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  1. Saw this thread coming by.. and i just have 2 questions..  someone told me that all RX supercars are gonna be fully electric from 2021 is this correct? and if it is how do you guys feel about this? to me 2 things come into mind 1: lots of traction and silence.. which i dont think is the best combo. 

  2. On 3/26/2019 at 7:21 PM, chrisjaf said:

    at this point i'm just hoping the basics get sorted nevermind new content,new content to a already bug infested train wreck helps no one just adds to the confusion,sort the basics first then add new stuff.don't put the cart before the horse so to speak,walk before you can run.if we the community send a clear message to the devs my selving the game so numbers are so low that they GET THERE ARSES IN GEAR AND WORK HARDER AND LONGER TO FIX THIS CLUSTER FECK THEY MISSOLD US UNDER FALSE PRETENSES.this is why we need a gaming standards agency to stop studios releasing games in a mess like this and so many others now days,would you pay to see half a film on the promise that one day may be we might finish it ????but in gaming its a standard process and they think they can get away with it.no players no jobs simple.

    LMAO..  "a already bug infested train wreck".... "GET THERE ARSES IN GEAR AND WORK HARDER AND LONGER TO FIX THIS CLUSTER FECK THEY MISSOLD US UNDER FALSE PRETENSES" im sure they are very impressed by this 😂

    I really hope developers are watching this over a cup of coffee this morning and laugh at you for at least 5 minutes...  

    There's a few flaws with FFB maybe, but really nothing gamebreaking, all is perfectly playable and this game is a blast to drive.. people are setting 1 world record after another.. how would that be possible with a bug infested train wreck like you say?  And what would actually be missold under false pretenses? name it!? 

    You make alot of (false) statements but you dont name 1 of them?!? 



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