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  1. A detailed description of the issue. So it turns out unplugging my headset cures the 50% drop in frames and the constant, consistent stream of freezes and stutters and screen tears. How one has to do with the other, I don't know! But that's what it is. Report Code SVJS-AHBX-JPBK-BMMG Platform? PC Game-mode? All the game modes What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Trying to find enjoyment in this undeserved eternal purgatory of a game, I went for a nightmarish drive riddled with hang ups and low frame
  2. It does this on pc as well. I was already dealing with constant stutters despite pulling 100+ fps in 1.04, but now I'm getting even more stutters and freezes and the fps never goes above 50, despite using the same graphical settings. The patch just made the game even more unplayable for me. 🤪
  3. I don't get the reasoning behind hiding some of the practice programs behind a random rotation when in previous years we could do all of them every round. Why would any legit F1 team feel the need to do a Quali simulation for one circuit but not for another? Also, bring back the useful information that came with those practice programs. I use them to help me understand how to improve as a driver, but you guys just made it into a chore to collect resource points that I can skip anyway. Way to encourage your players to be lazy with practice. Actually, how about just bring back everythi
  4. AceMc0

    Patch 1.05

    At least you guys can drive around on track. New patch just made my game even more stuttery, freezy, and now with properly accompanying fps drops (1.04 had stutters and freezes even though the frames still displayed above 100+ fps, now it hovers in the 30-50 range)
  5. Ah, I missed last year's game. Really wishing now that I hadn't. I might double back and pick it up just to tie me over til 2021 is patched up.
  6. It really is, because this game really is begging to be good, and I'm dying to play it. The July release reeks of EA influence because guess what: August/September may be F1's typical launch window, but it's also FIFA and Madden's launch window. I don't think EA wants their new property competing with their flagship franchises. Maybe when NCAA Football comes back next year, they'll push F1's release back to late September/October...or they could push it forward to June and we'll be in for a world more of pain. 😆
  7. Actually, the wheel works splendidly out of the box, especially compared to the previous years. The unplayable part is that the game stutters and freezes every 1-3 seconds, no matter what graphical solutions I try. Of the plethora of issues and QoL reversions and omissions that I'm willing to overlook and work around, that's the one that makes the game unplayable for me, for obvious reasons, including the side note that yes, I have a DD wheel that can and will injure me if it reacts wrongly to a hang up. No, may your heart bleed for the actual issue and not try to cherry pick my words. M
  8. Truth. And assuming you do keep the car straight on gaining control, you'll stutter and freeze every 100 meters for the rest of eternity, until you rage quit back to the garage to file a bug report.
  9. A detailed description of the issue. Since 1.04, the game has become unplayable straight out of the garage due to constant stuttering. I can't go five seconds without a stutter or freeze. My fps monitor--which I only ran once so it's not that--says I'm getting 100+ fps but my "99% fps low" is sitting in the 20-40 fps range and that's what I'm seeing on screen. On at least one occasion, it affected my direct drive wheel, causing it to jerk in the opposite direction mid-corner. This is getting dangerous. Report Code
  10. Yea i was like "so he wants Motorsport Manager". I was actually thinking the same thing recently. My Team without driving would still be a totally different flavor and maybe slightly more in depth than what the amazing MM series puts out, and I'd certainly welcome CM's effort there over a story mode.
  11. No, it's very easy to be unhappy. So unhappy with the inexplicable stuttering that nearly caused my DD wheel to rip my wrists off that I reinstalled f1 2019 just to get my fix in. F1 2021 is virtually unplayable in its current state on PC and I was optimistically waiting for the Day 1 patch to drop...and it never did. I try to hold off on buying F1 games until the holidays to give CM a chance to navigate their signature terrible launch issues, but for some bizarre reason I was compelled to throw my support behind them this year and buy early. My mistake; I'll try not to do it again.
  12. I wish all decisions in life were this easy. Yes, improve the game at the expense of an unnecessary story mode. If I wanted all of that, I'd purchase a Netflix subscription.
  13. Because I can't deal with this massive stuttering. My system can run 100+ frames on high preset, but in every mode I'm getting stuttering and freezes. It took one particular incident in which the wheel was yanked out of my hands before I finally came here to vent. I've run through all the AA options, lowered various settings as low as I dare, turned v-sync on and off, set the refresh rate manually before returning to auto, and I just can't find the secret sauce to make the game smooth enough to play. I remember having this issue at launch in a previous year and it getting taken care of r
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