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  1. AdamFreeman

    Reg change

    Ive just experience this on the 18 game so ifs its not changed in the 19 game it works like this. When the regs are announced and in your example powertrains are changing any new parts you develop will have to be adapted aswell so basically it will cost you for the initial upgrade and to adapt it for next year basically 1.5x per upgrade. When theres a change best to just adapt your parts and move onto another unchanged part of the car.
  2. AdamFreeman

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    My favourite car on the game to drive atm is the 2003 Williams. I try and only drive cars depending on the team I am in career (i am weird like that) and I have to say it was an absolute joy even with the manual gears. The 7 shift gearbox was a little easier also but the back end stuck and was alot easier not to spin out which I didnt do once. Was able to push also the 2018 Williams is just pants 😂
  3. AdamFreeman

    Why persist with the contract system?

    Well you dont have to negotiate do you? If you leave it dont teams approach you?
  4. AdamFreeman

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    Its quite the learning curve @1512marcel I quickly learned that lower gears create alot of instability but too higher a gear gives your less bite. The fast section at usa turns 3 onwards has the car go into 8 on auto gears yet I found tons of times in 7th gear and dropping to 6th before the slower section. Still finding it a pain in a race but lap times are improved 🙂
  5. AdamFreeman

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    Thanks for the feedback guys moved onto mexico and practised like crazy. Mostly with higher fuel and did a 25 lap stint within 5 tenths of each other mostly I am occasionally hitting a wrong gear and losing the car. Not natural yet but not alien eitherm Put in over 80 laps in p1 and p3 (p2 was a washout) and managed a 1.16.2 fastesr lap in my williams but its consitency not speed for now. Just need to nail big breaking zones as thats my weakness think I am going to low to early.
  6. AdamFreeman

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    Well I managed to do a full race with manual was really fast in tbe first stint and it went south from there lace didnt pick up as muh as I would have hoped was fair achey (being new ro ffb aswell) its a game changer compared to pad and auto a month ago. I obviously dont want injuries I am only 28/29 16 Dec Ive just never had the best hands internally. With that said I am not going back to auto for now. When I start PC2 I may go in a lower open wheel formula with less changes and learn my craft there.
  7. Feel like I am posting alot lately mainly as I crossed into the sim racing world and I have always ran no assists cockpit cam even before I got my wheel a few weeks ago apart from gears which I have always had as auto Mainly because of the amount of gear changes per lap and running 100% races and the pad is awful but now I am on a wheel I have been thinking of making the change. I was doing the US GP weekend in career and just didnt feel right with the car in P1 although a green track never helps but car felt all over the place. so I decided to use P2 as a manual gear trial and suprised that I wasnt too far of my best auto time from P1. I did enjoy the sudden increased grip on some of the corners and by P3 I had to turn the AI up to 90 from 85 which was my pre wheel difficulty (90-95 track depending). What I am struggling greatly with is down shifting in big breaking zones. Feels like I am button mashing to get the car to drop 6 gears in a matter of a second or two think the drs section mid lap. Secondly my race craft has been hampered a fair bit due to the concentration needed to get my gears correct and its zapping my race enjoyment in battles. Thirdly is my hands are feeling kinda of crampy with all the button pressing. I use them alot for work so its an added stress on them I guess over a 100% race. Basically I would love some pointers especially with down shifting as I am weighing up whether to stay manual or not now I have dipped my toes in. Pros: A better feeling of the car limit especially on a low fuel run. Seems faster by a good 1-1.5 seconds when done right!. Cons: Struggling to focus on the racing. Adds stress to hands. Any help is appreciated as per!
  8. AdamFreeman

    XBOX, PS4 or PC and steering wheel

    Pads definetly a much lower learning curve and due to brake rumble you get a better brake feeling and obviously turning is much easier in fast sections as you can go from full lock to full lock in an instant. Pad also has a steering assist for example got through the fast section at silverstone (spoon is it) before the DRS zone on a pad its full lock on yet the in game wheel isnt close to full lock. On a wheel you havecto be more refined whih can be slower I have found.
  9. AdamFreeman

    Wing changes

    What camera setting are you using there. My wheels much further up the screen which when using a wheel is odd I like this angle. Im on 18 but Im assuming theres not much difference in camera settings.
  10. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I was looking at the AOR leagues and they still use the 19 game. PC2 leagues seem mostly PS4. I have PC2 ready to go just want to finish my current f1 season got 3 races left. I always do 100% races but seems most leagues do 50% so I might have to change this? Where are these mods 🙂
  11. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Well I am looking at getting into some entry level online leagues maybe PC2 seems to have a much more positive online system.
  12. AdamFreeman

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    I still play 18 and they do this every qualy
  13. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Im playing on PC so it should look awesome! But F1 2018 laps compared to even the old forzas! (**** on a wheel btw) I like to build a team and take them up the grid, so the insane development of the AI teams concerns me.
  14. AdamFreeman

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    So on steam right now its about £22 and I assume the game is towards the end of its patch cycle. Is it worth the money. Since getting a wheel I have upped my time investing in last years game but have also got Project cars 2 for 11 quid which I havent played yet which I can only assume trumps codies poor game (getting that vibe from the forum). Should I pick this years up I have chosen to vote with my wallet so far I play mostly offline career. is the ridicilous AI development fixed now? Though would be appreciated 🙂
  15. So I didnt have much time on my hands to do a full F1 practise but wanted to do some laps so went on silverstone and did some laps in the 2003 williams. This car was just something special the wheel (G920) felt as good ever and after 7 laps I had done a 1.32 flat. The car just stuck and I felt I could push. Was really suprised as the cars today are supposed to have more downforce! This lap was faster than my time in the 2018 Williams by a few tenths. Got me into the top 24% on the leaderboards. I also did laps in the 92 and 96 Williams and obviously not as quick. Then I drove the 2018 car again determined to fo better as its atleast 3 seconds faster than the 03 caelr. I am overly familiar with as its my career car and I have driven 100s of laps at silverstone with it yet I could barely even match what I did in the 03 car and felt much less grippy! Only managed to get in the top 60% in the leaderboards a giant diference. Any thoughts on why this could be surely the 2018 car should stick better than the 03 car? Ffb settings were the same for both cars and even adding full downforce on the Williams didnt make it stick as good as the 2003 beast.