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  1. s00zster

    Williams Tyre Degregation

    Perhaps because the Red Bull is a better car to drive, it was easier to control and therefore easier on the tyres, not to mention most likely just being a better car in general in terms of tech. Going by my experience of Williams in season 1, it feels relatively heavy compared to the higher tier cars (even the Alfa Romeo feels amazing to drive compared to the Williams), so the weight - and a driving style used to a better car - could be having a knock-on effect on tyre wear. Obvious thing would be to put points into Chassis: Tyre Wear, and perhaps Weight Reduction. And try adapting the setup to suit the tyres (softer roll bars and suspension, more positive camber).
  2. This is probably it. I've dropped the difficulty to compensate for this because it's hurting my hands too much trying to keep up. 😁 Thanks to everyone for their feedback. 👍
  3. So I've completed my first season with Williams. With difficulty at 93%, I was consistently within +/- 0.3 seconds of George Russell. As the car improved over the season and became easier to control, I began to stretch this to around + 0.7 seconds max, and even started scoring points at 5 of the European races. Then the last portion of the season, the bit I'm not very good at, I was consistently behind George, and he even scored a couple of points. A fair reflection of my ability and the ability of the car. Difficulty, as I said, was 93% at every single race. Season ends, and I decided to move up to Renault, now the 4th fastest car on the grid, the best of the rest, and had Sergio Perez join me as my teammate. I expected my times to reflect the improvement in car... but no. I'm still getting times identical to the times I got last season at Australia with the then basic, no-upgrades, slowcoach Williams, mid 1.26s. Worse still, Perez is having no problem with his new car, and is into the low 1.25s. What's going on? Despite having a faster car, I can't seem to drive any faster? Is it me or is there some peculiar quirk in the way the game's been coded? The obvious thing is to drop the difficulty, which I probably will have to by quite a bit (Australia is one of my best tracks, so this is all the more odd that I'll have to drop the difficulty by so much), but that doesn't explain why this should be. Is the player stuck with a car that's fixed to their difficulty no matter what team they're at, while the AI has its' own level? Or have I just reached my limit? I remember moving from Caterham to Toro Rosso on F1 2014, and definitely made better times, so for this to happen on F1 2019 is just baffling.
  4. s00zster

    Tutorial Popups

    Thanks. 🙂
  5. s00zster

    Tutorial Popups

    Those little tutorial popups that display on the left side of the screen when something interesting happens - how do you disable them in F1 2019? In previous versions of the game, there would be an option to disable it in the OSD preferences. No such thing this year, and they're starting to annoy me. Apologies if it's something staring me right in the face! :D
  6. I'd just like to say a big, fat, massive thank you to Codemasters and @PJTierney for finally giving the option to fully reset my Dirt Rally 2.0 career (including credits, vehicles and staff) to default game purchase conditions via the Reset Racenet Data option. I haven't played in a while so I have no idea when this was implemented but it means I can start playing again properly. Again, thanks so much. 🙂
  7. s00zster

    "Reset Progress" doesn't reset credits or cars

    Finally replying to this after several months - my PC went kaput the night I last posted in this thread (June 7th!) and it's taken me up until now to build a new one. Unfortunately, I've tried making a new Racenet account and somehow everything (credits, cars etc) has stayed tied to my save, and I don't even know what to do now. Someone posted a couple of weeks ago that their OCD symptoms deriving from an autistic spectrum disorder is making this situation a bigger problem for them - I'm in the same situation, the inability to have control over my progress actually makes me feel physically uncomfortable. It doesn't reflect what I've been doing at all, even moreso now that I've been trying so many suggestions. I just want to start from the beginning again. *Please* give us a Reset Save option so we can put cars and credits back to starting conditions like in Dirt Rally 1. @PJTierney
  8. s00zster

    "Reset Progress" doesn't reset credits or cars

    I didn't know you could do that, I could try making a new RaceNet account. Thank you. And thanks for looking into the issue. 👍
  9. s00zster

