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  1. I'm using my second account (GTQC-Zalex on PSN) as my Zalex account is pleaged with a corrupted save game since a month...  See you on the track !
  2. Jerrymackturner: Sorry to tell you that you join the group waiting in line for this patch. :(  More than a month now than I play with a second account and all those hours will be waste when I go back to first account. If you do still use original PSN account, you reset your save game...boum, no more, all hours spent are gone.  Yes, it does suck ! :( SO better not touching it and play with another one, in case they ever release a fix. but more than a month after it happened, i'm loosing hope and my mind. ZalexQc
  3. Loore, any news ??? It's been more than a month now that we deal with those corupted files and the main thread is now closed !!! Anything in sight to give us some hope ? Getting borred swaping PSN accounts and inviting my friends to 2nd account only for one game. Even worse, I must install patches and update using main account then swap it to play !!! we are now in august... bug started first days of jully. Give us some new please ! And ''Soon'' have been said LAST MONTH. :( Even PSN + is useless, I have it and it just automaticly erased my good save with a corupted one overnight, so we
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