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  1. Can vouch for assetto corsa its a fantastic game ffb is great the VR is great too very immersive. Problem is with these mods is alot of us want a career type f1 be the driver. Sadly racing without vr after racing on many other titles with it makes it feel much less like the driver. If you really like f1 I advise you away from vr until f1 supports its ha I wish someone would just say officially its not in the game so I can move on if theres still a slight chance of it being included my hopes are still clinging on
  2. Lee mather said it was game engine related last year cause of the physics and all which to me is a kop out. You obviously can race in 2D again but it feels very lackluster suddenly very limited after having that FOV freedom. I have a 34 inch ultrawide using the FOV calculators before I thought it was limited but the input was good now it feels so enclosed. They have no said its not its not in the game but I would have thought it would have been in the reveal if we were getting it.
  3. Hmmm since I have recently got a vr headset I was really hoping to see something about this in f12021. Went back to my 2020 my team after a week of vr racing and yeah its one of those its hard to go back to flat screen for me.
  4. Dont know if this is the same but I have always felt like my wheel is off in f1 games g920 for my wheel to align with the car out of the box after plug in is +1 in the calibration settings in game. Its absolutly fine in other games out of the box but for f1 I have to add a degree of steer to the right. More of a minor annoyance but it drove me mad for ages its almost as if the image is slightly off on screen or something compared to the real world and on a slight tilt.
  5. A virtual only on 25% or lower then. They have to get safety cars right theres one most races in real life and they after 11 years of having f1 licence cannot get it right and we get a made up version that suits them.
  6. No comment on this devs? Official f1 game and safety car is ruined still
  7. Won my first seasons championship ges way bettercin game than real life. Should maybe be 2 twnths of ham. Albons too good in game aswell
  8. I was initially a few seconds off pace managed to get back thereabouts 95 AI in a few race weekends. Time wise I get better traction and break feeling woth the pad cause of break feedback and the fact that on pad you can go full lock to full lock in a twiddle of a thumb! Reckon deep down Id be half a second ul on a pad
  9. Its been in past games maybe 2016 dont know why it not in now basically ruins a race many a time when i have been in a back of field team i have lost a full lap on cars a few seconda ahead due to track position. I have to wait behind the safety car while my team mate/rivals just up the road can gain a full lap on me as they join back of the cue then of course the whole grid has to be let through on restart to add to the misery. For me its no safety car or one that replicates the real SC not a made up broken version.
  10. Some of the animations aka when you go to the pits outside of a grand prix have been in since 2009. The careers improved since the xbox 360 ps3 days but since 2017s practically been the same. Never feels like a new game just car and driver updates and this is my biggest gripe!
  11. Should be finish in top 5 to get the required super license points?
  12. I startes second worst but worked on reliability more than anything and apart from the qualy practise program left it. In season one williams over took and then some its only cause latifi is useless that I had competition from another team 😂 I do however know if I full optimise then I will quickly catch up sounds like a simple easy. Medium. Hard setting (which would adjust your costs and resource points would fix this)
  13. This kinda sucks just starting my second season. Was really excited pre purchase about my team but now I am thinking normal careers probably way to go. Its very much a familiar interface by looks
  14. So seems my team is way too easy looking at this thread which is annoying. Would not doing any practise programs atall help atall with all this? Like you want to improve as a backmarker but you want a steady realistic climb
  15. Definetly not being lapped was for position.
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