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  1. AlexTT

    FFB fault Japan

    Ps4, not really much you can do. It's just one of those glitches that pops up sometimes. Same when in online, FFB can be good, someone with a ***** connection enters the lobby and every feeling instantly dissapears. But on PS4 you can't do a lot. connect it to pc, update the firmware, and set overall ffb to default as do the rest. perhaps resetting the wheel in bootloader to write complete clean file may help. further is there nothing you can do.
  2. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    What I mean is he is a free driver with tons of knowledge of the cars and handling. And when you want to go big with esports and all thag stuff, you need driver input who knows how a car handles in real life so you can simulate it in the best possible way.
  3. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    Well, anyone could see already from the start something was terribly wrong when the timing shows people minutes or laps behind after 50 meters from the start and they way cars were "moving" on screen. if I was the developper, i would look for an uninhabitated island and go there to feel embarrased as hell.
  4. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    Like I already say for years... CM is ignorant to critisism and failure.
  5. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    Well, Hulk isn't like a rookie right? They need to get people like him in to help develop the true handling model of the cars. With all respect, but Davidson is out way too long to even remotely come near the knowledge of the handling model of the past F1 cars. Hulkenberg would be a golden asset in this case. Though he never had a podium, he was always a constant driver who drove for multiple teams and knows the differences between good and bad cars.
  6. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    Well... that license isn't going anywhere else for a long time sadly. we can hope that CM finally opened their eyes after this embarrassment, but i highly doubt it. I will bet that they will send out a press release out "what a enormous success the race was and how excellent the game performed" let's hope they embarass themselves more this way so everyone on social media can burn them down and maybe F1 will reconsider the contract. But that's wishfull thinking. looking at all our efforts and their ignorance at whatever we point out, CM won't change a thing. F1 2020 will be the same joke as the rest when it comes to online. Mark my words. And don't get me wrong, but when Lando and Max BOTH online are negative about this game, when it's obvious that other official F1 drivers aren't even interested in joining these races, but rather spend their time on another online race sim, should be a wake up call. but as CM does al those years is take the easy way out, and make an online abomination and whoever critizes them, they don't care. Because of they did, they would have build something good and learned from their failures in stead of beeing ignorant.
  7. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    Not fair! Just wanted to post this one hahaha Listen when Max says : "what a surprise" 🤣🤣🤣
  8. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    Truth hurts... (not meant for @UP100 btw) only downside is that CM keeps their heads in their asses i think. Ignorance is bliss they say.
  9. AlexTT

    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    Then it first has to be a GOOD, STABLE, and REALISTIC game without all the bugs, and with good online lobbies. why do you think all the teams have those fancy expensive simulators? I would like to have one of those in my house.
  10. AlexTT

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    I have to agree with OP (sadly). The virtual GP was a joke. After the warmup lap people were already timed 1 lap behind. After lap 1 the number 2 was according to the timing 1.53 minutes behind😱 and others already lapped which is offcourse a joke. Not to talk about how the cars "move" on screen. Jezus cars were teleporting all over the place and stuttering. the start itself: we see lights already out, 5 seconds later the field starts. This stream only proves again to CM what we're saying for years. ONLINE IS TRASH! You just need to watch this stream and you can only agree with all the comments and critisism from everyone. thing is... now that this was worldwide advertised and a lot more people watched (or tried to watch) have now seen what CM has always tried to sweep under the rug and be ignorant about. I hate to say I told you so... no I don't hate it this time. WE TOLD YOU SO! And now you crashed and burned in front of a whole lot more people. this is just really E-Sports unworthy in every way you can think of, and there's no excuses for it.
  11. AlexTT

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    I like Norris as a character, a personality. He's a asset to the f1 paddock, but omg does he need to scream so much?🤣
  12. AlexTT

    Victory counter does not change

    That's because it's full for bronze. It goes up certain levels, and then it's done until you reach silver, then it resets. If you look at your superlicense, the wins will count up. for your poles it means when you get another one, the bar resets and will say that now you need 10 poles to complete it. those counters are just for extra XP to level up faster.
  13. AlexTT

    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    If they all don't lag out or other weird stuff🤣 wouldn't be the best advertising for CM They should also turn Ai on in online! Would be funny as hell! 🤣
  14. AlexTT

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.formula-1-launches-virtual-grand-prix-series-to-replace-postponed-races.1znLAbPzBbCQPj1IDMeiOi.html this should be fun. If this is esports ready, we'll see this sunday. I'm guessing that we'll see massive lag, and disconnects looking at how horrible the online connection part of this game is.
  15. AlexTT

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    The Ai is not that Intelligent online. Far from. They're sometimes more stupid than the biggest noob, and more filthy and dirty than the dirtiest driver online to be found. i just don't understand why people do in fact turn Ai on online: