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  1. s00zster

    Multiplayer: reversed grid not working?

    From what I remember, you set qualifying to 'none' and grid type to "reversed". But it just doesn't seem to work.
  2. s00zster

    Multiplayer: reversed grid not working?

    So yesterday we tried this and... it doesn't work. Had it enabled for the first race, finished that, started the second race assuming it would apply a reversed grid from the first race's results and it was just a random grid. Oddly enough it repeated the order for race 3 and 4. I'm going to sadly assume that it's broken. Huge shame.
  3. For the past couple of weeks, a couple of friends and I have been messing around on F1 2019 multiplayer, creating a championship of about 14 5-lap races lasting the evening. For some reason, though, the reversed grid option doesn't seem to work. I was hosting, enabled it midway through the session and instead of it reflecting the results of the previous race, it appeared to be a randomized grid. Does it have to be enabled from the very first race in the championship? Or does it reflect championship positions rather than previous race results? Or, can anyone confirm that it does work correctly for them? Just so I know that it's a mistake I'm making somewhere. I'd really like to get this working for this evening. Thanks.
  4. s00zster

    Year One Pass - Unwanted 2.4 million credits

    Thanks for your response. Currently, I've managed to spend most of the money into buying extra mechanics and a new Renault Clio RX for my Rallycross career. Managed to get it down to 180k which I (reluctantly) settled with. However, I would advise on binning this habit of giving credit bonuses for DLC purchases, or credit bonuses for anything for that matter. What is the point in the studio spending resources in developing a progression path, only to give people freebies to effectively take the fun out of it and make it practically defunct? To work around the issue, you have to purchase upgrades that you would otherwise have been enjoying working for by racing and winning competitions. I may have legally paid for them, but I had no idea that this was part of the DLC, worst still accumulated for the Year One Pass/GOTY edition. It isn't stated anywhere, including in this GOTY content graphic, which I referred to several times befor purchasing the Year One Pass: Had I known that this was part of the DLC, I most definitely would not have purchased it. The most important thing to me is gameplay progression, to earn your way up the ladder. It is a career after all. There is no fun in being given a leg-up, no matter how small. If it was optional, or available via a code, then people like me can continue to enjoy the game fully. Gameplay progression should outweigh everything. Please consider these points for your next game.
  5. So, for several months last year, I pushed for Codies to give us a way to be able to reset our credits to 0, and was delighted when we finally got this in a patch. Since then, I've been playing happily. However, this evening, I purchased the Year One Pass on Steam and 2.4 million credits has appeared on my freshly restarted career mode which I can't get rid of, even by resetting my RaceNet data. This is the last thing I wanted as it completely RUINS career mode for me. Please tell me it's optional and there's a way to disable it... Does anyone know which DLC it's connected to so I can try uninstall and disable it? Or am I stuck with it? I can't get a refund on the Year One Pass as I bought it from Fanatical.com Edit: I've tried uninstalling all non-car or location DLC, and it's still coming back. I just want to start fresh with 0 credits like before. Edit #2: If you're going to dump millions of credits on someone who buys your DLC, PLEASE make it optional. Some of us like to *earn* our way through the game. I've just spent money to effectively ruin the game and I can't get it back.
  6. s00zster

    Cool down lap added to game

    Drive for Ferrari, win race, press radio button and say "Grazie Ragazzi": instant +25 rep with team. Perhaps you could have the game recognise when you say "thanks guys" to your pit crew, or "save it" ala Ricciardo, Monaco 2016, and it affects morale. I'm being light-hearted, obviously, but it's nice to come up with stuff.
  7. s00zster

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    Jack Brabham, Bruce McLaren and Graham Hill all drove for teams they formed themselves.
  8. s00zster

    Orange army zandvoort

    Or they slowly leave, and every lap you go past, the grandstand becomes less and less orange. 😛
  9. s00zster

    Dropping from 100% to 50% Races

    Nah, because you can't improve the car, there are no driver transfers, etc. I only dislike the interviews because they are repetitive.. Same with the practice programs, once you've done them and had the experience, it takes up too much time. Plus simulating the practice sessions helps keep a more realistic pace with the other teams. When I was grinding the practice sessions on a previous save, I managed to get Williams from bottom to regular points finishers by mid season. Career mode is all I play the game for.
  10. Are engine/gearbox failures a thing in multiplayer? I was watching Arthur Leclerc's stream yesterday and saw that, without any warning, his screen suddenly said (in French) "critical damage" and his race was over. Supposedly his gearbox had failed. Is this a thing in current F1 2019 multiplayer (I don't play enough of it to know), or is it something Codies are trying out? I've heard several times on various drivers' streams that they're playing the "new version" or they've "gone back to the old version" of the game. I also remember reading that Codies were going to put a few things into their games specifically for the official virtual races. If this is so, could this mean they are trying out random player mechanical failures for F1 2020? Like I said, I've never seen that happen in multiplayer and everyone knows that in career mode it's not random but just a matter of managing parts to avoid it. It would be great if this was a feature in F1 2020. Failures should be more than just a matter of "oh I'll just stick the newer part in and everything will be fine". I'd love to have that random, crushing moment where everything falls apart in a career race. Edit: Further to this, checking SteamDB, there is a password-locked version available for the drivers that's being regularly updated.
  11. s00zster