    "Reset Progress" doesn't reset credits or cars

    Initially my progress was hampered by my wheel not performing correctly, and then I started getting the sound bug which caused me to lose tons of progress by having to retire competitions because I didn't know how to fix it, and I just wanted to start afresh now that I've fixed everything. I tried to work around it by buying and selling cars and putting money into my crew but it just doesn't feel right, it feels like a mess. I just want to start from nothing again as if I've just got the game. @PJTierney Are there any plans to make "Reset Progress" include resetting cars and credits to 0 as if you'd just got the game? Dirt Rally had this, it was great to just press a button and start again from nothing.
  10. s00zster

    DiRTy Gossip

    Can anyone help me? Referring to my post here https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/38442-reset-progress-doesnt-reset-credits-or-cars/ I was wondering if any of you know anything official about the "Reset Progress" function not clearing cars and credits being a bug or not. Guy in there says it isn't a bug but I haven't seen any official feedback anywhere on it, and I've searched Reddit & Steam. I want my save wiped so I can start from scratch but it didn't clear my cars or credits. I tried to work around it by deleting the save folder like someone on Steam suggested but the whole thing is a mess now. I'm at my wits end. I love this game, only had it 2 weeks and just bought DLC for it, but it's completely borked now. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  11. s00zster

    "Reset Progress" doesn't reset credits or cars

    Have they actually said that it's not a bug? It's completely ruined the game for me. I've tried working around it but it's just a mess now, and I've gone from being disappointed to angry. I've barely scratched the surface of a game that I've spent out on DLC for and absolutely love (I've only owned it for 2 weeks), and now suddenly I feel like chucking it in the bin because every decision I make is irreversible and now the mess I've got my save into trying to rescue it can't be reversed either. I've seen several posts from people feeling the same way as me over on Steam and Reddit, but I can't find any official feedback on the issue.
  12. s00zster

    We ask please hotfix the audio-cutting

    I've had this 3 times, twice last night, fixed it by unplugging and replugging my headphones. It feels more than just a game engine issue, it's like it's causing actual hardware failure, especially as it caused system wide sound cut for me - I had Youtube running on a 2nd monitor and that went silent too.
  13. I've posted this in the Bugs thread but I wanted to know if anyone else is getting this or if it's just me. Wanted to reset my career, so I went to "Reset Progress" in options and all that happened was my competitions were reset but I still had all my cars, including cars I had purchased, and more importantly, still had all my credits which I hoped would be reset to 0. All I want is to start again with just a Fulvia in my garage and 0 credits, ideally no other DLC cars either - that's always felt a bit weird to have them put in your garage from the beginning. Is this a bug or is there something I haven't done correctly? Edit: I've also tried "Reset All", which included making a new driver, but I still had all my cars and credits, which is even weirder really.
  14. Ok, I've got a new issue. Because of the way the "sound cut" bug affected my career (having to quit mid competition and wasting hours of effort), I decided to reset my progress. So I selected "Reset Progress", but I've still got all my credits and I don't want them - I want to start from the beginning with 0 credits (even better would be to start with just the Fulvia, and no DLC cars already in my garage). Is this a bug or am I stuck with credits my new career shouldn't have? Please make it so Reset Progress resets EVERYTHING, including credits and cars (except online leaderboards, challenges, etc. I can understand that). Edit: I'm guessing it must be a bug because the Ford Mk II I purchased is still in my garage as well. Nothing has reset except the competitions I was taking part in. And I tried the Reset All option, all that did was, as it described, reset all my options including controller settings. Please fix this.
  15. I'm getting the sound cutting out mid-session in 1.4.1 on Windows 10 x64 1903 (all drivers up to date). Happened the other day for the first time in the middle of a stage, now again in the middle of a daily challenge. All sound gone, including the rest of my system (the second instance of this happening I had Youtube running on a 2nd monitor, that went silent too). Pause and go into menu, selecting options makes a loud popping sound, go into a sub-menu from there and I can hear Youtube again. Exit menus and all sound gone once more. No option but to Retire from the challenge, invoking a DNF, exit the game and all my sound comes back. Supposedly this issue has been around since release, according to searches. It's ruining the game for me. Update: By pure chance, after an hour of searching, found a post by someone having the same issue, the issue was fixed for them by unplugging and replugging their speakers - this worked for me with my headphones, instant fix and no need to exit the game.