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  1. I used to get that in F1 2017 with Raikkonen, only driver on the grid who regularly rammed me from behind. Incidentally, he also regularly beat Vettel even though this wasn't happening in real life. Hmm...
  2. I think that's quite realistic, to be honest... 😁 #hungary
  3. Yeah, it's been really annoying getting halfway through the race practice program only to be held up an AI car on the 2nd or 3rd lap.
  4. Yeah I think it's been like that for a while but it's still played down at whether it'll actually happen. I'm hoping that the reason why (apart from Christmas) there's been such a big gap between patches is because they're hopefully finishing that issue off. Because usually, when a Podium Pass ends, there's a countdown of 7 days until the next one. This time it's been 14 days, perhaps buying them some extra time to get in the finishing touches. We can but hope. 😁
  5. According to BarryBL in another thread, that is being looked into.
  6. My guess is next Monday or Tuesday, the podium pass is starting next Wednesday, I think? So they've at least got to update the game with the new skins, I don't believe that's a server-side thing. There's always been an update a day or two before PP. Really hoping that some of the bigger, more serious bugs finally get sorted, such as AI in fast corners (that's been months in the making and I'm still no clearer on if it's something they're actually going to be able to sort out), increased sensitivity to visual bodywork damage, more rain spray... actually, there's too many to list. 😁 I
  7. I'd like to add my voice to this and say that I too had zero issues with the AI letting me pass during practice and qualifying, and that it only became a problem when the supposed fix for it was released.
  8. He did for me once, 2 points if I remember correctly. It was a really crazy race, though. 6 or 7 DNFs and changing weather.
  9. He's been going through my other posts in other unrelated threads and downvoting them too. Ah well, if it keeps him happy... 😁
  10. Have you tried reducing the some of the settings for money, acclaim, R&D points and you could boost the AI in that area, might give them a chance to catch you up again? Edit: Think of it like this: Brawn won the championship in their one and only season. In your case, you've had similar success in 3 season, albeit perhaps unwanted 😁 If you haven't already, set your points, money, acclaim for you and your team to reduced. For the AI, boost these settings. Keep racing, think of yourself as a Brawn-type team. If you get rule changes, perhaps take them a bit slow, limit your ability
  11. @KentkennyWhy are you thumbing down my post? It's right here: F1 2021 · F1® 2021 · AppID: 1134570 · SteamDB That right there is a record that 5 hours ago, a test version of the next update was uploaded for testers to work with. That's how it's always been done, for years. Why on earth are you disagreeing? You're getting what you want. There WILL be an update.
  12. I think the reason why 2020 had better grip than 2019 was down to the input that had from the real drivers that year after the Virtual GPs. They were repeatedly complaining about how little traction there was and that they had to turn on driver assists to make it more realistic. I don't believe Codemasters did that for 2021 (but should have done), and probably went back to their own interpretation of car physics.
  13. Not even a paperweight for me, I got the digital version. 🙃
  14. There will be an update. SteamDB is showing test versions of the new update being uploaded as recently as 3 hours ago. My guess is next Monday, before the new Podium Pass starts.
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