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    F1 2014 reviews

    None of the reviews mention that CM are charging full price for "something so closely resembling a free download from a community modding site".  Reviewers don't have to pay for the games of course.  If they'd factored that in their scores would be even lower.
  2. Theres no way there going to allow their code to go public the people who make Project Cars & Assetto Corsa would take it figure out the code and change a few lines.  Since all that happens in both those games are the cars running inton one another and ripping the cars apart. But they've finished with this game engine.  What harm can it do if it goes into the public domain?  t doesn't need to be all of it, just the files relating to A.I.  They should let it be studied, so others can learn, it was a very good engine. They've gotten five year's use and a lot of money out of it.  Tweaking 2014 would keep us happy until 2015 :)
  3. JupiterJoe

    Sorry but not this time.

    Dude, learn how to use commas. Does it really matter that much to you? If you want to sound like a moron then that's up to you.
  4. JupiterJoe

    F1 2014 For £20..

    Thank you, but given this year's game is a glorified update, it should always have been a £15 DLC for owners of last year's game. £20 is still too high.
  5. JupiterJoe

    Sorry but not this time.

    Dude, learn how to use commas.
  6. Tricking the AI into the thinking the racing line or track is 15% wider for the first lap might sort out the problem.  That way they may spread out going into the first few corners, rather than funnelling, practically single-file, down the racing line.  Trouble is modders cannot access the code.  Seeing as it's the last year CM will use this engine and it's certainly paid for itself, they could be good sports and allow us access to the relevant files for modding.
  7. Of course this hasn't been sorted.  Haven't you been paying attention?  There's still no Safety-car on the first/last lap, no manual control in the pit-lane, you can still overtake 10 cars going into the first corner and flashing particle effects are still in the game.  As CM have abandoned this build they should throw it open to the modding community, who'll happily tackle all of the above problems.
  8. JupiterJoe

    Calling all programmers.

    In that case, would CM put a quick patch out that increases track limits for AI on the first lap by 15%? Come on, it'll only take CM 5 mins and could drastically improve the game unitl 2015 comes out.
  9. JupiterJoe

    F1 2014 patch?

    Stop whining. It won't change anything. CM knows what we want, if they don't by now then they never will. This year's game isn't going to undergo any drastic changes, so why are you still complaining? Because you're upset that you're going to buy a game that isn't exactly what you want.  I'm upset because it's been a classic season in real-life and I won't get to play CM's version of it.  CM's games have been excellent up 'til now, but to charge £30 for a game that hasn't even had a 40% overhaul is a bit of a liberty.  Manual control in the pit-lane (pit-limiter and braking for the box) existed in the 2010 version and has vanished since.  So no, I'm not sure they know what we want.
  10. JupiterJoe

    F1 2014 patch?

    Sounds great.  Now, if the patch makes it less easy to pass half the field in the first few corners, gives some manual control in the pit-lane and allows the safety-car to come out on the first and last laps, then I'll buy this year's game.
  11. JupiterJoe

    I saw some F1 2014 gameplays-such a disappointment

    Oh look, a Safety-car on the first and last lap at Suzuka.  Shame that can't happen in the game.
  12. JupiterJoe

    F1 2014 video from Giant Bomb

    "It's a preview build and it seems to have most of the game in it."  - Yeah, I've got that too.  It's called F1 2013.
  13. No day/night transition?  That's the final straw.  Looks like the Dev. and marketing teams skipped this year's game.  So shall I.  Charging £30 for this is criminal.  Somebody call trading standards.  Should be made available to people who bought last year's game (I've bought all the games up 'til now) as DLC for £15, max.
  14. JupiterJoe

    All F2014 video

    At 1:20 of that crash video, the rear wing of a Mercedes comes apart.  Is that the first time in this series of games that we've seen that?
  15. JupiterJoe

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    If you say so I say more than that.  I say only Chavs drive with a console controller.
  16. JupiterJoe

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

     Re: The first video Look how twitchy it is to drive with a console controller.   People who don't drive with a wheel are crazy.  If you drove like that in real life, without any assists, you'd go flying off the track.  Re: The Crash video That was a lot of crashes. Sometimes first laps look like that in real life.  Shame the Safety-car won't come out on the first lap no matter what :p £30 is a lot to ask for a game that plays on 8 year-old systems. Good to hear the tyres squealing though. 
  17. JupiterJoe


    I have a question for Hatta:  Is there a re-introduction of manual control in the pitlane?  In F1 2010 you had to manually hit the pit-limiter or face a penalty and you had to brake at the right time to avoid missing your pit-box and thus wasting more time as your pit crew had to push your car back into position.  The fact that you had some manual control of these events meant more gameplay.   These games need as much gameplay as possible.  With the demise of the KERS system, we could be getting even less this year.  Here is an opportunity to get some back.
  18. JupiterJoe

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    If I remember rightly, I think F1 2010 was like that, the manual pit limiter at least anyway!. Yes it was and why they would want to reduce the amount of gameplay in a game is beyond me.
  19. JupiterJoe


    Yeah, there should be a discount for people who bought the last four versions (that's about £100 worth).  A loyalty bonus or whatever.   This is a glorified upgrade after all.  £19.99 seems fair.
  20. JupiterJoe

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    Vettel just came into the pit-lane too quickly.  He had to slow the car in order to average his pitlane speed and avoid a penalty.  Shame we don't have manual control of this in the game.  The possibility of getting a pitlane speeding penalty would add to the excitement.
  21. JupiterJoe

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    DC just said: "There's a 60% chance of a Safety-car here [at Spa]." Please tell me that you can have the SC come out on the first lap this year.
  22. JupiterJoe

    Will the safety car and engineer be any better?

    This Thread is listed as 'Answered'.  I don't see one.
  23. JupiterJoe

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    Very excited for F12015.  I just hope that the Safety-car can come out on first lap in 2014's game.  Please!!  It happens so often in real life, it's silly not to have it in the game.  If not technically possible on old gen then fair enough, but it's compulsory for 2015.
  24. JupiterJoe

    Hats off to you Hatta.

    Here here.
  25. JupiterJoe

    F1 2014 - News "Soon"

    A watched kettle never boils.