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  1. AdamFreeman

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    Did the R&D and driver transfer farce get fixed?
  2. AdamFreeman

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Surely this has been the worst F1 game in terms of playability and features not working. Even with the lower prices I cant part with my money for this one.
  3. AdamFreeman

    I'm soooo happy !!!

    I dont have the game either but I am not happy. I wanted the game to play the current season but not at any cost. I usually hold back after 2017 I hate how early patches change things and the bugs too. I think I am glad I saved 50 quid but unhappy I cannot justify buying a half arsed effort.
  4. AdamFreeman

    Do A.I. run always on Default Balanced setup ?

    Kimis mega low there driving wheels of the Alfa this year
  5. AdamFreeman

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Cheers guys for all the posts still doesnt seem like a game I can vuy with much confidence thank god for the forum otherwise Id have shed out 45 quid for this stinker!
  6. AdamFreeman

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    If the driver transfers get fixed and the AI development is indeed fixed! Then theres a small chance I will get this if its not full price. I will be watching the forum closely. With that said I am still enjoying last years lesser broken game so might wait for 2020s game. Maybe a 2 year game between mightcmake games feel a step has been taken.
  7. AdamFreeman

    Trading in F1 2019 FOR F1 2018

    Never moved from last years game learnt that its better to wait and f1 19 is a right mess so good call.
  8. AdamFreeman

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    Codies neglect and pre release arragance has really bit them in the behind this year. Never seen so many game effecting bugs and on top of that some greatest hits from the past such as the qualy simulation bugs. Whats more shocking is that I have yet to see a post from codies saying yeah we are looking into the ridicilous car development and silly driver changes or any of the major experience breaking bugs I see here so. ... I have to ask codies @Faya as a customer of all previous titles apart from the 19 game why on earth should I buy your game? *Edits* bought every game apart from f1 2014 which was just a con
  9. AdamFreeman

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    @UP100 I am usually one of the complainers who buys but this year I held off. I DO NOT believe game reviews anymore who casually place 2 races or something any real F1 enthusiast that plays a few seasons would see the problems with career. Sadly the forums kind of made me not even want to consider the game anymore as career is all I play and it seems broken or really badly done. Think development in 2018 was fine why mess about with it! Driver transfers have been left to a random generator it seems rather than having a proper contract system. What kind of driver signs a contract and is allowed to leave after 4 races. 5 time champ decided after being in the lead of the championship for first 8 races he will jump to renault why? So there is some of us that are not just buying anymore because we know finally that we cannot just hand codies 50 quid for a badly developed game.
  10. AdamFreeman

    Back to the future.

    From ĺooks of its they cant get one year right so imagine them trying 3 or 5!
  11. AdamFreeman

    'Lapped cars may overtake now'

    Been like this for the past few games at one point they had a safety car where you could unlap yourself maybe 2013 or something but codies are the official f1 license holders making their own rules.
  12. AdamFreeman

    Xbox One FPS drops a lot

    suprised the game even runs on such old hardware now
  13. AdamFreeman

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Can codies atleast comment on the ridicilous driver transfers and car development career breakers!
  14. AdamFreeman

    30% Discount already

    Still not buying until R and D and driver transfers in carèer are improved/fixed.
  15. AdamFreeman

    Xbox One X game performance vs PC performance

    I went from xbox one original to console to PC with F1 2017 was a ridicilous difference even though my set up is only 1080p gtx 1060 6gb ryzen 1500x. So glad I switched. I only had a 1080p tv so figured the new xbox x would play simarly to a pc on high?