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  1. s00zster

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    Do you play at 25% distance? I get them all the time on 50% distance but very rarely, if at all, at 25%.
  2. s00zster

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Yep, on my Driver Career, Bottas is winning so much and getting pole in pretty much every race that I genuinely considered posting a topic in here a few days ago with the concern that his and Hamilton's code had been accidentally mixed up. It really feels that way.
  3. s00zster

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    It was implemented in 2017 after fixing a bug with the safety car. It's certainly not impossible and it's a huge shame that they don't want to put the work in to have it working in 2020. It's a race-ruining issue if you're lower down, catching the guy in front. Safety car, pit for strategic reasons and get you lapped by the leader but the guy in front doesn't. He then gets to go all the way round to the back of the queue. Green light and it's blue flag after blue flag until the guy you were chasing laps you aswell. Race over. It's been mentioned in the suggestions forum and the response from the devs is "it's been discussed" and nothing more.
  4. s00zster

    How do you qualify?

    Thinking aloud, one idea would be instead of having a scripted performance... thing, there is instead a system that calculates performance from the AI performance files, and that data is then applied to whatever upgrades each team has. This could be done while loading a weekend. Would probably only take 10 seconds maximum to process.
  5. s00zster

    How do you qualify?

    See, this is why I do one-shot. It's so simple that way, plus I've created headcanon that the FIA switched to One-Shot after all the shenanigans at Monza last year.
  6. As the title says, since release, I've never seen any spray during wet races or tyre smoke show in either the virtual mirror or wing mirrors. All my graphics settings are at maximum. Is this by design, is it a bug or is it something that can be enabled in a hidden config file?
  7. No, my save was made after 1.12 came out. Edit: Never mind, I misread.
  8. s00zster

    How do you qualify?

    I'd like to do Short or Full, but I do One Shot because it's the only one where you know it's taking all its results from on-track performance, as opposed to Accelerated Time scripted performances via crashing out, dropping out in Q1, fast forward, etc. There was also an issue in 2019 where the scripted performance didn't tally with R&D improvements. No idea if it's still the case with 2020 but I don't want to take any chances. Plus it's a time saver.
  9. s00zster

    Started a F2 season.........wish I hadn't.

    It needs to be remembered that, despite having wings, they have nowhere near the sort of downforce that the F1 cars have. It's like driving F1 cars from the 1960s, very slidey and oversteery, I'm assuming to teach those coming up through F2 about advanced car control. Stick at it, drop the difficulty a few notches and ease yourself into it.
  10. s00zster

    New Update

    Taken from the blue banner at the top of the forum:
  11. s00zster

    Grand Prix - No Quali - Post 1.12

    I've noticed this myself in Driver Career. Accelerated time, dropping out in Q1 and having the game make up the final grid, or getting a DNF and the race results auto-generate - there's a disparity vs on-track performance with the teams that have been downgraded. Cars that should be slow suddenly get a boost when these events occur.
  12. If it happens again, definitely. 👍
  13. Just to add to the list, this happened to me yesterday. 50% race, created a mid-session save. Exited the game to do other stuff. Reloaded the save and I wasn't being given blue flags or being told to move over when the leaders were trying to pass me.
  14. s00zster

    Life can be short.....I'm going full Monty

    I use a controller too. I have a wheel setup but I don't have the room or the energy to use it at the moment. It's nice to just lounge in a chair and get on with the game.
  15. s00zster

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    I meant for 2021 if they were going back to the original calendar.