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  1. When i first started playing F1 2019, clutch was working fine. I had it on my upshift paddle for my G29, and as soon as I dropped the clutch it would shift up into Gear 1. I got on today, and this is not working. I drop the clutch, and it now stays in neutral instead of upshifting. I had to switch the clutch bind just so I can shift up to Gear 1 manually at the same time I am dropping the clutch? Am I doing something wrong, or did CodeMasters screw up something somewhere?
  2. Right, so getting a little upset with this game and the voice recognition. Got this game on launch, installed it, everything worked fine. Voice Recognition was not giving me any issues. Stopped playing it around....Novemeber, coming back to it now. And now, voice recognition isn't working. Every time I hit the voice command button to do a voice command, it gives me a Red Voice Icon, blocking me from using voice. I have tried everything I could think of. 1. I made sure I had the headset plugged in correctly. It is the same exact headset I used when I started playing the game on launch, Arctis 7, with no issues. 2. I made sure the headset was not muted when launching the game. 3. I tried having Windows Speech Recognition launched before launching the game (even though Windows Speech Recognition wasn't needed when I first started playing before) 4. I tried going into the installer folder in the game files, repaired using x64_SpeechPlatformRuntime, then executed the MSKinectLangPack_enUS 5. I tried verify the game install via Steam. 6. I tried completely uninstalling the game, and reinstalling it. I tried all of the above, and none of it worked. And no, its not the headset. The headset works perfectly fine on EVERY game that I have, that utilizes it, except for this one. Not sure what else to do at this point.