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  1. Yeah well, frankly I'm not putting in any effort anymore to build to anything related to CM and their politics how they treat and handle serious community members. why should i? I like the community, but to build something, I have to buy it to test it, and after this proven "BETA screw people like us who critisize and build cool stuff for the community over for people who arent active in any way with low post count, who just registered, no upvotes and all that ********" CM can shove it up their ass
  2. Well everybody is entitled to his/her opinion, so is mine. You can find it unfair, i may find it exactly what it is. The rest i will maybe discuss in pm with you, but i don't see the point why I should tbh. for me CM has once again proven how they handle people who openly critize them and are negative towards them because of their own behaviour. and when i see replies of forum user who just have LITTLE TO NONE posts or whatever on this forum beeing chosen for the beta, that's the cherry on top. That proves just that a lot of serious and critical people are exluded at the co
  3. Like I said, not accepted. They rather use people who almost don't post on here, or arent critical, in stead of people who speak their mind and also contribute a lot on stuff like simhub dashboards and leaderboards and do actually have a post count and high upvotes. So it's proven once again that CM rather select a lot of people who have none to low input and critisism then people like us. point made, and proven to be truth again. This is how CM evades critical people and excludes them from beta's because they can't handle critism.
  4. Applied yes, accepted no🤣 just call me a fortune teller😂
  5. Thnx! Would be great so we can get the stuff out on release and not start programming on release.
  6. @BarryBL, can you inform by @Hoo if it's possible that the UDP data for 2020 can be released a bit early this year? A few weeks/days before release would be awesome, so we can build dashes and leaderboards and have them ready when it releases. thnx in advance!
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg you mister are the funniest man of the day!
  8. Official in like... DRS zones whoch just won't be updated to 2019 standard for a whole year? Just won't happen. And official is also in a way that you may expect a handling model which is closer to realism then whatever it is now. When drivers actually say that driving with medium TC is more realism than without TC, well you have missed the memo i guess.
  9. Max is not just some driver buddy. I don't know of you see what he does in virtual races, but when you can compete on the top level in any sort of car and class, and always running in front, you're not just another driver. and not because I'm dutch or max fan (which i am both) but After 20+ years of beeing a fan formula 1, Someone can see when a driver has the talent to be one of the greatest drivers. Ericsson, grosjean, those are "just" drivers. But there are those who are a class of them own.
  10. Soooooooo you're saying handling model which is not even near reality is okay with you?😱you don't care if the official licensed game isn't nowhere near the real deal?😱You don't care about bugs which are years old?😱The SUZUKA BUMP?😱and i can keep on going.... if something is OFFICIALLY licensed, WE as buyers MAY expect some sort of game which is maybe not exact realism, but also nothing like this which doesn't even come close with all the bugs and flaws included. if you're satisfied with 2019, well your standards aren't very high, sorry to say that. i don't care if its
  11. He's so good at shining and polishing a turd, but in the end it's still a turd. when they are completely are making fun of every aspect of your game, absolutely destroying everything about it, well... you can stick your head back in your *** because that's NOT feedback! Can CM PLEASE get rid of that guy? When I look at him and listening to him at the same time, with that smug face, telling all those lies and pretty tales, it makes me wanna throw up! sorry, can't help it, just had enough of that liar. He's twisting everything in that article, and well,
  12. Sorry but how's that not shortsighted when you're stating that it wouldn't be the best thing. Says WHO? I'm sorry but I'd rather like the hold option that OT works as long as I press it. Like the KERS buttons back in the day. I want to control it and not constantly press a button twice for on off while pressing and releasing is 1 action less to think about. That's why F1 drivers are F1 Drivers, they're able to do these things at once. want to do it right? Give the players the option to hold or toggle on off. Leave the choice to us. can't be that hard. I'm not waiting for m
  13. Closed the league since noone else came in. Ruben has his medal and trophy at least. if other people want to do this let me know here so I can reopen the league and plan a new day
  14. Lobby is open! Had to make a new one so everyone please enter the new code.
  15. Reminder: 25 minutes(ish) from now i will start hosting the lobby.
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