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  1. LightningFast90

    The Game Thread!

    Atm when not rallying with Dirt 4 I am busy sinking even more hours into M&B Warband, according to Steam I have 1314 hours spent playing it LOL. Can't wait for Bannerlord!
  2. LightningFast90

    Official Football Thread

    Not just in this country but most of the world in fact. But then we did invent the game probably is our most famous export now. :p However I do agree about the money players and clubs tend to get paid way too much these days. Yep the only place I haven't seen football (soccer) played was in the US but I understand that is gaining some traction there. It gets a run here but not a lot of interest.
  3. LightningFast90

    Official Football Thread

    I lived in the UK for 3 years and never could figure out why the game is so popular. All that backwards passing and obscenely overpaid players just put me off ever watching it. To me 'football' is Australian rules which I've heard non aussies describe as 'a big fight for two hours with teams, where a score is kept' HAHA
  4. LightningFast90

    What was your last purchase

    Indulging my inner nerd with a Lego Saturn V Big girls toys :)