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  1. s4ccio

    ERS Visuals inside Cockpit - HELP

    Thank you so much for your detailed answer! I never realized the yellow bar behind the overtake ICON ! What really confused me it was that after few laps I was able to use overtake for the whole lap and for many laps with the D bar not going down so fast. But I incredibly didn't notice the yellow bar, infact I could feel that I didn't have so much power in addition as it should be when usind the ERS boost. The H Bar did increase slowly , and this is normal expecially when braking , and everytime I crossed the line the D Bar was full again. I'll look carefully into it tonight, thank you again for your kind answer! EDIT : Now I understood! The D bar is the maximum ERS you can deploy for one single LAP, for this reason it was decreasing fast in the first lap and then slowly, because infact I was deploying a little % of ERS because my battery was empty! Thank you again!
  2. Please could you tell me how can I understand how much ERS can I still use and how much battery I'm recovering if driving with cockpit view? If I use external camera, the HUD is clearly understandable but I can't get what those 2 white lines on the wheel mean. The one with "E" and the other one with "R" . Is it possible that they are bugged and not showing real usage of ers? Thank you!