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  1. Only bug that still annoys me is XP not stacking properly sometimes.
  2. Thankfully it works on xbox too. Game no longer freezes if you use them. Thanks. So it looks that most what should be fixed is fixed. only some better random rotation on weekly challenges would be nice.
  3. Xbox patch is on. Only 5 MB. So far I'm stucked on loading screen on which normally you choose saves except I can't press anything and screen is empty without saves to choose. Can only go to dasboard. edit. Forget about it, after restarting game saves are restored, bugged  cars with 0 credits worth and lev.1 still are 'untouchable' thou. Can't use them, can't sell them to free garage slots (got some internall error message).  I'm far from full satisfaction but at least we can continue our game progress but reall Codies, you should at least give DLC's for free foll all this save f
  4. Good that with this new console patch finally we'lll get clock in the lobbies, it was so annoying to wait God knows how long, PC version had it from long tiime. My saves corrupted like 4-5 times and only thing I'm afraid of now is that patch won't fix old saves. First corruptions occured only when game was saved after use custom car in multi but lost happened with no reason, I didn't knew it and I backed up already broken save :/. Good that at least I have PC version to play in meantime, it lacks all thoose problems maybe except XP not stacked properly.
  5. Too bad they don't return cash like for recent Colin McRae PC 'remake'. Number of glitches in Autosport is ridicilous.
  6. Recently I noticed very annoying glitch. Some of the cars I bought for multiplayer get glitched and everytime I race using them console freezes on post - race screen. Also I can't sell them (and the show up as worth 0 credits), receiving error message about some internal error when I try. Have already wasted 3 garage slots for them. Maybe it has something to do with fact that I bought 5 garage slot pack or certain cars are bugged (if it matters they are Subaru Impreza Tomei Cusco & KTM X-Bow R so far). Now every time I buy new car I'm not sure if will be able to use it at all.
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