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  1. I've had it with Canada, France and Spain
  2. Thanks for highlighting that. So weird they actually removed it.
  3. We used to have an option to disable mid-season career driver moves but it's been taken out. Does anyone know if Codies have said anything about putting it back in?
  4. you're now just trolling. Stop trying to derail the thread.
  5. You're missing my point and I'm trying to be as clear as possible. DRS should NOT be activated when it's raining (when rain is pouring out of clouds that are in the sky). I'm not talking about the track - I'm talking about rain pouring down.
  6. Comprehension is a gift too. DRS should NOT be enabled while it's still raining. Wouldn't happen in real life. Shouldn't happen in the game. Never used to happen in the game.
  7. That's not quite true. In last year's game, DRS was never enabled while the rain was still coming down.
  8. Last year, I think Codies finally mastered how a track goes from wet to dry and vice versa, and how it effects lap times for AI etc. This year, things seemed to have gone back to 2011. The track is, in theory, either wet or dry (for the AI) even though the screen is showing something quite different. As an example, you start the race in the rain. The track is visually wet. There is rain on your visor/cam. Then the AI start pitting and Jeff tells you it's time to change tyres. DRS gets enabled. However, the track is still visually wet, there is spray coming off the tyres and the rain
  9. aw that's a shame but I understand. Thanks for replying and keep up the good work!
  10. That's really cool and interesting. Thanks for taking the time to reply! I was wondering about the helmet cam audio. I've only seen youtube videos on it as it's only available on pc/new-gen consoles. It sounds really amazing though. Is it possible we can have this setting on xbox one/ps4 too?
  11. They need to bring back the option to turn off mid-season moves
  12. Apart from a couple of sound glitches e.g. DRS beep being really, really quiet, I wanted to say thanks to the audio team. The changes they made to the engine sounds are great and especially big thanks for giving us the option to reduce the volume of the AI cars. I think audio is often overlooked by a lot of people but it really helps make the game more immersive for us sim-monkeys. So, thanks for the improvements!
  13. That's a good idea. Hope they fix it though. It's never been an issue with previous F! games.
  14. I've been having issue with HUD/OSD on xbox too. The options to show some and turn off others doesn't work, apart from mini-map off/on. Even hiding them in the customisation options doesn't work properly. You can click hide>yes, but it turns it back to NO. You have to do it 5 times and hope you get lucky. It's a bit broken but not many people are talking about it.
  15. I was practising at Spain yestreday and was on the default setup. Aero was 8/8. I switched to INCREASED downforce and the aero changed to 8/4. (may have been 8/6) How is reducing the downforce giving me 'increased' downforce?
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