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  1. no they don't. If you look through the tv screen on the t-cam view during practice sessions, you can see from the steering wheel display that they don't activate it
  2. You're a typical example of a consumer suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Codies can now release F1 games that don't even have the official tracks in it and have stats from the previous season. They barely have to do anything but you will defend them. They'll even increase the price of the game, as they did this year, so you pay extra for the privilege AND you thank them for it. It's scary that you and so many others can't even recognise that.
  3. it's so they can bring them back in future releases and everyone goes "OH THANK YOU SO MUCH, CODIES! YOU'RE SO AMAZING!". It's an EA trick that they've been using in their sports games for years.
  4. the rubber banding AI during the last couple of laps has been going on for at least 2 years now. It's meant to add 'fun' and 'excitement'. It doesn't. It's **** and Codies need to remove it.
  5. Well, I guess it's subjective. I certainly consider myself to be a mug for buying at release and getting a far worse game than F12020, complete with bugs, glitches, last season's performances (even though IRL season 2021 was a few races in). I paid for a roster update, a retina-burning menu screen and last year's tracks (again). It's so EA. Codies and EA will make for a fantastic partnership.
  6. Yes, fair enough, your post makes for an interesting read and I respect your standpoint. All I want to add is that, yes, it's been a bad period and it can't be easy working from home when you're coding for a game under strict deadlines, but then they should not have charged full price. We are getting into the realms of a game review here and I'd rather not derail the thread further, but customers have been short-changed massively this year, what with the bugs, glitches, performances from last season, 2021 tracks not included etc etc but we've still had to pay full price for the privilege.
  7. There's nothing wrong with my audio setup. I play on console, using headphones and my audio is high quality. Codies made the DRS beep too quiet and they said they fixed it. They didn't. They fixed it for some people but not for others. Cockpit view on xbox one is still very quiet, although a tiny, tiny bit louder than it was on release. Re tracks, you're exactly the type of apologist that EA love to have onboard. This is the official F1 game and it released without the official F1 tracks. We all paid full price for the game. We didn't get all the tracks. They should not have released it i
  8. It's not a bug really, it's just that there are some aspects of F1 racing that Codies don't have the skill to code into the game.
  9. F1 games from 30 years ago managed it, so you think Codies would be able to. They can't. Perez and Bottas are just Verstappen and Hamilton clones in this game.
  10. No they wouldn't. If FIFA came without Anfield and Old Trafford because they wanted to rush the game out asap to get your money, even EA wouldn't charge customers more to have them included. However, it's obviously a test to see how well the community takes it and it's clear that the community has taken it like mugs. EA/Codies now know that they don't even have to include the official F1 tracks in their official F1 games and the community will thank them for it.
  11. Nice lap. On a completely different note, the DRS beep is much louder than in cockpit view. It's still barely audible in cockpit view. They were supposed to have fixed it.
  12. OSD/HUD options are a bit broken this year. They give you the options to turn things on or off, but they don't work properly and the split times always show unless you set the OSD to completely OFF. Even just moving the slots around doesn't seem to work like last year. I hope they fix it.
  13. Circuit looks great and it's much fun! Was it laser scanned? One odd thing I experienced though is that, with AI on 70, they don't take the final bend at full throttle. Really weird.
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