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  1. AdamFreeman

    Let us choose how many flashback we have per Session

    I see the point when it was 4 flashbacks maxed out still gives you a sense of being mega careful as you should unlimited means you have a safety net.
  2. AdamFreeman

    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

    This is one of my biggest issues with f1 18 and 19 if you arent a front runner if your lapped when safety car comes out but the person your racing is a fee seconds up the road youll end up a lap down on the person you were just 2 seconds behind its incredibly frustrating! Also when SC is out you can pretty much go flat out for 3 quarters of a lap while you catch the que the official f1 game and something that happens in most races is half arsed/implemented. Sort it!
  3. AdamFreeman

    Driver Moves My Team - ON/OFF Please

    Is there a disable mid season transfer option again this year again to stop lewis leaving his world championship challenge to drive in the midpack.
  4. AdamFreeman

    Change race length between sessions

    In f1 19 i ran p1 p2 p3 at 50% then had it on 100% for the qualy and the race so its been removed!
  5. AdamFreeman

    Schumacher DLC removed

    Did they have the MSC license surely they did?
  6. AdamFreeman

    General graphics quality reduced?

    Ah right i had it down as the 10th which I now see is the normal version.
  7. AdamFreeman

    General graphics quality reduced?

    Wait for the official release and then see what its like is what I would say. Would be unusual for it to take a step back they usually manage to squeeze stuff onto thr consoles although I imagine xbox one original struggles afair whack now. If theres a reason I would say adding 2 more cars in my team may effect things.
  8. AdamFreeman

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    Im all for track limits its in the sims you go off track invalid lap some of the f1 tracks are bugged I am sure I have had penalties for track limits during safety car in france for having 2 tyres off track! Ive also had a penalty at spa for spunning out in sector 2 obviously lost 6 or 7 seconds and got a 10 second time penalty aswell! How could this be! Its the implememted system needing an overhaul I would say.
  9. AdamFreeman

    Going from auto gearbox to manual

    I did same earlier this year well worth it! Driving auto now just feels wrong
  10. AdamFreeman

    Broken graphics F1 2019 PC

    So suddently after the latest nvidia drivers install I am having the weird brokem flickering sky issies on pc with my gtx 1060 😕 Never had issues until now.
  11. AdamFreeman

    F1 2020 Lapped cars on SC-conditions

    Had this a bunch of times and can ruin your race if your in a lower car example your running near the back of the field and pit but the leader has lapped you if safety car comes out you have to stay with the leading back while the people your battling can go all way round gaining almost a lap on you. Your race is simply finished in this case needs sorting its ridicilous how many years it is taking them to get this right!
  12. AdamFreeman

    First win in 7 years!

    Cheers guys might be last win for another 7 years so I enjoyed it. Had a podium with mclaren on f1 2016 on a wet race so these kind of achievements are far and few between. Back to battling for a top 15th finish now ha
  13. AdamFreeman

    First win in 7 years!

    Yeah thats right seve real years by the way and it was one hell of a race. The reason for the gap I just have not been in a top car since red bull in the 2013 game and I always start the next game with the contract options for the teams I got end of season on the previous release. I also race on 100% bar two races in all this time so I dont get many seasons in on a game usually and match the difficulty as close as possible with my team mate although kimi has destroyed me most of the time! Anyhow I am in a sauber and had an awful qualy in the wet finishes 19th which was 7 places behind Kimi who is magic in our 9th best car lol i start last though as gearbox needs replacing. Hungary race was normal dry and I only pick my way up to 16th but theres a safety car as Bottas has retired but I had put medium on 8 laps ago so I stayed out whilest alot of other put on soft. I lose a few places to the guys behind on fresh rubber but continue and annoyingly (at the time) I am rold rain is due in 15 minutes despite it meaning to be a dry race so this was the 10th rain effected race so far! With this in mind I decide to not pit as per the strategy and go on holding out for the rain and theres light drizzle on lap 46 when vettel DNFs (5th dnf this yeat from him) so another safety car. The tracks not ready for inters but after a lap at practically driving normally (even under safety car) I pit for inters and come out in 14th place and join the cue. In restart most of the cars pit for inters but apart from norris and stroll who stay on drys so I am able to pass these and build a gap with 21 laps to go I am not leading the race with Russel somehow in P2 16 seconds behind me and hamilton in third on his tails. Hamilton passes him fairly fast although took him a lap longer than I expected but hes 15 seconds behind on inters as I am but he at this point is catching by 8 tenths to 1 second a lap. I put my head down expecting him to be close with 3 or 4 laps to go and he reeled me in 10 laps to 10 seconds I was going as fast as I dare 5 laps to go rains harder and the gap stabalises for 2 laps and I reckon I am in clear but theres a charge with 2 laps to go hamilton is 2 seconds behind and I almost lose the car on turn 6 (thank you ffb) with one lap to go theres 8 tenths in it and hes fast on the straight I have to defend 3 corners from the end and 2nd to last corner he goes slightly a head but I have inside line and hold it at this point he hits my rear and my heart goes! I GO wide but he goes across the grass I stay ahead by a good 3 seconds end and go mental as I cross the line! The team sound very normal about this lol but what a ******* race. Was my first race on a 34 inch ultrawide 1440p with a curve after playing on a 21 inch 1080p monitor for last 4 years. Due to how real I play that win felt insane! I had to share my story ☺ No assists cockpit came G920 wheel full races.
  14. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 FOV values

    Well on my road to immersion I used the calculators and also got values that cannot be used in game on andys calculator at 1.2. The other one had it a -0.55 which is doable but having just bought a beautiful 34 inch ultrawide curve to increase fov it very much decreases it. Would trackir be a good idea?