich Matechitz is thinking about reopening the old part of the Osterreichring between turns 1 and 2 of the new track:

    It's a pity they won't bring back the whole track back but it's a start.
    So that's why, they are so bad atm. They're using the BTCC engine!