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  1. milook

    Audio Balance

    Please, for the love of God and all things holy, can we have the option to turn the crowd sounds down? I've just spent a whole race being screamed at by millions of people while I can barely hear my engine, not to speak of drs beeps and whatnot. Why is the sound balanced so awfully? It's completely insane.
  2. People complained that the Ai was too slow in the rain so codies made them better. Obviously, codies couldn't just make them a bit better, they had to make them cheat. It's typical codies. They won't be "fixing" it.
  3. milook

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    There's a setting under control options or calibration that lets you use right stick to look back and it doesn't impact the menu.
  4. milook

    way too much rain in career mode

    There's a very simple answer to this - it's because they're very proud of their rain effects, so they want to shove it down our throats. It'll never be changed. It's the same with their sound effects balancing - the crowd, rain hitting your car, wind, the sound of other cars. No option to tone them down as the only thing you should hear is your engine, and boy 0h boy, are codemasters proud of their sounds.
  5. milook

    Slow straight line speed

    Lando Norris said the same thing in one of his streams and he knows how to set up a car and use ers. It's poor AI programming.
  6. I remember this being an issue in previous f1 games and am quite shocked to see it's not been fixed. Does anyone know if it's being looked at?
  7. milook

    Rain drops louder than the engine

    Thanks Faya. I apologise for my part in the arguments.
  8. Let's put machine guns on the cars too. That'll be great fun. How about some "barbie rides a unicorn to her friend's party" music too, that'll be fun. What about pauses in the gameplay so we can target parts of the track to blow up? That'll be fun. Maybe pickups on the track to give us boosts and slowdowns etc. That'll be fun.
  9. Saw a video of Lando Norris driving in the rain yesterday and noticed how loud the rain drops hitting the frame of the cockpit were. They were so loud that they overpowered the sound of the engine. I'm totally confused. Who at codies thinks rain drops sound louder than engines and who ok'd it? Have they gone mad do you think? Ps. There will no doubt be some try hards and fake f1 drivers here who say that rain drops are really loud but, unfortunately for you, Lando Norris, an actual f1 driver, says you don't hear rain. You only hear your engine. That's Lando Norris. Look him up.
  10. milook

    Sound Options

    I remember f197 had tear offs! If I recall, you only had 5 though.
  11. milook

    Sound Options

    Just read your post. Excellent ideas and a great shame it didn't get the attention it deserves.
  12. milook

    Sound Options

    Dear Codies, In f1 2016 we had the option to turn down certain parts of the sound (AI cars, crowd etc). This was removed in 17. Now that Lando Norris has confirmed that all you hear irl is your own engine and sometimes the wind effect, is it possible we could bring in audio options again? I know there's a lot of things that would take precedence over this but it would definitely be a huge plus for realism lovers like myself. Thanks for a great game and keep up the good work!