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  1. Hey Barry! Not a problem at all. I haven't tried auto myself as I'm not usually a fan of it, but I can try it out on my end in the next couple of days and see if there is any issue with it or not on my side. This is all still relatively theory based. Still trying different things to pinpoint it exactly, but the flashback seems to be a valid reason at this time, depending on how many times you use it. Not going to lie, used it quite a bit on my Aussie race, so the correlation seems to be there, but I'll be running more tests to make sure I'm not crazy. lol
  2. The only thing I could think of in your case, and this is just a theory, is that since your gearbox was already affected by the Flashback, it still carried over any glitch? I switched to a second gearbox that hasn't had any flashbacks used on it, and its acting fine as far as practice and quals go. Gonna be doing the race in a bit to see. The only other explanation I can think of is that we had a terrible first gear box. But I don't believe Codemasters has it scripted to give you bad and good gearboxes.
  3. Can you guys respond and say if you were using Flashbacks or not during the race. Would possibly help determine the issue.
  4. Done a bit more testing myself, and it appears to be the Flashback that causes the issue. Went through some practicing and qualification without using any flashbacks, and the wear on all parts appears to be completely normal, and expected. (14 laps - 3% wear, which puts me at about 350 total laps expected, which is roughly 5-6 races). I'll be doing the race later, and will make all attempts not to use a flashback during it, to see if this is the underlying root of the issue or not. If anyone else could, please do some testing with and without flashback being used, and see if that mak
  5. 20% after one race (if its my team) would be relatively normal. New team, with little to no reliability upgrade, 20% sounds about right. Cause that would cause a gearbox change after about 4 races. More normal then my 75% after one race. Lol
  6. I'm using the full calendar season. Like I said, I'm not perfect on shifting. But not being pin-point perfect on every shift shouldnt cause me to have to switch a gearbox every race 😕
  7. 1. After 1 race, Event Gearbox usage is at 75%. No error codes present since this is an in-game issue. Using MANUAL Shifting. 2. 1.03 3. My-Team Career Mode - 50% Length - Full practice/Qualy - Flashback on 4. Ran a few races and the gearbox wear is about the same throughout different tracks. The only replication I could say to do is go out there and try it yourself. 5. Can't really think of any troubleshooting. Working on durability upgrades, and focusing on shifts more then racing but doesn't seem to improve it much if at all. 6. Logitech G29 7. N/A
  8. Seems like the gearbox glitch carried over yet again into F1 2020 after it was brought up at the start of F1 2019. Gearbox wear is severely heavy. Only did 1 race so far (Australia), and my event gearbox is already at 75% wear. (And they expect it to last 6 races?) Race settings is 50% length, Full practice/Qualification. Manual shifting is used. General Durability - Gearbox is in process of being completed via R&D, and I have 2 Ultimate General Maintenance and 1 Minor General Maintenance. I get I don't have completely spot on perfect shifts, 100% of the time, but its a
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