    Dropping from 100% to 50% Races

    Actually just starting a new save with the same plan, but because quali will also be my practice, I'm going to have to disable Parc Ferme rules so I've got room manage the car's setup. But you're right about practice programs, they're more about immersion for the "life of a driver" side of things, same with the interviews - I 'm not bothered about either (wish I could disable the interviews too), I prefer to use my imagination as to what's going on behind the scenes.
  12. Speaking from personal experience (I tried Auto ERS briefly a couple of weeks ago before changing back), by doing both these things, you will very likely be either slower overall or slower at a moment when you really need pace and it will be infuriating. Auto ERS isn't optimized well enough to be equal to manual ERS. It's true that while it's, in the words of Lando Norris, "mostly automatic", it is still essentially controlled albeit by the engineers remotely. "Give me everything" you hear them say when they're struggling - that'll be the equivalent of you switching it to Hotlap. Think of manual ERS as playing a second role as engineer. You'll find as a race goes on, you'll need ERS to battle someone, but you'll start dropping back because it's been used up needlessly and it's stuck on a low setting, trying to harvest. For some reason, it will also switch to Hotlap on the very last lap whether you need it or not (perhaps an attempt at getting the fastest lap point, but it's a bit daft when you're in a Williams in 17th). It should have been optimized in a way where you use Medium as standard but as soon as you come up against someone, it switches to overtake. Sadly it just doesn't do this, at least not in my experience. You need that push to overtake and there will be moments when you just won't have it. Also, you will need setups. Tracks like Monaco and Baku, changing the setup from default will be what stops you from going into a wall when you're pushing. Especially Monaco. The most basic thing at Monaco is maximum downforce, then you have to tweak the suspension to stop the car from sliding laterally due to the fact that F1 2019 just doesn't have enough grip compared to the real life. The one thing I have taken to is setting Traction Control to medium. I've used no assists for years, but F1 2019 is pretty horrible when it comes to traction due to the prevously mentioned lack of grip. I have seen a few of the drivers complain about that, things like "Wait, I'm on mediums - they feel like hards that haven't been warmed up", and they're sliding about. Nicholas Latifi said that the real cars have much more traction than F1 2019's cars with no assists enabled. He said that you can put your foot down a lot more and a lot earlier without losing traction and that it's probably more realistic to have TC set to medium. While the real cars have no traction control, in the game it's starting to look more like a challenge setting rather than one that is realistically practical. It's very easy to just spear into a wall under wheelspin out of a corner, you have to be ridiculously careful in some places.
  13. s00zster

    Feedback from Real F1 drivers during Covid-19 lockdown?

    I've been thinking exactly the same thing. I've watched so many streams by drivers in the past few weeks, and heard a lot of comments from them regarding the way the cars behave. For instance, Nicholas Latifi said that, in so many words, it's closer to real life to use TC in-game as it's a lot easier to put your foot down and keep traction in real life than it is in-game without assists. He also said, jokingly, that without assists, the cars are "deadly". I've seen several express their surprise at how overdone the slipstream effect / DRS is. They've also said how little grip there is compared to real life, how there is too much torque and how oversteery the cars are (although that might be because they like to use T-Cam and there is a definite oversteer effect in that camera view, for some peculiar reason, compared to cockpit view). If Codemasters want to take things up a notch and take a step closer to being a genuine simulation, these guys are right there to give their feedback. How could they not take this opportunity to make the game better?
  14. s00zster

    Williams Tyre Degregation

    Perhaps because the Red Bull is a better car to drive, it was easier to control and therefore easier on the tyres, not to mention most likely just being a better car in general in terms of tech. Going by my experience of Williams in season 1, it feels relatively heavy compared to the higher tier cars (even the Alfa Romeo feels amazing to drive compared to the Williams), so the weight - and a driving style used to a better car - could be having a knock-on effect on tyre wear. Obvious thing would be to put points into Chassis: Tyre Wear, and perhaps Weight Reduction. And try adapting the setup to suit the tyres (softer roll bars and suspension, more positive camber).