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  1. the thousands of players who are in these forums or just playing are not gonna buy f1 22 and i don't blame them especially when I'm saying this @codemasters and @codemasterstaff, shocking response from you both and its gonna end your job simples.
  2. come on codemasters this list just gets longer with complaints where's our community appreciation for all this upfront and honest feedback
  3. this forum has been running since launch and hundreds have gave honest feedback but they still claim its peoples Nat type or just give us a poor excuse, this game is killing the franchise which we all loved until Codies broke it, just let EA take your job and your studio because you cant use it end
  4. this is getting beyond a joke ppl have already stopped playing the game and there's no fixes for multiplayer coming ppl are not gonna buy this next year if it don't get sorted soon. I'm most certainly not confident in EA or codies after this disaster. such a shame for what was a gd f1 franchise , and too add I'm sorry for the rant but I've seen how much feedback the community has provided and its just going nowhere this codies forum feels pointless...
  5. no update on how its going or if there's fixes coming as this is getting beyond playable. still getting errors in multiplayer and ranked is also giving me ns7 error on xbox one x
  6. everyone can confirm they have the exact same issues as each other including myself, yet it still don't work what are we doing here as this feedback seems to be going nowhere
  7. I logged in today after update and it connected to a (1) lobby then tried to play again about an hour or so later and couldn’t connect to lobby’s I received the same error code so I can confirm the above error 😉👍
  8. Today about 30 mins ago i got this unusual error code which will be in video i added to this post, I'm playing on an xbox one x and playing my team career mode single player, as far as i see this shouldn't happen in career mode. go to end of clip to see error code my report code is - MJPP-HTXG-PCSJ-GTEG 1543977111_F120212021-09-1218-31-49.mp4
  9. they only had 8 months to make the game so they did a copy paste so they could work on other stuff simples its not a bad thing at all
  10. that's a shame and surprising as its only a copy paste game but its sooo broken don't make sense
  11. So just a question but is there another update coming to Xbox this week ?
  12. The server has basically frozen on xbox. Been this way for a few hours custom lobbys have not changed for hours they're just don't refresh and I'm sure its just displaying the last state of the lobby's or server its inactive atm. xbox one x report code XBBE-BCDA-KPAB-GDEG this does not include ranked mode as this is still working
  13. just a question but would a stream on twitch for xbox or the xbox one x (<my console>) help as i can stream the game for feedback for around 3-4 hours a day ?
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