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  1. I had the PS4 disc version and was able to download PS5 version. EIther version uses the PS4 disc. If that’s much cheaper than get the PS4 version, you can run either on a PS5
  2. No the control bindings only allow up/down through the possible choices for ERS and fuel modes. Diff and Brake bias +/- on the range of values. Only the MFD pages have a specific value that can bind to a specific page.
  3. Sometimes it’s handy to quickly switch to another camera from the most used one. Rather than cycle through the whole list, allow selection of which cameras to use in the settings. Then the change camera button might cycle through only 2 or 3 rather than the whole list. Same could apply to replays
  4. Odd, for me in broadcast mix, DRS sound is reduced since 1.12 update. Sony PS5, gold headphones. Haven’t tried helmet mix Back straight COTA you can’t even hear it with full throttle. Front straight its there but that’s still accelerating up to speed.
  5. You can install both versions (if your want to use the space) and play either, but setups, wheel config, etc will be separate. Voice control and OSD customization is only on the PS4 version. Only one graphics level on PS4 version but it looks similar to the PS5 performance setting. PS5 detail setting is noticeably nicer looking. That said there are graphics bugs in the PS5 version not in PS4, such as no ghosts in PS5 TT replays and other minor things. PS4 performance would be a bit less as its emulated, but load times are similar either way. Load them both up and see.
  6. Yes - being able to cycle up/down through tire and wing settings by button would be very handy. On the formula v2 there are the dials or the two toggles or using a keyboard/button box. Could easily cycle the choices that way, one way would be nice, both directions even better.
  7. Working with setups during a session would be really handy to see where the last values were, both last change and last save. Here’s a suggestion that would not need to make major changes to existing UI. Place a colored bar mark where the last value was, say orange for the previous setting and green for the last saved setting. So if you changed the wing from 5 to 7 the white bar would now be up to 7, with an orange tick at 5. If there was a saved setup then a green mark at that value, until the next save.
  8. A detailed description of the issue: In time trial mode, a previous personal best at a track will later show as Default Ghost on the same track if the game has been restarted and the car has changed. The livery will change to the newly selected car. Game has to be restarted and the car has to be different - changing team on equal performance does not seem to cause it. This present in 1.05 and same in 1.06 Report Code: DXER-EBBR-PCAX-CKSP Platform? PS4 Game-mode? Time trial What troubleshooting have you tried? Reset on screen ghost or set a new fastest lap Any scre
  9. The Fanatec formula and other wheels have an analog stick on the left side. Add support to use this for views etc, as similar to a controller stick. ACC and GTS do support this so its possible. Also the formula wheels, including the F1 202x licensed versions have flag LEDs - add support for these.
  10. A detailed description of the issue. Activating flasblack mostly. Not 100% but often. No audio during the replay control. After activating flashback still no audio when resuming. Press pause and back restores audio. Report Code none Platform? PS4 with audio out to AVR in 5.1 mode. Game-mode? Grand Prix [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. [ONLINE] Were you the host? [PC ONLY] Ple
  11. PS4 - no radio when output is set to main audio device. Playing back through an AVR. Changing audio to Auto/DS4 or DS4 brings it back. Perhaps this setting is backwards
  12. Other driver cams accessed by session info as well, during practice sessions
  13. CSW v2 using drive hub on PS4 - Formula V2 with APM. Top Paddles functions are mappable. FW 680 on the base and whatever came w that for the wheel.
  14. Issues with time trial still persist in the current version 1.19. I’ve experienced: - TImes stop loading after some number of laps on track - varies as to number of laps - New times are acknowledged and rival beaten (and acknowledged sometimes), but same rival remains on track even though I’m clearly faster - exiting the current session will sometimes restore times loading properly, sometime not. Times do seem to get uploaded and added to the board at some point. This was never a problem prior to F1 2020. We’re waiting on F1 2021 so not expecting this to be fixed, but
  15. This is improved in 1.18 but still does occur after now longer sessions. Was happening 8-10 laps in TT, now can go over 25. BUT it still happens - the board position and rival beaten (if done) stop updating during the session and after return to garage no more times load
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