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  1. I think creating new tracks is too big a job to expect any more than whats on the calendar. 3 new tracks and the modifications to Australia will be big enough. I’d be surprised if this game is ready for june but fingers crossed!
  2. greg172

    Safety Car

    Thanks, really weird solution but i’ll give it a try 👍
  3. greg172

    Safety Car

    So I’ve played multiple seasons in my team & get the safety car in most race but im now on my 2nd season in career mode and have never had the safety car? Has anyone else had this problem? P.S before anyone asks the safety car is definitely turned ON!
  4. 1. Very low volume for the intro on startup and during some races volume can drop in and out 2. Ps4 3. 1.06 4. Myteam 5. Happens hall the time during the intro and just some races the volume can drop 6. Restarting 7. Ps4 pad 8. No
  5. 1. Next to no slipstream effect when closely following a car on a straight 2. Ps4 3. v1.04 4. All modes 5. N/A 6. N/A 7. PS4 pad 8. No
  6. Ps4 v1.04 Not sure if its all platforms etc but im finding no effect of slipstreaming at all in the new game. If anything i thought it was a bit too powerful in 2019 but something in between would be good!
  7. Rams Racing - Honda The ‘lappers’ should have no excuse seeing me coming!
  8. greg172


    Yeah the dirty air in fast corner is definitely noticeable but i just dont feel any gain by slipstreaming on the straights. Hopefully this is fixed with s patch
  9. greg172


    Anyone else find the slipstreaming not powerful enough? At times in 2019 i thought it was a bit too powerful but i really dont notice a difference when u get into a slipstream on 2020, even with ers and drs.
  10. Does anyone know if we will be able to change the livery or engine at the start of a new season in my team?
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