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  1. buzbuz33

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    When they had a similar "corrupt save file" problem with Grid 2, the patch worked perfectly.  I still play Grid 2 about one a week.  So I am hopeful that this patch will work equally well. With Grid 2, the problem did not emerge until I had bought almost all the downloadable content.  (And for awhile, some incorrectly thought that the problem had to do with that content.)  That problem took months to confirm and finally fix. Now someone just has to inform the "coding masters" that there is something wrong with their save module and to stop putting Loore through this ordeal with every Grid release.
  2. buzbuz33

    Just bought PS3-safe to play?

    Yep.  Unfortunately, it got to the point where I had a good save, but every time I played anything I ended up with a corrupt save.  I was able to send both files to Loore, so he had a good and a corrupt file that were only a few moves apart.  You could also tell that you had a corrupt file, because the file size was larger - which also seems to be the case here.  I was told that the same problem existed with Dirt, but it never happened to me personally.  It's hard to believe that they would have not fixed the problem in Grid Autosport, but that kind of thing happens when the next game is halfway done with the other is released.  The programmers do not always get the "change orders"  Or it could be a new problem..
  3. buzbuz33

    Just bought PS3-safe to play?

    Yeah, we went through this on the original Grid 2.  The only "good" news is that, this time, they recognized that there was a problem and addressed it right away.  So we just have to wait for them to get through the approval process, like they had to do last time.  It shouldn't have happened, but it's not the end of the world.  I have plenty of other games to play.
  4. buzbuz33

    Just bought PS3-safe to play?

    If you "double save", you should be okay.  By that I mean that, at the end of the day 1, you should save your game file to memory stick 1.  At the end of day 2, you should save your game file to memory stick 2.  Keep alternating so that, if on day 3, you are told that the file is corrupt, you have the option of either (1) reloading the day 1 file and continuing (hoping that the problem will not recur) or (2) quitting and waiting for the patch that will fix the corrupt day 2 file.  I was able to get through about 1/3 of the game before the file went corrupt.  Unfortunately, my last "day 1" file was from early July.  So I am going to wait for the patch.