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  1. AlexTT

    F1 2019 overtaking on a blue flag.

    I always use blue flags against the "iwillwaitalapandcrashpeopleout" nitwits. hang behind them, just takes little time, and after 2 penalties it's byebye.
  2. AlexTT

    Why Penalty? [Video]

    You had to simply back out the fight because even a blind man could see what was going to happen with those 2 morons. you try to create a gap that isn't there, you are not 100% next to him, so you simply haven't got the "right" on that corner. well deserved penalty. people just need to use common sense and see and judge that 3 cars never fit through that corner. you choose to stay on the inside, you cut the corner (no matter how or what, rules say you have to be next or in front of the other one) so don't complain that you get penalized. You made the choice, live with the consequenses. racing isn't just going fast and almost ram overtake someone. It's about how you judge situations on high speed. See where someone struggles and you are strong, put the pressure on, and make him do a mistake, or trail brake him in your strong part. not like 3 headless chickens all together in a corner which you know would never fit. Plus the guy who hit you was on the other side. I just would have backed out, waited, and I bet you that those 2 didn't make it through the end of the lap without damage. common sense.
  3. Run it on secondary monitor? That's how i do it? Then you should be able to drag it where you want
  4. You must be really proud that you know this? Good to know that I'm that important that you remember things that I said when angry of whatever. Things said in any form of emotion aren't always to be taken serious. after i threw it away I picked it back out so what? When I stopped posting I actually stopped (check the time between posts so that one is nothing not credible about) like i said my first post was about the dash, i can't share that thing in any other way so... of you target this post, well, omg you really can be proud of yourself. Do you want a cookie now? Or rather a balloon?
  5. Sorry but I'm native dutch so my english isn't always that good. Rework or how you want to call it, but something as simple as explaining the right fuel load should be standard, because it was one of the big rules changes so cars are able to run higher power longer and less fuel saving. when you put in the old rule standard is just embarrassing. Especially if you claim all is built to the new rules, but can't even change a year old sentence with the correct fuel load. It shows a form of not having your priorities straight and lazieness.
  6. How do you know that? Do you know me so good that your able to say that? i judge People by their actions, and looking at all the failures pointed out by everyone (including myself) it's fair to judge CM's credibility. but making such an empty and shortsighted assumption is IMO an failed attempt to be even remotely funny and says everything about you than about mešŸ‘Œ btw when I said i wasn't going to post anymore, i didn't until today to update my simhub dash which I shared with people because they like it. I also stopped playing yes. and this 1 post which pointed out another stupidity although i have found several more but this one is just ridiculous. and @DaleRossi and @sloppysmusic can also confirm I have been taking care of things which you don't even know about regarding the game, so like I said, you don't know me 1 little bit do even doubt my credibility. at least i'm actually trying to make an effort regarding the F1 title to become better, as stated above to be confirmed.
  7. Sorry, just had to post this, but it proves even more how this is just a copy paste game and not had full 2 years rework. pretty amateuristic if you ask me...
  8. Ignore the previous 1, i saw it's better for quick visibility to separate mix and ers more than to be close to each other. new version and download coming up! DOWNLOADLINK: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/7ef3964b685044988d7def176f8ec97520190816150813/766f5125e51ced696b78c7f0b20afa5420190816150813/882a4e
  9. New fresh update today. These are the only things i will post because people like the design. Made some small cosmetic adjustments to alignment, the ERS and MIX at the bottom will now change colour depending on the mode you're in, with red the highest and green the lowest modes, so you can see a bit easier in a flash which mode you're using. The ERS bar 10% segments are now behind the bar and wil only be visible when depleting ERS, i changed the green colour to a bit more "friendly" green, on page 3 the leaderbord is only showing the top 10 for better visibility.
  10. AlexTT

    Lost of sound while driving

    Same... happened just now sound fell off and became some weird buzz... had to exit game and offcourse lost 75 points.
  11. I understand. Never mind. It's sunday.
  12. If we are tagging them in your reply? I didn't tag. So i guess it's my stalker who needs attention.
  13. I didn't tag anyone.... so i don't know what you're talking about...
  14. 2003 points... Sounds familiar. Just hit that number haha
  15. even though i said to go away and be done on this forum, I still want to help you out. The coding for button box is made around xbox one. Are you using a USB hub or something? try disconnecting everything ingame, and then only plug in a keyboard or buttonbox. preferably both to see if there's maybe a recognition problem. so start the game, go to controls, remove all connected devices, and then plug a keyboard and or buttonbox directly in the xbox. it should popup in the available controls that there's a keyboard connected. if not, on both, I'm afraid I can't help you any further. Maybe try f1 2018? see if the buttonbox or keyboard works there? I DO know that when i have my wheel and buttonbox connected, I have to disconnect my controller, else my FFB is going bonkers. Even though the controller isn't set as an active control device. I only have my button box and wheel active. If you go through the menu's with your controller, the game doesn;t auto switch to wheel as active controller which can cause weird steering issues, or responses from wheel/pedals.