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  1. XoxFlukeXox said:

    Don't attempt to overtake any AI on the outside as you go round a turn, they'll just smash into you and send you off into the grass.  I always go on the inside and use their cars to get round the turn (which btw would be a big no-no in multiplayer lol).  

    Hope this helps.

    I plan on giving it another go when I have some spare time. You know, I actually was on the inside when I went for the overtake, but all that speed off the straight coupled with a late brake means you can't  risk contact. I thought I was in the clear but I was mistaken.

  2. Party Challenge this week is abysmal. Being spun out is frustrating, but it's even moreso when you're watching the AI drivers slam into and shunt one another with no consequences.

    I got silver last night. It would have been Platinum, but I was spun out by Rick Scott in turn 1 which damaged my steering.

    Please repair the AI. Repair it and patch it into Autosport, don't save the changes for the next GRID title!

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