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  1. Moved game to new machine and things changed.   First time I hit a post I stop dead.  Then post is gone.  If AI car hits post it stops and post is gone for rest of the race.  Most perplexing.  I am enjoying the game more even after having to miss corner posts.  
  2. Darnit!  Hit a sign and instant stop!  With all the problems I had getting this game to work I am not sure it is worth the effort to try a newer version.  Lots of problems with 2013 show up here on this forum.  May have to back up to f1 challenge again.   Sigh........
  3. New user of Codemaster f1 games.  Bought a copy of f1 2011, finally got all the windows Live crap straight and begin to try the game.  First few times everything seemed to be ok then suddenly between uses of the game a problem developed.  The striped corner posts, that normally simply get knocked out of the way have turned into steel posts.  Brings your car to an immediate stop.  My car or an AI car either one.  Does make one rather cautious on the curves, but it is totally insane to stop a car from highspeed to zero like that.  Any help would be appreciated.
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