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  1. Could be that the cars characteristics dont suit your style atall. Having test the renault and alfa in the 19 game I prefered the alfa. Could also be that your so used to driving the williams that your not driving to the limit of the new car especially if your driving the same times. Found it hard to push cars to the limit myself in this game compared to 18 its a different approach.
  2. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Played the game yesterday over at my brothers house this time on the xbox x (i had the pc version) my wheels compatable so took it overand hes a pretty casual play so has all the assists on apart from brake assist while. He was pretty useless on the wheel but we were both in the sauber I was atleast able to keep the car mainly on track with some spins no assist cockpit. My bro plays chase cam and switched to pad fora few runs 😂 and anoyingly he was able to control the car without spins. He really likes the look of tcam and was ok with it so I i had a bash with tcam and wheel. As weird as it is I was immediatly much better and the game felt decent. I returned to cockpit and was dire again. Ive always been faster on tcam but alway preffered the feel of cockpit but in this games its the reverse 😕 F1 2019 is wrecking my brain 😇😈
  3. AdamFreeman

    Nead help,thanks...

    I would go one further than this Its much easier to compete with wheel users with a pad. I know they have run some 'in house' tests and decided times are about the same but its much harder to stay consistent on the wheel in comparison plus you kind of have to build upto your speed on a wheel (too me 3 or 4 weeks) where as on a pad you have a much quicker learning curve.
  4. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    That is interesting I always run no assists and cockpit cam and I did back to back sessions on australia one on 19 and one on 18. I do however always find the steering in f1 18 quit sensitive after coming from project cars as they use more roation on their open wheel cars so maybe its just the f1 game I have gotten used to. Didnt feel as bad going from pc to f1 19 although the ffb is off in comparison. Time wise I was around a second off my 18 pace and I assune its due to the downforce they took off the cars. I was much closer to 18 times when I had a few laps with a pad. I clearly didnt have the time I would like with the game so maybe I am judging it too harshly. In my limted time in an F2 car I thought it was pretty fun but since careers like 3 races with them I probably wouldnt have bothered with them much. My bro bought the game in the winter sales aswell so I plan on using his as a truer test I will be in the Alfa as thats where I moved to in the 18 game using the G920. The game looks great so I want to like it!
  5. AdamFreeman

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Interesting read Bazza I do feel thi s is where the games have always fell short we have no data to properly set up the car. Am I too slow I dont know cause my team mate could be using a bunch of engines combinations and wear. What engine is he on ect ect. If I am struggling for example under steering or sliding around too much something like the Project car race engineer would be a good starting point, instead its just a guess to what works or not in the F1 games unless your a seasoned pro who knows his stuff. Would be nice to know what set up our team mate is running aswell.
  6. AdamFreeman

    judging ability

    I do the exact same thing @sloppysmusic on my G920 on pretty much all racing games now map the clutch as a brake. Its a million times better with left foor braking and feels more natural when driving open wheelers. The brakes naturally take too much for me to push I have to stand up to get 100% on them out the box. Used it in PC2 for a few of the road cars but doesnt feel authentic as they were going for when you use socks and your pedals are on floor under a desk.
  7. AdamFreeman


    Dont see how the official mod makes the game better although theres more official bits and bobs in the new one for example the 3 sector colours under the delta. It would be nice to have even a codied version of the on screen graphics when watching the monitor in practise qualy or post race replays. Appreciate other people want this but the game has deeper issuesm
  8. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I actually had 25 mins left on the game so did that and I have some further comments to add. 1)Devon Butler and Weber are in my career even though I didn't want F2. Its the official f1 game I don't want these in my game, especially when one of them has gastlys seat. 2) I got a 5 sec penalty as perez clipped me even though I moved well out of his way in Practise (I was on an out lap) 3) Managed to put some laps together but handling just feels off to me, I was very cautious and didn't feel like I could get close to pushing. Going for a refund now thanks everyone for their input.
  9. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I havent yet refunded I technically have 17 mins left so might give it a whirl with the pad to see if its easier I expect it is. But yes I gave it a whirl and didnt like it. Its probably an okay handling system but 2019s cars had insane downforce it should be pretty nailed to the track. I could probably get used to the handling over time theres no doubt I only paid 18 quid for the game but it looks like a roster updates 2018 game with worser handling and better visual. If you havent had an F1 game for few years its probably a great game. I imagine going from 2016 to this would be a good step. 2017 and 18 were fairly small steps. Id like more time with the game but I dont wanna go over 2 hours and then still not like the game. In fairness I also got assetto corsa and its a right pain in the bottom trying to map my wheel to the game. But when I finally got to drive a formula hybrid car it felt great. Yeah the initial price tag was daylight robbery for what it was. Think £25 on release would have been reasonable.
  10. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Problem is its pretty much F1 2018 with a bit of F2. Fair enough to those that like it. Its has the same problem as fifa roster dates and thats all folks.
  11. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I guess the disappointment is this years cars are actually gripper and that wasn't the feeling you get, I dont know what mechanics the game uses for track grip in career so could be a green track but if thats the case same happens in 2018 and its not ice central. I did get warned 18s handling is better but you have to see for yourself 🙂 I do feel like I will get a refund and carry on with my 18 career though tbh. Just my initial first impression if your on PC with steam you get 2 hours playtime before you pass the point of no return for refunds. Think the cars in the game are not representative of the cars from 2019. I figured the 19 renault would be much better to drive than an 18 Williams wasn't the case. Graphics look better is a positive and the initial contract system seemed a tad better each team having perks pre contract.
  12. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    All my comments before about gearing were based on 2018s game. The forum put me off the 19 game but for 18 quid I thoughy why not. Cars feel like they have no backend compared to the 18 counterparts. Usually when I buy a new F1 game I am quit excited by the handling and its first time I have been disapointed driving 90 mins in a supposed muh better car than a 2018 Williams. Was frustratinh more than anything. F2 feels good but have no interest in that really when I can use a renault 3.5 v8 in Project cars and other lower formula cars its F1 I am here for.
  13. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    So I bought the game for 18 quid in the end and I have had a crack around australia for 90 mins and despite coming from the worst car in the 18 game the 19 renault felt like it was on ice never had some much trouble handling an F1 car in codies games. Graphics are beefed up abit fair enough but Im just under the 2hour mark so might return it and jusy wait for this years attempt as the feeling out of the box was disapointment rather than optimism! Also got assetto corsa for 3 quid 😆
  14. AdamFreeman

    judging ability

    50 AI with no assist then you can naturally work up the AI
  15. AdamFreeman

    Are AI using hotlap during practice?

    Hard one on 18 I noticed my team mate was faster in speed trap until qualy. Standard ers mode for player is 2 for practice but Ai's dash board suggest they use more energy than that. I play 18 so my take is from that game.