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  1. People who shout things like PRACTICE while they take the easy way by using all assists. That’s things I can’t stand.
  2. Pretty easy talking coming from someone who uses all assists and thus can attack kerbs way more aggressive then people without TC, Auto gears and ABS, and doesn’t know what ACTUALLY happens. You’re constantly beeing saved by TC or ABS when you go wild. sorry, just can’t stand people who yell those things while they themselves drive with all the trainingwheels on and have ZERO experience or knowledge how the car behaves without assists.
  3. I’ve been saying this for years, but it’s still possible to go more off track to increase your turn in radius and take more speed with you in corners, which is just stupid. I saw a video on Spain where there’s a pretty hard bump when you go to far off track. IMO tcam and driving more off line and off track for a bigger corner radius to gain faster times is cheating. Real drivers don’t sit on the Halo, and they keep the car where it belongs. it’s just ridiculous and a disgrace that it’s still possible to set times by driving off track this way. but it also says ever
  4. Trying to run the weekly one, but without assists in the wet you're more of a sitting duck then it beeing actually fun. The AI runs over curbs in a way that if I do that I'll fly to New Zealand. The amount of traction is just ridiculous. I hate driving in the wet anyway, but can hold my own normally, but now in 2021?? If i even look at my brake or throttle pedal, I lock up and the backend overtakes me, or i lose control from overpowering, and if I'm pushing gently, the AI takes of like a rocketship in hyperspace as if I'm standing still. And then the change comes from wet to dry, where y
  5. Why should I when I never had any issues with my loadcell pedals before? I've been racing since 20 years+ and suddenly now I don't know how to brake anymore? When you adjust linearity you get way too much input above a certain level, and THAT'S what you don't want with trailbraking, since the who pedal input needs to be as linear as possible to achieve the best way to trailbrake, and when you mess with the linearity you're done. Why do you you think people use loadcells? Muscle memory
  6. In 2021 you lock up (imo way too) easy, even with almost no pressure applied when trailbraking. And I don’t really feel the feedback in the wheel, where in previous years it was better to feel it, to adapt to it. Now it sometimes locks up when I only touch my brake. I have a 100KG loadcell so it does take quite some power to fully brake, and still with slightest touch i lock up. Brake balance is option, but go to far back, and it’s need for speed drift. It’s too sensitive, like the input is amplified 100 times
  7. If you can’t take eau rouge flatout with assists, then you’re doing something wrong. without assists is trickier this year, very bumpy, you need to hold the wheel tight, else you instantly end up on the start finish part. But even then, eau rouge is easy flatout. Always. No middle ground. Same goes for Pouhon. That one is small lift before turning in, sing halleluja and slam that throttle. spa is sooo good without assists
  8. I build my “start sequence” in Simhub in a way that’s not linked to the RPM’s but to pedal travel. So the deeper the pedal is pushed, the more lights light up in a specific way, which is linked to the ideal 3 bar throttle pedal push.
  9. If we talk about realism, you should do cockpit cam, because well, that’s how drivers sit in the car. Not a Tcam which gives a second to 2 second advantage just because you have more line of sight. we are the drivers, not watching tv. So your title should actually be: realistic tv watching camera settings. Actual realistic camera settings is cockpit view.
  10. Did you update the firmware on the base? And when turning wheel on does the light blink 10 times so it recognizes the lcm pedals as such? If you don’t get what I mean, go to thrustmaster support and look in the firmware and manual sections what I mean.
  11. Yes I do… just finish the race or pause during the race. Go to race director and select “Race Incidents”, and you’ll see they don’t even get a warning. Ergo: no warning or penalty is no drop whatsoever. like I say for the 1000th time, I don’t say these things without doing my research
  12. Tell me what version you play? Because since ranked lobbies were released there’s as much scumbags with a S rating and *ahum*masterassistlevel who know exactly know how to PIT you, with you out the race and them without damage or a penalty and then it doesn’t hurt their safety rating😑
  13. Breaking my shifters on setting up camera😂
  14. I run on a Samsung QLED with a denon receiver and 5.1 (need to build a lowered ceiling for 2 ceiling speakers still), but I run the PS5 straight to my TV and let ARC do the rest. If or when I run on my AVR it’s always on Dolby+Surround And game sound mode, which I saved on a quick action button, and that’s again saved on my Harmony Remote so it automatically switches to the right input settings. no issues here. All hdmi 2.1 certified cables connected. as soon as 3D audio works again I will switch to my headset again though. But don’t know how long that will last. 1 week, 1
  15. “Polish a turd, it’s still a turd”😇😂
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