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  1. Description: Bahrain, race, 25% distance - race went fine until the post race cutscene where the game froze (once as the winner was getting out of his car, twice during the podium celebrations) and I got an EGO Dump dialogue box telling me the game had crashed. I have attached a crash dump zip. This is the first crash I've ever experienced on F1 2020. Platform: PC Version: 1.09 Game Mode: Driver Career Times Replicated: 3/3 Troubleshooting attempts: Switched to DX11 but the race was undriveable due to very poor performance, so I have no idea if it would have made a difference. Peripherals: PS3 Dualshock 3 gamepad via SCPToolkit 683168-20200916-031822-0.zip
  2. s00zster

    Podium Pass 1 Day to Go

    Realistic helmet designs, not novelty pumpkin heads. I also wish we could grind out pitcoins with races, but that would obviously be pointless for Codies.
  3. I understand this has been replicated and with the developers, but just to update this is still an issue on 1.07 during both formation laps and safety cars.
  4. s00zster

    Bring Hülkenberg in MyTeam-Career

    I also had this idea myself over the past few days. I'm not sure you can really compare the addition of a single driver to the addition of an entire circuit. Assuming Codies could get permission, they could use last year's facial model and texture (doubt they'd be able to schedule a facial scanning session just for this), then it's just a matter of putting his attributes in and sticking him in the Free Agent list. Would be nice to be able to sign him on MyTeam and finally give him that elusive podium.
  5. Description When given a new strategy, you are only shown the current strategy that you are on, and not the new strategy that you are being offered. Can confirm this issue is still present in 1.06. I had reported this issue a while back and was told it was with developers and a fix had been found, so I'm re-reporting this issue under the assumption that it was supposed to have been fixed, but the fix isn't working. Version 1.06 Platform PC Game Mode Driver Career, MyTeam Peripherals Used PS3 Dualshock 3 gamepad via SCPToolkit
  6. Confirming this isn't fixed in version 1.06. Started a new save to test and sure enough Parc Ferme rules aren't enforced at the start of the race, despite having it enabled. Can anyone else confirm that they're having this issue in season 1 only? And if you're in season 2, did it fix itself as it did with me?
  7. An update on this, like my post in the Parc Ferme thread, this issue seems to have disappeared since starting Season 2. I'll let you know if it comes back.
  8. Description The live timing section of the OSD (next to the drivers names in the top left) which displays the gap between you and the 4 drivers around you doesn't update when you enter the third sector of a circuit. It will only start updating again when you cross the finish line. This leaves a whole third of a lap where you are unsure of the gaps. It will also keep showing PIT next to drivers who have pitted while you are in sector 3 until you cross the finish line, upon which it will then update. This has a knock on effect if you're trying to work your strategy out on the fly, whether you should pit or not - you have nothing to measure your potential decisions against because you're not being given updated information on the other drivers. Game Version 1.5 Platform PC Game Mode Driver Career, MyTeam, Grand Prix (could well occur in multiplayer too, but I haven't tried that) Times Recreated This has occured on every lap of every race I've had - I'm reporting this as a bug although it could be by design. Peripherals Used PS3 Dualshock 3 gamepad via SCPToolkit How to recreate: Run a race in Driver Career, MyTeam or Grand Prix and as you enter sector 3 of the circuit, the live updating of the gaps will stop until you cross the finish line, upon which it'll start updating again. This will happen every lap.
  9. Just to update, this was happening in every single race for me in my first season of Driver Career mode, but I'm now starting the first race of Season 2 and it's started working properly. @BarryBL I'm wondering if you're on Season 2 of your save, perhaps that's why you can't recreate it? Seems to be Season 1 only.
  10. s00zster

    Race/practice live with real drivers

    Closest I've got to this was finding Charles Leclerc's Monza time trial ghost that he did on one of his Twitch streams. Pretty awesome trying to keep up with a real F1 driver, also taught me a couple of things regarding braking technique and braking points. Idea: 'Beat The F1 Drivers', a section in Time Trial where every official F1 driver has submitted a ghost for every circuit and you have to beat it.
  11. Version 1.05 Platform PC Game Mode Driver Career & MyTeam Peripherals Used Dualshock 3 gamepad via SCPToolkit Times Replicated Has occurred every single race since game release day / 1.04, so that would be over 12 occasions without fail. Session types I've used: Full qualifying, 50% distance race, 25% distance race Description When you go to the race and you're sat on the grid, go to Car Setup and all options are available and you can change everything, even though Parc Ferme is enabled. Parc Ferme works correctly during qualifying (setup locked after leaving the garage).
  12. s00zster

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    I've skimmed through the replies since I last posted, no idea if this was mentioned but there's also the matter of Exclusivity, let alone licensing in general. Because tracks like Nurburgring, Imola etc. weren't meant to be on the 2020 calendar, the games who do have licences to them probably aren't exactly going to take kindly to their ownership of their licence to suddenly not really mean anything. "Hang on, we made a deal, we've got the licence to that track and paid a lot of money to be the only game (or only one other than Game X or Y) to have it on our roster, and now you're saying that the F1 game is going to get it too?" The legal ramifications of that would just hold everything up anyway. And still, it would take a long time for Codies to build the tracks. By the time they've done that, they've wasted money and resources on tracks that probably won't be in the 2021 calendar, and could instead have used the talent and resources for other legitimate purposes. Edit: Also just saw a reference to the reference photography, I was going to mention this too. This was mentioned by Lee Mather when he was talking about Zandvoort. I think due to the Coronavirus it made recon of the circuit a lot harder. I may be misremembering though.
  13. s00zster

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    Quote by Lee Mather: Source: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2020-any-additional-replacement-tracks-wont-be-included-in-new-game.186305/ Edit: Not only that, they'd also have to do the circuit map animations, the track-specific commentary from multiple language commentators, etc.
  14. s00zster

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    10 Race season, disable all the races before it, and then it's Austria, GB, Hungary, Belgium, Italy and whichever others you want that are after that.
  15. s00zster

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    Codemasters have already stated (pre-release, I might add) that they won't be adding new tracks. Partly down to licensing, but also because it takes them, in their words, "about a year" to create the circuits due to the detail they have to put into it. Yep, I did this on my first save - 10 race season starting with Austria.