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  1. Hopefully EA buying Codemasters, which I've only just heard about, will have some affect on another sequel: https://ir.ea.com/press-releases/press-release-details/2021/Electronic-Arts-and-Codemasters-Establish-a-New-Global-Powerhouse-for-Racing-Videogames--Entertainment/default.aspx
  2. It's been so long. When will we hear something about a third instalment? It's such unique and amazing series! 😍
  3. Any news on your cult classic black sheep of the Codemasters family: Overlord? Would love to finally see this whitty Sauron simulator back with Rhianna Pratchett's signature writing style.
  4. So many people going to the effort of making an account just to show their support for a new Overlord! 😍
  5. Need Overlord III please! Having a blast play II on Xbox One with backwards compatibility.
  6. They have always focused on racing games. It doesn't mean they haven't or can't keep dipping their toes into the ever popular fantasy market. There aren't that many games out there designed around being "evil" so it's not like that particular aspect is over-saturated. A proper Overlord III would sell like hotcakes. The trick is not to create a horrible spinoff that disposes of almost everything that made the first two so popular like Fellowshit of Evil did. 
  7. Is this a dig at us poor Overlord fans being completely neglected by Codemasters? :(  It's kind of odd that they own the IP anyway considering they are all about car racing games. They should sell Overlord to a publisher more...suitable I guess. 
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