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  1. Actually, my whole PC is really slow all of a sudden. Assuming nobody else is getting this problem, it could be my PC. Going to give it a full clean out and reformat.
  2. Description: When an R&D part has completed and you go to the R&D screen, instead of the popup showing which R&D part has completed, the screen is blank apart from the animated red lines in the corners and the 'Accept' button in the bottom right corner. Pressing this button then takes you correctly to the R&D screen. Report Code: BXHK-DAEE-ECHS-GTMG Platform: PC Game-Mode: Driver Career Troubleshooting? I've tried restarting the game but the problem persists. Incidentally, since updating to 1.15, I've noticed textures and screens load
  3. In real life, this is a thing but I've never experienced this in any of the games (apart from hearing the engineer mention this in F1 2012). The first laps are always the grippiest and it goes downhill from there, I don't think the game really takes scrubbed tyres into consideration. Could be wrong, though.
  4. You wouldn't be accidentally shifting down into neutral, would you? I used to do this a lot on 2019 and previous, not so much on 20/21, but I think it's still possible if you change down really quickly and lose count of how many shifts you made. Was only reminded of this as I've been playing a lot of 2019 recently, just did it myself and thought of this thread.
  5. Yep, I've always updated the ratings when the in-game email arrives, and I've wiped my save completely several times when a big patch has come out.
  6. Red flags were a thing in F1 2012, and I kind of like it (as long as it's done correctly, of course!). F1 2012 - Crazy Race (Red Flag, 17 Retirements) - YouTube (The game was modded for damage, but the red flags were part of the vanilla game) I also had multiple safety cars the other day due to bad weather in F1 2020, first time I've ever experienced that, although I do wish that Jeff would tell you that's why they were happening, I only figured out why due to the appalling weather and the fact that there had been no incidents.
  7. He's not OP for me because Bottas and Perez keep beating him in my saves. If anything, it's those two who need nerfing. You admit that you have "such an insane hate for Verstappen", that this might shade your opinion as to whether his in-game character deserves to win. I'm a Charles Leclerc fan, but I can't deny that Verstappen is on par with Lewis Hamilton. He is quick (his final qualifying lap at Jeddah was mind-blowing before he lost it at the last corner, he was going beyond the limit), and also has some insane control ability on top of this (Brazil 2016 comes to mind). You also
  8. There was a thread, or a series of posts, which hinted that cutting a season down to 16 or 10 races had a negative effect on transfers occurring, but I can't find it. I'm wondering if this is true and this it's not recommended to run shorter seasons if you want transfers to happen properly? Does anyone have any experience with this? I ask because with both 2020 and 2021, I've only ever run shorter seasons and both times had next to no transfers occurring, only when someone retired. Have people experienced more freely moving transfers not reliant upon retirements with a full season? Or hav
  9. I use as PS3 Dualshock 3 controller with a program called SCPToolkit, it enables your PC to think it (and other controllers) are Windows-compatible Xbox controllers. I personally prefer the PS3 controller partly because I have small hands and Xbox controllers can be a btoo large and heavy, the thumbsticks have a better range of control than Xbox thumbsticks, they're looser and the triggers feel better. It kind of moulds to my hands better than the Xbox controller.
  10. For the briefest of moments I thought you meant Eddie Jordan 😂
  11. Forgot to add: Allow us to unlap ourselves under the safety car. This is in F1 2017, put in to combat a safety car bug, took them 2-3 weeks to put it in. Yet now, we're told that it would be too much work to put into the game, despite us asking for 3 years. A database editor.
  12. This is more of a wishlist in general, just the sooner I see this stuff, the better. 😁 Corrected driver performances, no more Bottas or Perez domination in the first season at least. Better car physics, more downforce / grip, closer to experiences people have with iRacing Mercedes. F1 2021's the hardest I've had to struggle driving a car with a controller (at least since the "performance" update), it's actually caused nerve damage in my left thumb, no other F1 game has caused this to happen. It should not be this difficult. Bring back the wet weather tech that
  13. I used to get that in F1 2017 with Raikkonen, only driver on the grid who regularly rammed me from behind. Incidentally, he also regularly beat Vettel even though this wasn't happening in real life. Hmm...
  14. I think that's quite realistic, to be honest... 😁 #hungary
  15. Yeah, it's been really annoying getting halfway through the race practice program only to be held up an AI car on the 2nd or 3rd lap.
  16. Yeah I think it's been like that for a while but it's still played down at whether it'll actually happen. I'm hoping that the reason why (apart from Christmas) there's been such a big gap between patches is because they're hopefully finishing that issue off. Because usually, when a Podium Pass ends, there's a countdown of 7 days until the next one. This time it's been 14 days, perhaps buying them some extra time to get in the finishing touches. We can but hope. 😁
  17. According to BarryBL in another thread, that is being looked into.
  18. My guess is next Monday or Tuesday, the podium pass is starting next Wednesday, I think? So they've at least got to update the game with the new skins, I don't believe that's a server-side thing. There's always been an update a day or two before PP. Really hoping that some of the bigger, more serious bugs finally get sorted, such as AI in fast corners (that's been months in the making and I'm still no clearer on if it's something they're actually going to be able to sort out), increased sensitivity to visual bodywork damage, more rain spray... actually, there's too many to list. 😁 I
  19. I'd like to add my voice to this and say that I too had zero issues with the AI letting me pass during practice and qualifying, and that it only became a problem when the supposed fix for it was released.
  20. He did for me once, 2 points if I remember correctly. It was a really crazy race, though. 6 or 7 DNFs and changing weather.
  21. He's been going through my other posts in other unrelated threads and downvoting them too. Ah well, if it keeps him happy... 😁
  22. Have you tried reducing the some of the settings for money, acclaim, R&D points and you could boost the AI in that area, might give them a chance to catch you up again? Edit: Think of it like this: Brawn won the championship in their one and only season. In your case, you've had similar success in 3 season, albeit perhaps unwanted 😁 If you haven't already, set your points, money, acclaim for you and your team to reduced. For the AI, boost these settings. Keep racing, think of yourself as a Brawn-type team. If you get rule changes, perhaps take them a bit slow, limit your ability
  23. @KentkennyWhy are you thumbing down my post? It's right here: F1 2021 · F1® 2021 · AppID: 1134570 · SteamDB That right there is a record that 5 hours ago, a test version of the next update was uploaded for testers to work with. That's how it's always been done, for years. Why on earth are you disagreeing? You're getting what you want. There WILL be an update.
  24. Not even a paperweight for me, I got the digital version. 🙃
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