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    Season 2 Content Poll

    As the official Rallycross title it definitely deserves 2 more RX tracks (killarney and Estering) as well as some untamable monsters to drive it (Group B RX). i play RX with friends online a lot, and before u nail each track and car combo (in all conditions) youve got a long way to go... and then there is opponents (dont like the AI very much sofar tho)... but its very addicting and fun! and as much as i like normal rallying the game just deserves a few RX additions.

    ps4 DLC problem

    Over here (netherlands) it is in the PS store.. it says its e3.49 first.. but when u select it as a Deluxe owner Monte Carlo is free to download.
  3. RallyCross actually does need more locations.. and im 95% sure season 2 will be at least part RallyCross content (already confirmed by codies as well somewhere here). This is the official WRX title, but its missing 4 stages from the 2018 season which are: Estering "buxtehude" Germany, Killarney South Africa, Riga Latvia and Austin(cota) USA. so theres a lot that can be added. Or if they really want to impress WRX fans they could add the 2 new 2019 season tracks which are Abu Dhabi and Spa-Franchorchamps. Especially the last one would be a blast imo. because the course will go up and down Eau Rouge - Raidillon.
  4. Oh yes! thats it , you should connect the shifter seperately to usb then its recognised as a separate device. i only use it as handbrake in sequential mode at the moment. (if u want to do that ushould unbind shift functions from it..)
  5. on topic... have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game?
  6. Quick question, why doesnt your TH8a get recognised by your ps4? it works like a charm at mine and gets recognised as a separate device next to T300RS and a USB numpad..

    Monte Carlo

    Pre ordered deluxe. so yes..! and it is f...in awesome!
  8. Nothing gamebreaking.. but i noticed Tarmac squeaking sounds during replays in Poland while driving on gravel surface.

    too little car movement

    I know how suspension works, but the movement simply isnt there no matter how you set it up..
  10. Dont know if its just me, but i am missing alot of car movement when racing. I mean if a car accelerates , normally the front of the car will lift up a bit while the rear goes down, and vice versa when braking (it will dive nose down, rear comes up a bit). this also counts for body roll left or right. It might be me, but im sure this was alot better in dirt rally 1. *little bit off topic.. : is it possible to move the camera or the seat itself forward or backward?
  11. BERTEL

    Where are the Splashes & Audio

    I also noticed.. there is almost no movement in the car (any car) no matter which gamemode, no lift when accelerating no dive when braking.. no rol when cornering.. is it just me or was this alot better in the 1st part?
  12. BERTEL


    Oh it absolutely was fun no doubt, but it isnt very sim-like.. and i think this title really wants to be a sim. Thats exactly where the franchises "Dirt" and "Dirt Rally" differ from eachother one is sim other is arcade.
  13. BERTEL


    Dirtfish is an actual track so that would be possible... but it isnt in the official 2018 season. so i guess we wont see it in Dirt rally 2.0. The other things like tag at battersea indeed is arcade and belongs to Dirt 3.. not to Dirt Rally. Making tracks ourselfs though could indeed be lots of fun!
  14. for tracks i would love Esterring and Killarney for RX.. or Spa.. which will be in the official RX 2019 season.. they will go up and down Eau Rouge/Raidillon wich i think must be a blast! if sweden monaco and germany are added to normal rally.. i think my rally needs are sufficiently met.
  15. BERTEL

    Where are the Splashes & Audio

    I think they litterally gave us a "2.0 lite version" its just the updated original but with more flaws this time.. And for immersion this just has to be in.. you are absolutely right.