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  1. AlexTT

    Something New

    Press talk. FOM will never openly critizize CM like the drivers do. read the last line. BUT IF YOU WANTED TO HAVE THAT MORE POROUS MOVEMENT BETWEEN BOTH REALITIES, I THINK THAT HAVING A SORT OF A SIMULATION FOCUSSED GAME DOES HELP THOSE OBJECTIVES. you have to read between the lines.
  2. AlexTT

    Something New

    Nobody knows the legal agreements to the letter. and i think if people like Norris, Verstappen and co OPENLY on internet ON VIDEO destroy the game in all it's aspects like that, FOM has an clause in that agreement to take away the exclusive part of that agreement. it could be something like QUALITY not beeing up to standards. Eepecially when the real F1 drivers bash it so openly it's not good commercial value for F1 nor CM. and since the damage has already been done, i an not surprised a statement like this is coming out after such a debacle. drivers also have performance clause's in their contracts, so why wouldn't there be something like this in an exclusvity contract. Especially after what happened.
  3. AlexTT

    Something New

    Funny thing, a couple of people on the forums know I've been in contact with F1/FOM/Liberty Media complaining about the state of 2019 "official" licensed game and especially the way CM treats the fanbase (us the community) with several links to forums where CM is beeing the target of that critisism and never took the energy of defending themselves or reacting. The whole conversation was taken seriously by F1 because of the proof i linked with it, not so long after this, a statement like that is beeing made. Somehow I feel like FOM/LM is doing what CM should have done all that time. LISTEN TO FANS AND/OR THIS COMMUNITY AND RESPONS ACCORDINGLY. Believe me that a statement like that from FOM is a kick in the nutsack of CM, because remember a statement from mister DOESNTMATHER? Handling that SIMULATION drivers LOVE? and now FOM says themselves it's nothing like SIMULATION. But more ARCADE! again empty words/lies from CM proven by actions from FOM themselves.
  4. AlexTT

    Something New

    YES!!! YES!!! YEEEEESSSS!!!! PLEASE LET F1 DO THIS!! If this will be a real thing then I'll be the first to buy it, and support it in any way possible. It would mean finally a REAL alternative to F1!
  5. AlexTT

    Udp 2020

    Yeah well, frankly I'm not putting in any effort anymore to build to anything related to CM and their politics how they treat and handle serious community members. why should i? I like the community, but to build something, I have to buy it to test it, and after this proven "BETA screw people like us who critisize and build cool stuff for the community over for people who arent active in any way with low post count, who just registered, no upvotes and all that ********" CM can shove it up their ass
  6. AlexTT

    Udp 2020

    Well everybody is entitled to his/her opinion, so is mine. You can find it unfair, i may find it exactly what it is. The rest i will maybe discuss in pm with you, but i don't see the point why I should tbh. for me CM has once again proven how they handle people who openly critize them and are negative towards them because of their own behaviour. and when i see replies of forum user who just have LITTLE TO NONE posts or whatever on this forum beeing chosen for the beta, that's the cherry on top. That proves just that a lot of serious and critical people are exluded at the cost of the "not so critical and new users" screw the people who actually try ro give feedback whatsoever and make contributions in any way like the dashes. people who actually know what they are talking about. that's why i won't buy the 2020 edition for a loooong time, or it had to be 1 buck or so. This is why I'm done with CM and their "friend politics" and @BarryBL I'm far from frustrated. I'm just overjoyed that CM has again confirmed everything I always said. Truth hurts i know.
  7. AlexTT

    Udp 2020

    Like I said, not accepted. They rather use people who almost don't post on here, or arent critical, in stead of people who speak their mind and also contribute a lot on stuff like simhub dashboards and leaderboards and do actually have a post count and high upvotes. So it's proven once again that CM rather select a lot of people who have none to low input and critisism then people like us. point made, and proven to be truth again. This is how CM evades critical people and excludes them from beta's because they can't handle critism.
  8. AlexTT

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    And 1 heartattack if I get chosenšŸ¤£ else just the same reaction as all years, "just as I expected"šŸ˜‰ its beginning to get predictable each year so I learned not to expect anything.
  9. AlexTT

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    At spa the whole busstop chicane is wrong compared to real life. For years... sounds like a broken recordšŸ¤£
  10. AlexTT

    About the logic in Unranked lobbies.

    I don't get why long practice and quali sessions and use 3 or 5 lap races.
  11. AlexTT

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Non hable talking english forum!
  12. I'm just curious, not offending or try to be offensive in any way. Just trying to get some of the logic in the lobbies people make. - 45/90min. Practice / full or short quali / 3! Or 5! Lap race ???? WHY A 3 OR 5 LAP RACE with such ling practice and quali -REALISTIC car performance -> Same. WHY? It's online, i always create equal lobbies. -Training, no quali, 50% race. Why no quali, especially with 50% race. - no training full or short qualy, 3 or 5 lap race. and there are a lot more combinations which I can't wrap my head around. And when someone sets CUSTOM weather, I would like to see what he setup. If its a 80% rain race, i would like to pass and give someone else my spot. another STUPID/DUMB thing, when you create a lobby, and don't want anyone else to join, MAKE IT CLOSED IN STEAD OF OPEN. Open means exactly what it says, open to EVERYONE. Don't go beeing the ***** who can't even setup a lobby right, and then with everyone ramming and bashing people who are not in your group. When YOU set a lobby to open, then be a big boy and behave like an adult. I see things like ramming, or mass leaving the lobby. Those are just dikc moves because someone in your group doesn't know how to create a private lobby, and other people don't need to suffer for their stupidity. Creating a lobby isn't rocketscience! like I said, I just can't get the logic behind some lobbies.
  13. AlexTT

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    F1 2018 was way better than 2019. No joke. In every way. 2019 was a 2017 reskin with the exact same bugs and errors and a bit upgrade which took them 2 whole years it seemsšŸ¤„ They broke the handling model, pad vs wheel difference to big, assists are way faster than no assists, and so on. 2018 was much more of a pleasure to drive.
  14. AlexTT

    Udp 2020

    Applied yes, accepted nošŸ¤£ just call me a fortune telleršŸ˜‚
  15. AlexTT

    Fanatec DD1 + TM T3PA - Oscillations

    Well that excludes the pedals. before deleting all kinds of stuff, check all the drivers first.