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  1. s00zster

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    This was the last official statement on this back in January, we've since had the update and it made no difference to the issue. I've run multiple Driver Career saves to test this out and in every one (about 5 of them so far) Bottas dominates wins and poles in Season 1 every single time. I'll reiterate my suspicion that his and Hamilton's code have been swapped by accident. It should be Hamilton doing all these things. Also, regarding the comment about how Codemasters don't play their games, I seem to remember a few years ago a statement (I'm guessing now just for PR) that Codemasters devs love to play their own games - if they really did, they would have spotted this long ago. You only have to play half a season to see there's something wrong. If I was a dev, it just wouldn't sit right with me, the game's AI performance not reflecting reality. Hamilton's success is beyond meme-worthy, in real life you know he's going to win 9 times out of 10 (which is how Bottas is performing in Driver Career mode for me). So how can it be acceptable to state that F1 2020 is worthy of being called a sim (a statement made about a month before release), and yet completely ignore one major aspect of the way the game reflects reality? Edit: I would add that if the game was as moddable as F1 2014 and before, we wouldn't have to pester the devs with these issues. We could just correct them ourselves.
  2. s00zster

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    First point: Unfortunately not. All driver performance data is encrypted, while car performance data is moddable. Second point: I don't believe so, no, unless someone can correct me. I've asked directly a couple of times and had nothing back myself.
  3. s00zster

    What is the Best f1 game ever

    Interesting this question should pop up, I've just been reminded of Grand Prix 3 and 4 from watching an Aiden Millward video on Youtube. I own Microprose Grand Prix 1, 2, 3 and 4 - spent the most time racing on 1, it was what got me into F1 in the first place when I was 12, while I spent the most time modding 3 - there were some really crazy circuits for that. Also, the damage model for GP2 was funny, if you downloaded a circuit which had the slightest bump in the road, you'd lose all 4 wheels. For some reason I got 4 but never played it, I think I was disappointed which how difficult it was to mod at the time of release compared to GP3, which had a big modding community. I was more addicted to modding than actually racing! Dug 4 out again this evening and while the graphics are of course ropey (20 year old game!), the AI behaviour is great. It hurts to watch actually, the realisation that the AI in GP4 is SO much better than any Codemasters game. You know, just jostling each other, battling for position, loose and unpredictable. Accidents. AI having their own brains and not being controlled by the confinements of the track code. Also, failures. For both player and AI. I also have F1 '97 for PS1, but sadly I couldn't play it for long as it gave me terrible motion sickness. Which sucks because it looked brilliant. As for the best in my opinion? As far as my personal experience goes, between Grand Prix 3 and F1 2012 (purely because I remember a car late braking into La Source at Spa and losing positions, which was cool, and because it had sector-by-sector weather). Edit: Just watching a Grand Prix 2 video on Youtube and it's all coming back to me now. Torn between GP2, 3 and F1 2012.
  4. s00zster

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I'm going to assume this is aimed at me and unfortunately I'm going to have to repeat myself. I have repeatedly said in my posts in this thread that F1 2020's physics have vastly improved over F1 2019 since release (stated this multiple times when the game was released, absolutely loved it) but I've recently developed an issue with grip, traction and throttle that's come about in the past couple of months, making the game feel like F1 2019 again and I can't figure out why this has happened. I thought it might've come about in a patch and was told it hasn't, so I'm stumped as to why I'm getting this. This isn't some "wahh the physics are ****" whine, it's an issue that I can't seem to fix. Not everyone is getting this, the OP seems to have been getting it though. It's like the safety car issue, there are lots of people not getting safety cars but I myself have had them every other race and that's not an exaggeration, I've even started consistently getting them on 25% races which is great. Safety cars work perfectly fine for me. It's like something just isn't clicking correctly with the game, sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. Also, you say this like I don't know who George Russell is and that I'm ignorant of the fact that he should know what he's talking about. Come on, there's no need for that.
  5. s00zster

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I mean, obviously I don't know what a real F1 car feels like, it's just about the satisfying feeling of being able to push the car through the corners, having that planted feeling through the controller due to downforce, grip and traction, something that was missing in F1 2019, then Codies overhauled the physics for F1 2020's release but now seems to have gone missing for me a couple of months ago. I'll probably end up going back to it sooner rather than later, I'll end up missing the smaller details, latest drivers and the possibility of a transfer occurring.
  6. s00zster

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    This is how F1 2020 felt when it first came out, it felt great. Felt you were driving, even with a controller. As I mentioned earlier, I revisited both 2017 and 2018 yesterday and felt this even more with 2018. I couldn't remember that the physics were this good in 2018 because I'd only played about a quarter of the hours I normally would due to being without a PC for 4 or 5 months in 2019. I do remember, though, that the one save I had on it, albeit just 7 races, was really enjoyable. Having said that, I seem to remember 2018 having safety car issues, so like you, I'll start a career on 2017 first. Or, I could even go back to 2016. Or 2014, or 2012. I might just revisit all of them!
  7. s00zster

