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  1. It would be nice to see a more transparent/open development phase in the future.  More and more software houses seem to be adopting the limited/open beta testing approach.  Maybe licensing restrictions prevent this.  Evolve or die.
  2. Is there any manual control in the pit-lane? Can the Safety-car come out on the first lap?
  3. Today there was a Safety-car on the first lap of the first race of the 2015 Season.  If there's no SC available on the first lap in the game, I won't be buying it.
  4. Yep, that's how real evil works. 
  5. That's right, my guess is that it will probably be released about half way through the season. I was just trying to give the kid hope.  His parents should save their money for a next gen console or maybe even a PC (if they want him to grow-up to be real man ;0)
  6. No, there are no improvements in this area or any other.  Tell you parents to save their money for F1 2015, which is out in the Spring.
  7.  I'm enjoying watching your races Ryan.  I don't have the game myself, as I was waiting for a Patch that doesn't look like it's going to materialise :(  That's a shame because, as demonstrated by you in Malaysia , the AI have too much grip in the wet, back-off too easily when along side, don't appear to suffer tyre wear and a myriad of other problems.  If a Patch took care of those things, we'd be looking at an amazing game.  Cheers mate. 
  8. I refer you to the post from aktisti above.
  9. Go on Steve Hood's Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/T4RG4 You will see that solving the issues you've listed is top priority. 
  10. It sure doesn't look like it.  That's why I have asked for CM to give us access to the code so we can fix it ourselves.  It's a 5+ year-old engine and they've got their money's worth out of it.  They have a new one for 2015.  What harm can it do?
  11. I think tyre temp/wear resets as you cross the line.  Please test.
  12. I think tyre temp/wear resets as you cross the line.  Please test.
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