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  1. thatDutchguy83

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    I think its absolutely wrong to blatantly advert a game like Pcars 3 in a game that is 10 times better like DR2.. i was an original backer of pcars 1 and 2..and loved every bit of it (besides bugs). But the mess they made from Pcars3 absolutely disgusts me to be honest.. They truly left and ignored their complete loyal fanbase and there is everything wrong with that! Really to see these banners in DR2 is making me a bit mad.. no offense to anything about codemasters but this is just wrong!! id rather see "fallguys" adverts... and probably its only because Pcars3 is selling very bad.. otherwise we would have seen F1 banners in DR2 right?
  2. thatDutchguy83

    Co-driver feedback

    wow you definitely know how to over exagerrate about minor issues. I only drive on co driver calls (audio) nothing visual on screen. and i can name 3 maybe 4 small errors in the whole game including all DLC (on PS4). i get top 10 times on alot of stages. Next to that a bit of logical thinking would say its definitely not gonna change anymore 1.5 years after release. Just deal with it and enjoy, its by far the best rally game out there.
  3. thatDutchguy83

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    Well im actually more the type that wants to fiddle on track finding the best braking spots without any assists on, in stead of painting a car and adding decals for hours.. but like i said each to their own. i'm in cockpit view all the time anyway so i only notice my car is red or blue if i notice at all... and indeed this livery editor is purely built in it for kids who demanded it coming from forza gtsport and you name it.
  4. thatDutchguy83

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    Awwwh people's demands these days.. i guess they are also "MASSIVELY DISSAPOINTED" if it rains outside or if their shoelaces are untied... personally i couldnt care less about customisation.. but hey.. every kid to its own..
  5. thatDutchguy83

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    i had the same expectations as you, but that was 5 to 10 years ago.. like i said nowadays games barely come out complete or as a finished product.. It s a very bad thing dont get me wrong.., but i don't expect a complete game on a day one release anymore. and its definitely not exclusive to this developer alone. I actually know titles that didnt finish at all... or needed patches untill 1.5 years after release (obviously that wont happen here , because a new "F1 21" title is always around the corner). its all about hyped marketing.. the product itself isnt in 1st place anymore, but its needed otherwise you guys dont spent your money on it.
  6. thatDutchguy83

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    then you didnt do alot of gaming i guess.. every vanilla game isnt what it should be nowadays. thats why i never pre-order or pay for something stupid like early access.. everyone knows you get the day one bugs with it for free..
  7. thatDutchguy83

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    No you can see on the official page.. official release date is 10-07-2020.. you are talking about Early access... (which is like the same as "beta") so no updates yet.
  8. thatDutchguy83

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    Ohw come on.. calm your ****... Release day is still 2 days away.. so i guess release day patch will sort out alot (like every year). i never understood why peolpe would want something early access because you get to deal with this kind of ****.
  9. thatDutchguy83

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    it has gotten alot better since the weekend, yesterday night server was flawless! i really hope it stays this way.
  10. thatDutchguy83

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    The thing i don't get is why there isnt any substaniated answer to our server questions, other than" we are looking into it" yet. As you know the game isnt very much playable without the required racenet connection. Can't you at least aknowledge the fact there is a problem with racenet or the connection to it? Forum pages are filled with complaints about this (not only here), every single Facebook message Codemasters posts, people are begging to fix the Racenet servers in the reactions. and if its not possible due to whatever reason... just tell us if it won't happen! in my opinion the game hasn't been in a more worse state after release.
  11. thatDutchguy83

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Im not the kind of guy who complains alot, but Its becoming unplayable for me last few nights.. its really really bad.. even set stage times wont upload and gives u somekind of error code. Really who came up with the 'briliant' idea of making this whole game rely on under par servers? its not like we cant do a certain gamemode, its just completely impossible to do anything. really i wouldnt complain if i didnt love this game to bits, but i forced myself to some Project Cars 2 rallycross now (which never lets me down) untill Racenet returns working.
  12. thatDutchguy83

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Time attack in the Sub Impreza 01... ohw what a joy! (trackside replay)
  13. thatDutchguy83

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Yesterday i picked this game back up afterhalf a year and bought season 3 and 4. i allready had the deluxe edition. Scotland is truly amazing ! as always i started learning the courses with a R2 and had a ton of fun! . next to that i think these stages really come alive when wet. Awesome graphics! i'm back in love with this game. (perhaps not the fastest time, but still wanted to share).