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    You've hit the nail on the head - Youtubers. They've more or less influenced the marketing direction due to their following and resulted in the target audience the game has become aimed at. I wonder how many buy the game just because their favourite streamer is playing it, rather than having a serious interest in the world of F1. That said, there's nothing wrong with streamers promoting the game prior to release, most developers rely on that nowadays, but when the social media accounts continue to promote and celebrate those streamers for cool points, that's when it becomes difficult to disassociate with that demographic and worst still, when they begin to target it within the game with cheap tat. Going back to older versions, another thing I've noticed - contract offers. The last game we got proper contract offers - i.e. having teams actively approach you - was F1 2017. F1 2018 onwards has the unrealistic way of just choosing whoever you want and it doesn't matter. The 2017 method was incidentally how I imagined F2 > F1 progression. I'm assuming there's been no change in F1 2020 with contract negotiations in Driver Career. It says something about teams bidding for you, which sounded exciting but I've not got far enough into the game to see it happen and I've not seen any footage of it either because everyone's concentrating on MyTeam.
  8. s00zster

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    Yeah, I can't see them improving any of the points I made unfortunately. Definitely won't be pre-ordering 2021 this time, just don't like the way the series is headed at all. And you're right - it's a bandwagon. The whole story mode in 2019 felt like they were trying to copy FIFA "The Journey" mode and even then it was half-baked, then the whole Podium Pass thing is trying to copy games like Fortnite. It's a teenage cash-grab. You start to realise the demographic Codemasters have started to aim for. The whole eSports hype thing, pitcoins, emotes, it just comes off utterly shallow and completely against what a Formula 1 game should be. Cutting edge engineering, physics, drama, danger - not prancing onto the podium to perform a spot of linedancing. I hate to rant, I never meant to rant. I was originally just going to mention how great F1 2018 felt when I went back to it, but then I realised there were other things that are being ignored and the realisation that I started to seriously dislike the direction the game is heading. Also, I understand there's a structure to bug reporting having myself been a beta tester for several games, but there are people reporting bugs, perhaps not in the correct format but clearly enough for a dev to use a bit of common sense that it could've been logged and fixed just by asking "what platform are you on?" rather than "we won't accept that until you retype the whole thing in this exact format" and by that time the person who's reported the bug is probably so frustrated by what they've just experienced in the game that they just can't be bothered. And that partly might be indirectly down to the demographic they've aimed the game towards, ironically. Or worse still, ignored completely. I've seen people put a ton of effort into their reports and months later, no answer at all. There needs to be more mods to deal with stuff like this. Too much is getting missed or pushed away due to being perhaps overly rigid and not enough staff.
  9. s00zster

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I've been finding myself in the same boat, slowly becoming more and more disillusioned with F1 2020 for the past couple of months. Since November, I've felt a difference in the physics that appears to have drifted back towards F1 2019 performance - rear wheel spin, throttle all over the place coming out of slow corners, car feeling floaty and drifty - identical to F1 2019 - and none of the planted, weighty, grippy, high downforce feel that I experienced in the very early days during release (I play with a controller by the way). I'd already posted about this a while back and was told that my control settings needed resetting, that it was a bug. Cleared my save as instructed, uninstalled, deleted any remains, redownloaded the game - no difference. I could only take from this that something must have changed with the physics despite being told this was not the case. The crazy thing is, after reading this thread, I decided to redownload F1 2017 and F1 2018, and on playing F1 2018, I felt that weighty, planted feel again. It felt FANTASTIC. This was how F1 2020 felt in the early days. Something must have changed with one of the patches, I can't see how else this could have happened. On playing 2017, I saw mistakes from the AI and the ability to overtake the safety car, something that the devs don't appear to want to fix. That downshift jolt force feedback, as mentioned by the OP, is great too. A whole bunch of things in general could be so much better, all things that are supposed to have made this version the best ever, instead the game has felt thinner as time has gone on, either have become worse or just not turned out to be what they should have been. The apparent reversal in the physics back towards F1 2019 unpleasantness Lack of AI spins, lockups and mistakes (a repetitive and predictable AI wiggle is nowhere near enough, it was said to have been more than this but a little wiggle from the guy in front is all I've ever had, no crashes or spins, I don't even get performance affecting lockups - lockups happen but they don't make a difference in their line through the corner, like it hasn't happened and I can't take advantage of it) F2 performance - note: "PERFORMANCE", NOT "WHICH ACADEMY YOU CHOOSE" - not having an effect on the start of your career despite the game explicitly saying it in multiple places - including a voiceover - that it does (a sense that something changed last minute and being told by the devs it was "by design" still annoys me - clearly it wasn't) Driver transfers not occurring Driver performance data not actually reflecting real life (Bottas constantly getting on pole by 0.500 and winning, Hamilton finishing 3rd and 4th. Ferrari being better than they were IRL, devs had the opportunity to correct this but did a weak job of it) Things that stick right out when you actually play it. I can't believe for a moment that the devs play this in their spare time and don't notice these issues. It feels like the focus has shifted towards shallow stuff like eSports and Pitcoins, childish rubbish like emotes and poses, and that things that should have been worked on have been put aside. Yes, I know there are different teams that work on different things, but like I said, the focus is on the wrong things. F1 2020, for me, started out as a really nice glass of orange squash that has gradually had more and more water poured into it.
  10. s00zster

