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  1. Test                                                                                                                           
    Yup, it's working, thanks @Hughesy !

  2. 1. Other than Mercedes, which teams will win races this year?
    McLaren, Red Bull, Williams
    2. Who will score more points: Sebastian Vettel or Daniil Kvyat?

    3. What will be McLaren’s best result?

    4. In what order will the three Mercedes customer teams finish in the constructors’ championship?

    Williams, Lotus, FI
    Lap times were 1.5 seconds slower on average in 2014 compared to 2013. How much will they change this year?
    1.5 seconds faster 
    6. Which engine manufacturer will score more points: Ferrari or Renault?

    7. How many points will Sauber score?

    8. Who will win the FIA pole position trophy?

    9. At which race will Max Verstappen score his first points (if at all)?

    10. Aside from 
    Alonso and Magnussen swapping places, who will be the first driver to be replaced or substituted for a race?
    11. And who will take their place?

    Van Der Garde
    12. Which driver will collect the most penalty points for driving infringements?

    13. Who will win the Monaco Grand Prix?

    14. Who will crash out of the most races?

    15. Who will finish last in the constructors’ championship?

    16. At which race will the drivers’ championship be decided?

    Abu Dhabi
    17. What will be the biggest political story of the year?

    A crash between Rosberg and Hamilton
    18. What will be the most entertaining race of the year?

    19. Who will win the constructors' championship?

    20. Who will win the drivers' championship?

    Hmmm lots of wrongs!

  3. mike96 said:
    1 Hamilton 3
    2. Rosberg 3
    3. Vettel 0
    1. Hamilton 8
    2. Rosberg 8
    3. Vettel 8
    4. Ricciardo 3
    5. Bottas 0
    6. Raikkonen 0
    7. Massa 8
    8. Kvyat 3
    9. Perez 0
    10. Verstappen 0
    44, meh. Bring on 2016 ;)

    I won't comment on the championships before @fIsince08 posts the full results but I want to say a big "thank you" to Chris for running the game this year. I haven't tried running it (yet? :p) but it's definitely got to be difficult trying to run it combined with all the other things he's into so yeah, thanks mate.

    (Hey Chris, remember to thank the one who gave you the  Constructors Championship idea :p ) 

    EDIT @RevolvingPrawn ha, I can't believe I forgot you! It's been a nice year Dave, I think I did not too bad for a #2 driver :p