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  1. Dont know if this is the same but I have always felt like my wheel is off in f1 games g920 for my wheel to align with the car out of the box after plug in is +1 in the calibration settings in game. Its absolutly fine in other games out of the box but for f1 I have to add a degree of steer to the right. More of a minor annoyance but it drove me mad for ages its almost as if the image is slightly off on screen or something compared to the real world and on a slight tilt.
  2. Won my first seasons championship ges way bettercin game than real life. Should maybe be 2 twnths of ham. Albons too good in game aswell
  3. This kinda sucks just starting my second season. Was really excited pre purchase about my team but now I am thinking normal careers probably way to go. Its very much a familiar interface by looks
  4. So seems my team is way too easy looking at this thread which is annoying. Would not doing any practise programs atall help atall with all this? Like you want to improve as a backmarker but you want a steady realistic climb
  5. @David Greco CM Any chance of an actual high fuel race program in the future. Be very good to see how race pace is compared to other cars or atleast our team mate.
  6. I dont disagree with your point btw I agree the strategies need looking at maybe bring it up in suggestions
  7. Problem with codemasters strategies is yes the 2 stopper in game is fastsr than the 1 stopper if you look at the pre race strategies. Ai are not accountibng for traffic which is where the one stop is better so yes technically for whatever reason 2 stops is faster. If you go to 50% races youll find most teams 1 stopping which is more realistic but the race distance is not.
  8. Give them credit where its deserved yes its buggy and some of it needs more patches but I agree the ai are great this year. Better than alot of humans ive played with.
  9. 2 or 3 races fine 70% of your races should not be wet.
  10. So 3 races done on 2020 and 2 rain effected races! Why oh why @BarryBL this ruins the games for me year in year out in career.
  11. Or at the very least reduce career/my team rain probabilities by half?
  12. Problem is barry this is a 10 year old problem and its been complained about for just aslong. Dynamic weather is great when done well but it just rains too damn much and it ****** you off lol 15 out of 21 races in my last F1 19 season career 13 out of 20 in my 2018 season career its just a poor system way too much rain. Just ungrey the option!
  13. @steviejay69 no lol cockpit with proper FOV T-cam pfft ha
  14. Its hard to explain what I mean lol I can calibrate it and get it as close as I guess is possible but it feels as though the car is not straight or as if my monitors titled too far one way so I am not facing the car dead on I dont know what it is its obviously not the game but then on other games wity in house calibrations its fine. It just bugs me when I am going down a straight and my wheels seems straight but is at an angle compared with the halo. Weird one only with the f1 games lok
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