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  1. Just saw this detailed review and thought it would be good to post here. I agree with all of it pretty much. Overall fun experience but with a lot of wasted potential and room for improvement. Ultimately not worth a replay. Nothing we don't already know. The expansion, on the other hand, was a big improvement in every way, especially story-wise. Obviously the devs understand their game better at this point and probably should have been how the base game was from the start. Personally, I think most of this was fixed in Overlord II. Though, even that game has so much more potential! We need more Overlord titles Codemasters!
  2. Vand3rz

    Overlord backwards compatibility?

    Negative. I will periodically return here until we here something. Anything. In the meantime there will be plenty of rally game related topics to drown out these two Overlord topics.
  3. Vand3rz

    Overlord II Battlerock Nemesis DLC

    Please release this for PC Codemasters!
  4. Vand3rz

    Overlord backwards compatibility?

    New forum new Codemasters. Overlord please!
  5. Vand3rz

    DiRTy Gossip

    Is this a dig at us poor Overlord fans being completely neglected by Codemasters? :(  It's kind of odd that they own the IP anyway considering they are all about car racing games. They should sell Overlord to a publisher more...suitable I guess. 
  6. Can we please get the only piece of Overlord II dlc released brought to the PC? Yes it's a bit late now, but honestly why the bloody hell did it not get released on PC in the first place?