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  1. AdamFreeman

    I had an engine failure!

    I thought I was on simulation but turns out I had it on full damage I have just put it on simulation now. Most worn part was 76% but the control electronics are now unusable so seems that was the issues somehow ha Honda power unit
  2. AdamFreeman

    I had an engine failure!

    Didnt know that still I guess I wont just use worn parts all time for practice now needed that track time ha
  3. AdamFreeman

    I had an engine failure!

    Practice 2 at spa Team Manor engine blew up at first I thought it was invisible wall bug or something looked at replay and I was smoking for last 3 turns. Engineers naturally said nothing to me and it ended very suddenlty I was not able to really pull ip but was a first for me in f1 games. Parts were worm but not heavily in the 70% range. 20200909_153811.mp4
  4. AdamFreeman

    Ai Difficulty

    In fairness its like this in most racing titles due to everyone having different strengths and weaknesses. Im largely between 85 and 90 I find the race pace has to be 85 and qualy about 90 for one lap pace.
  5. AdamFreeman

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    From what ive read its just a bit of a hand tickle I the new g923 stuff seems like a rip off cause feedback will be almost identical to the previous models. If it was useful vibration or brake feedback then we would be talking
  6. AdamFreeman

    Are F1 brakes linear/non linear?

    Thanks for the comments Ive just left it as it is and I am slowly getting used to it takes some force to get 100% so I am losing in the big braking zones at the moment but finding it easier for dabbing on the brakes and trail braking.
  7. AdamFreeman

    Are F1 brakes linear/non linear?

    Thanks for the replies guys sorry about the complexity or confusion with my question basically am I better of using the clutch as a brake or the unmodded brake that comes with if non are atall realistic which is best basically? I also race non f1 cars on other games.
  8. AdamFreeman

    Are F1 brakes linear/non linear?

    So I have a G920 which comes with the non linear concrete until you wear it in brake but I had always used the clutch as a brake due to how hard the brake was to apply after 70 percent or so (especially in socks). I also use the clutch to brake in all my racing games but a few days ago I figured I would give the real brake a try and I kinda like it although I am very inconsistamt with it due to the forces needed for 100% braking. It is however non linear so the last 30% or so comes pretty fast compared ro initial braking. It also means taking the rubber out gives a deadzone but I dont mind it to be fair worn in I hear its fine. Is this how f1 and other race cars work non linear? With the clutch as a brake you knew flooring it was 100% and being linear seemed easier to judge braking but this is getting a bit of a gray area now as I get used to the original brake plus it feels mega light now using the clutch.
  9. AdamFreeman

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    I always though the brake cell in them was too much could only push it to about 70% without having to almost stand I ended up just using the clutch as a brake instead feels much better to me if not a tad too light but how an earth can you stop with the natural brake cost me bags of time having to brake so early to stop! Apart from that I dont get all the logitech hate. It costs the same as the TMX and you get arguably better feedback and much better pedals. Interested in what the new G923 might bring see what sim racing garage says.
  10. AdamFreeman

    2 or 3 stop races again

    Yeah but they pitted much earlier as a result of safety car. Tyres ended up doing 40 laps instead of 32 Im not hating on 2 stops just saying its not accurate.
  11. AdamFreeman

    2 or 3 stop races again

    It was though safety car was reason 1 stop was iffy at silverstone. Look at those graphics on non of them is 2 stop quicker so why is 2 stop quicker in game.
  12. AdamFreeman

    2 or 3 stop races again

    Why an earth are teams still doing 2 or 3 pitstops in this game in dry races when in real life they avoid the soft like the plague. In 50% races the non soft starters tend to 1 stop but in full races its always 2 apart from monaco and even then theres a few 2 stoppers. Its been like this since 2017/8
  13. AdamFreeman

    For the love of God please fix the textures

    Previous games had the same issue in release obviously they have not learned.
  14. AdamFreeman

    Kubica - please

    Non f1 f2 drivers unlikey dont see why reserve drivers cant be in the game.
  15. Have you tried the mods people have done not ideal but I guess better than 2d if your used to VR. Do you use real FOV in 2d?