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  1. AlexTT

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    Good one! How does CM calculate both numbers regarding fuel/laps? i have tried to figure this out also, but all my calculations never come to what is on screen self. How do I get the same values as whats on my screen for how many laps fuel is in the car and the delta fuel? @Hoo
  2. Thnx for the support bud. when taken over by AI, the AI is way to impredictable when they brake for instance, they sometimes almost come to a stand still and when you come in with normal apex speed, it's byebye front wing. When people leave the lobby, they ghost, so make it the same for AI
  3. So sad 1st of april is already in the past... could be perfect troll date 🤣
  4. Just had a race with someone who was ridiculously quick on Ps4. He was definately using TC so that's one, but i retired to check him out and saved the video of which the link i will send to CM because if this is how I think cheating, it has to be adressed ASAP. this guy kept driving lap after lap in ERS HOTLAP mode, you never see changes beeing made on the wheel to change the setting (which when set on auto is still visible when changes to ERS are made) and the bar kept on a stable half bar battery, even on full throttle the battery would go UP in stead of down, and the bar never got below a certain point of half way. He kept going in 5, on straights the bar fills up and goes down, but at the end of the straight the bar was just as full as when he started at the straight. And that's impossible when in hotlap mode and going down a straight. i won't put the video online because of the rules but it's really strange IMO
  5. In other words, they let AI drive for them. Why isn't it like in 2017 that they ghost? The AI is so stupidly slow, and unpredictable, that when you're racing, 60%. Of the time because of it, you hit them. make AI ghost again, it messed up my races a lot
  6. AlexTT

    F1 2019 UDP Specifications

    @Hoo @Faya Yes! This is a very good question! Since I drive with a customized wheel with screen and led's and tablet for telemetry and so, it would be nice to know in what way the UDP data would change or if we can use the same specs. can you please comment on this? When 2019 comes out, i want to race, not programme all the udp settings first 😉
  7. AlexTT

    Wheel rotation issues

    Looks like rotation degree angle is way too high? Is it at 360 degrees?
  8. AlexTT

    Top 10 Features We NEED in F1 2019

    Practise starts at the end of pitlane. drive to a certain "box" at end of pitlane, push button for start sequence and go go go
  9. AlexTT

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    No shoes, t300 with t3pa and load cell. no shoes gives me more feeling in the pedals
  10. AlexTT

    F1 2019 wishlist

    I want to be able when exiting pits, in p1-p3, to go to the end of pitlane and make a practice start.