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  1. lol Nah, I've got answers before. Always worth a try. ^_^
  2. You don't get rain spray in mirrors either (details at Ultra), it was like this in F1 2020 too. I posted about this a few days ago asking whether it was a bug or by design, never got an answer though.
  3. This isn't the case. I've just experienced this bug and I've only been doing Driver Career for the past week. Don't currently have a MyTeam career save. I noticed the past couple of races that cars have gone pretty heavily into the barriers without any damage. Just checked (midway through a race) and both damage settings have reset to Off and Reduced (they were at Simulation).
  4. I'm not arguing at all, I was just saying what I read here on the forums last year when the feature was first implemented. I read that the track order had to be specific for career mode because of the official licence. You'd have to ask @BarryBLfor confirmation, but that's what I definitely read.
  5. Oh yeah, I never thought of that. That's odd, then. Perhaps it is licencing but it's strictly with the career mode? I dunno. I just remember reading it was a licencing issue last year.
  6. Licencing apparently prevents changing the order of the tracks, which is a shame. I've been wanting to make a 90s style 16 race season starting at Brazil and ending with Australia.
  7. I got RGB for MyTeam as my main sponsor, was able to customize it too.
  8. Screenshot of the acclaim screen. My driver dude is also worth $7mil compared to Russell being worth $2.5m. This is immediately after joining the team from F2 and before the first F1 race of the season. That's just daft, really.
  9. So after last year being a disappointment regarding the integration of F2 in Driver Career (I posted quite a bit about that), I decided to give it another go after seeing that there is a new setting for difficulty in getting contracts for F1 teams. Settings for it are either Easy or Medium (oddly, no Hard). Chose Red Bull academy (driver character roleplay headcanon 😁). All acclaim settings at Default. Completed a full season of F2 (took me a whole week), finished 3rd in the championship and found myself at the same "Choose a team" screen, although it was labelled "Contract Negotiations".
  10. As the title says, is it a bug or by design that I can't see any rain spray or engine smoke in my virtual mirror? Not only would it be more immersive seeing cars chasing you in wet weather spray, but it would be handy to be able to see the smoke in my mirror when my engine gives out. Again. 😁
  11. They will be added to career mode. Based on my understanding, if you have a career mode going at the time they're released, you will have to complete your current season and when you start the new one, they'll be selectable to become part of the new season.
  12. Actually, as I say that, I just got another mechanical failure in F2, just as I took the lead in the Zandvoort sprint race with 3 laps to go. Thumbs up for drama. 😄 🙃
  13. I've had no issues at Zandvoort in F2 at 85, yet to try F1, although I do seem to remember the race there in Braking Point felt a bit tougher than usual, had that on middle difficulty.
  14. I've got Damage and Damage Rate settings both on Simulation. I've been in a few crashes but have yet to see any sidepod, floor, rear wing diffuser damage on the MFD. The most damage I've seen anywhere was I crashed into a wall and have another car plough into the side of my car at full speed before being forced to retire. I went back to the replay and checked in photo mode and I literally had one tiny little chip on the floor on the side of the car that was hit. You had to look really hard to spot it. New damage, it seems, isn't sensitive enough, or isn't at the same sensitivity as front
  15. I'm really enjoying it. As mentioned above, the handling is *chef's kiss*. So, so good with the new tyre model, more bite, more traction when launching off the line or out of a corner, and yet still able to lose it on a kerb. Saw someone complaining about the kerbs the same day that several drivers nearly lost it on a kerb in practice at the British GP. Vibration feedback in my controller is so much finer than last year, you feel everything. The AI are terrific too, more fight, more mistakes. Had Marcus Armstrong get a puncture after lap 4 at Spain in F2, seen several spins too, albeit fr
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