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  1. RobMUFC1987

    Fastest platform?

    There is input lag on consoles that I know about, especially with a TV. But that doesn't really slow you down any, because you become used to it, by pressing the buttons slightly earlier to the point where you don't notice the difference. If there was no lag, we'd make less mistakes and be able to correct them as they happen
  2. I came 10th apparently, must have been a lot of DQs, because I came like 45th in the 1st round and 6th in the 2nd. Free boost pack if I ever get back to playing though
  3. RobMUFC1987

    Destiny Thread

    Yeah the bounties give you nothing except like kind of "ticket" to enter the Queens missions, where you're guarranteed a Legendary when completed. Bare in mind, a lot of people including me are getting the same items each time we complete it. For instance I got 3 Helmets and a Chest...
  4. RobMUFC1987

    Destiny Thread

    Don't complain about materials. When you get Legendary and Exotic gear, you'll be happy to get as many of them as you can Oh and btw for the cave, if there's people there. just sit back and just shoot into the cave every now and then. You get XP and drops if the game thinks your active even if you don't do any damage to anyone
  5. RobMUFC1987

    Project CARS

    True, but there isn't that many games on the market that are going to offer the handling that he's asking for and the sense of speed
  6. RobMUFC1987

    Project CARS

    GT6 is a bad "game", it's a good "Driving experience" but the actual game and features is terrible. GT5, heck, even GT4 is better than GT6. I imagine that PCars will be near to the driving of GT, as it's joining as a "sim" game. It seems you like arcade type racing more than sims, but you don't say what type of racing. Try NFS, or another new racer that's coming out called The Crew
  7. RobMUFC1987

    What Tracks Would've You Liked To Have Seen In GAS

    Council Estates for the Mini
  8. RobMUFC1987

    Project CARS

    Woo, Classic Hockenheim if I had more moeny than sense, I'd buy just for that track. 
  9. RobMUFC1987

    Destiny Thread

    Don't forget Vanguard Strike Playlists, I believe are Level 20, 22, and 24. As they are playlists, you can get matched up with randoms, and if you don't leave you just go to the next match instead of going to orbit, searching again and then getting the same map again. And like I said, they are good to level up, especially past 20
  10. RobMUFC1987

    Destiny Thread

    'Sup guys. Level 27 Titan here. The trick to getting good good once you reach Level 20 is to do the Vanguard Stirkes, because you're guarenteed Blue Armour at the end, with a chance at Legendary and Exotic. You have a chance of getting Legendary Engrams from enemies during the Strikes as well. Level 20 Blue Gear fully upgraded will get you to Level 24 (I did this about 6 hours game time after hitting 20 doing Strikes). Then you will need to find or buy Legendary gear to advance. I've only ever got a Legendary Weapon, so I bought my Legendary Gear from the Vanguard in the middle Tower, which got me to Level 26 with just the Chest, Gloves and Boots. I then had enough Strange Coins to buy the Helmet from Xur yesterday, which pushed me to 27. For a better chance at Legendaries, do the glitch on Earth by shooting the enemies in that cave someone mentioned. Even if you don't, you'll get enough Blues to upgrade the Cryptarch. Every Level after 3, you'll get a "letter" off the Post Master that will give you Engrams with a chance at 1 or more Legendary Engrams. Also another tip, keep doing Bountys. You'll eventually get 3 Exotic Bounties to choose from and if you complete it, you'll get an Exotic Weapon (The Bounties have about 4 stages t go through). Also, there is Chest Loot Farming that you can try on either Planet if you search youtube. The only time consuming part, is finding materials to upgrade Legendaries and Exotics, everything else is about shooting bad guys :smiley:  Oh,and you're only allowed 1 Exotic Armour and 1 Exotic Weapon equipped at any given time
  11. RobMUFC1987

    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    For some reason I can't log in on via my PS3, my usual way of posting. Anyway, for some reason TT doesn't have the GP circuit,but I did the Sport Circuit with the Skyline and I currently have the 2nd fastest lap on Ps3 with a 1:31.2 I believe. Not sure if that will help with my "skill" with it as I have no way of capturing a video and pictures aren't to be trusted
  12. RobMUFC1987

    F1 Transfer Gossip

    He said AT LEAST 4. Although he would have had a great chance to win all 5, but who knows if he would have qualified well at Hungary and had a good race starting in a better position
  13. RobMUFC1987

    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    I've no idea on times, not played in a few days been on GTA & Skyrim. I've raced good people and I get my fair share of wins. I'm not super fast I'm just fast enough and consistent. I don't make too many mistakes. Plus at Indy, Skyline > Cossy because it's a high speed circuit and it's better out of corners with 4WD
  14. RobMUFC1987

    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    Skyline for me. I've laughed a few times when people say, oh you'll get a good start, we'll pass in the corners. Shh, I have a secret... I'm one of people that can actually drive the Skyline and beat most people in the Cossy
  15. RobMUFC1987

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Impact Ratings work in Custom. So you can "boost" your rating to White then go public and crash into everyone