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  1. mmm well either GRID 4 has all the stuff i listed ... or they at least make a seperate game with another title in case it fucks the grid title but in that game its all about speed and street racing and customizations... since grid has good crashing .. so cop chasing would be fun and realistic.. and they could compete with Need Fo Speed
  2. Photonik said:  Rally  YEAH why didnt i think of it ill add it to my suggestions... that way you have DIRT in GRID... yeah it could do big... so any fan of rally racing will like grid 
  3. I DIDNT PLAY GRID autosport  so im suggesting based on that i played GRID 1 and GRID 2 Bring back all drift type of events from GRID 1  ( freestyle drift..battledrift.....)Bring back 24hours lemans add togglable ON/OFF pitstops for ciruit races especially Formula racesbring back that amazing handling from GRID 1 flashback not rewind make it instant flashback like the one in GRID 1try and add ultra low graphic options to support gamers with old grahic cards and also support DX 9 / DX 10 / DX 11try and slip a cockpit view ( i know its very unlikely that you will do it cause m
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