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Bottas is still winning every race in my newest save (created after the ratings update), while Hamilton lurks down in 3rd or 4th. Bottas also has by far the most fastest laps (7 to 2). This is how it's always been since release on multiple saves, not a case of one-off luck. Codemasters are going to all these lengths to show they're keeping up with real-life performances, yet the most important one is completely wrong. I swear someone somwhere has mixed up the values in the database and given Hamilton Bottas' attributes and vice versa. Bottas is absolutely unstoppable and nobody can keep up with him. @BarryBL is there anything we can do to get the devs to look into this? You can see there's a lot of us experiencing this.
  11. s00zster

    MY TEAM Driver Transfer Bugs

    Agreed. IRL there can be a minor move or two per season due to underperforming drivers or contracts expiring. We're not asking for Hamilton to go to Ferrari or Leclerc to go to Red Bull (only in exceptional circumstances, perhaps like a 10% chance of something huge happening) just organic stuff, especially just so that we can get a proper gradual intake of F2 drivers. For instance, if Giovinazzi doesn't do well in one season, then Alfa Romeo could get an F2 driver in to replace him. It's not a retirement, he just didn't do well enough and it's a straight swap. Adversely, if Raikkonen didn't do well, he would be less likely to leave due to his reputation, they'd be more willing to hang onto him. I've no idea if this is how the game is modelled right now, but if it is, it isn't working correctly. Same with @Davidj7077 I've gone several seasons without a single transfer occurring, and it's disappointing because, obviously, that's the whole point of driver moves being in the game in the first place and secondly it takes away from the drama and change of the game world. I get to the end of a season and there's no changes and it's just a big letdown.
  12. s00zster

    Driver moves

    I've posted in this thread in the bugs forum. The OP refers to MyTeam but this issue is the same for MyTeam and Driver Career. I would urge anyone with this issue to post a bug report in there to hopefully get it seen to, I'm thoroughly fed up with this. This issue has existed since the game's release and it's supposed to be a major part of the career mode.
  13. s00zster

    MY TEAM Driver Transfer Bugs

    Driver transfer activity is not working correctly, it's more or less non-existent. If there are transfers, they only happen in the first season, always due to a retirement. And after that, no more transfers are made. I have not seen a single example of a general (i.e. not retirement related) transfer activity. Version: 1.15 Platform: PC Mode: Driver Career I've experienced only 2 instances of transfer activity, both related to Rakkonen retiring, over approximately 7 seasons in 2 or 3 saves --------------------------------------------------------- I'm adding to this as I, and others, are still experiencing this issue in both MyTeam and Driver Career. There have been multiple threads about this issue since the release of F1 2020 and nothing has apparently been done about it.
  14. s00zster

    Driver moves

    I was just about to start a thread on the same thing. Driver transfers in F1 2020 are practically non-existent, except for when someone retires, which is rare for me. Since getting the game (early access included), I've only seen TWO TRANSFERS on 2 different saves, both for Raikkonen retiring. And then nothing. And yes, Driver Transfers is enabled. Incredibly disappointing considering we have F2 drivers now and I'm not able to see any of them take part. @BarryBL - is this a known issue which is being looked at? It's difficult to report it as a bug because it's one of those things that you don't realise is happening until a long time into the game. I can see people have already started threads in the bugs forum about it but they seem to have been ignored. It's taken a huge chunk of the enjoyment out of this version of the game (this and Valtteri Bottas being consistently miles better than Lewis Hamilton, I swear their attributes have been mixed up, it's ridiculous). Please get the devs to look into this. It would be great if there are people who could post evidence of regular transfers occurring (i.e. not related to retirements, just general movement), and that we've just been unlucky.
  15. I can't for the life of me stop the car - any car - from understeering lately. It feels like something's changed. I'm also getting more wheelspin and snap oversteer when accelerating. It's like there's no grip. I've put differential to minimal, increased front wing, adjusted roll, softened suspension, toe. It'll be ok on some corners and then inexplicably will just not want to turn in on othersl. No issues with my controller either. I started getting it after the patch before the most recent one. It's getting really frustrating and the cars just feel different and not in a good way. It feels like 2019 all over again and I can't explain why. Has anyone else noticed this?