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  1. I’ve had every codemaster f1 game and i have to agree, until they fix the ai in high speed corners and the wet, ridiculous curbs and understeer im going back to 2020 before i put the controller through the tv
  2. greg172

    AI in the wet

    I’ve had every f1 game and usually play around 95ai and used to love the rain, I’ve had to lower the ai to 90 this year with the changes but as i say as soon as it rains im well over a second off the pace
  3. greg172

    AI in the wet

    Can this please be fixed in the next patch!!! I used to look forward to rain but AI are 1-2 seconds a lap quicker than me in the rain compared to dry conditions!
  4. greg172

    What AI level?

    Cheers for the replies im feeling a bit less **** now! I might drop it down to nearer 90 and work upwards from there. The kerbs and bumps are still lethal with tc off but hopefully something i’ll get used to
  5. greg172

    What AI level?

    What AI level is everyone running compared to f12020? I used to run 97/98 and I’ve had to lower it to 95 on 2021 and im still struggling. Play on the controller with no assists and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve lost the back end especially on the kerbs.
  6. I think creating new tracks is too big a job to expect any more than whats on the calendar. 3 new tracks and the modifications to Australia will be big enough. I’d be surprised if this game is ready for june but fingers crossed!
  7. greg172

    Safety Car

    Thanks, really weird solution but i’ll give it a try 👍
  8. greg172

    Safety Car

    So I’ve played multiple seasons in my team & get the safety car in most race but im now on my 2nd season in career mode and have never had the safety car? Has anyone else had this problem? P.S before anyone asks the safety car is definitely turned ON!
  9. Rams Racing - Honda The ‘lappers’ should have no excuse seeing me coming!
  10. greg172


    Yeah the dirty air in fast corner is definitely noticeable but i just dont feel any gain by slipstreaming on the straights. Hopefully this is fixed with s patch
  11. greg172


    Anyone else find the slipstreaming not powerful enough? At times in 2019 i thought it was a bit too powerful but i really dont notice a difference when u get into a slipstream on 2020, even with ers and drs.
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