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  1. I wasn't sure whether to post this because I don't like posting negative stuff, but I really need to express the following. I've just spent the whole of my Schumi edition early access time (since Monday afternoon) doing a full F2 season in driver career mode - including the practice programs - under the impression that how I do in it would have an effect on which F1 teams come in for me in the next season and have an effect on my reptutation (I definitely read this somewhere about a month or so ago but I can't remember where). And so I finished 3rd in the F2 championship, full season, 50% races, did all the grind because I thought it was meaningful and was presented with a standard "choose an F1 team" screen. There appears to be no knock-on effect on your reputation, there's no contract negotiation with teams being impressed by your performance in F2. And the drivers who beat me to first and second (Matsushita and Hubert) are nowhere to be seen, they weren't promoted to F1 at all. The practice programs mean nothing, the results mean nothing, who wins the championship means nothing. It's just last year's championship mode bolted on the front and it's disappointing. If I had known it was just an "experience" intro season, I would have skipped it and just got straight into the good stuff from Day 1. So much more could've been done with this, considering the new driver market and contract system. And I really wanted to see Matsushita and Hubert promoted to F1 with me. Was it *supposed* to have all these effects and then it was withdrawn at the last minute? Or was whoever said it (I'm trying to remember where I read it) telling porkies?
  2. So after finally getting into MyTeam (been playing Driver Career so far and waiting for the performance patch) I've noticed that, despite my driver and my teammate wearing the customary sponsored baseball caps that all F1 teams use for extra advertising space, no matter which sponsor slot I use, I get no sponsor on the front of my baseball cap. Is this a bug or an oversight? Would be nice to complete the look and it looks bit weird wearing a hat for absolutely no reason.
  3. So, let's face it: in the real world, talent alone isn't going to get you a seat in F1 without having some sponsorship money behind you. Here's an idea I just thought up: Fully integrate F2 into Driver Career, including results having an affect on your acclaim (despite this year's in-game descriptions, this isn't actually a thing unfortunately). As you go through your F2 season, you'll be approached by sponsors. Depending on how well you've been doing, they will differ and each sponsor will have a different set value to it. Accept a sponsor and, along with the sponsor's logo going on one of your helmet's sponsor slots (added helmet realism that will carry through to F1 and throughout your save), you will also add that sponsor's value to your 'Acclaim Bank'. Collect as many sponsors with the best value that you can (remember, it'll depend on results, the better you do, the better the sponsor and the more you can add to your Acclaim Bank) and at the end of the season, it'll be time to go to an F1 team. Each F1 team will not only require a target goal for your final F2 championship position, but will also want you to put towards the team with the Acclaim Bank that you've accumulated. The bigger the team, the more they'll require. Example (numbers are off the top of my head): make a total of 10 million in Acclaim Bank, but join Williams and only 7 of it will be spent. The rest will be kept for Perks, an existing mechanic. More perks could be designed in line with this: Gearbox Wear, Tyre Wear, etc. Perhaps even a Luck perk - if you don't invest in this one, you'll be more likely to suffer from random reliability (as opposed to Durability) issues, a way to put mechanical failures into the game without placing the blame on the car and perhaps make it more acceptable from a licencing point of view. Bear in mind that I don't know the real details of whether teams like Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull require sponsorship money like the smaller teams do, but there could be an additional mechanic where the top 3 teams from the previous season only require a very high championship position. So to get to the very best teams, you'll have to be good enough. This mechanic would ideally carry from season to season in F1 as well, being able to switch sponsors and having a set contract length for each one. I think this would really add some depth to Driver Career that is currently missing in comparison with MyTeam.
  4. s00zster

    How do you qualify?

    Thinking aloud, one idea would be instead of having a scripted performance... thing, there is instead a system that calculates performance from the AI performance files, and that data is then applied to whatever upgrades each team has. This could be done while loading a weekend. Would probably only take 10 seconds maximum to process.
  5. s00zster

    How do you qualify?

    See, this is why I do one-shot. It's so simple that way, plus I've created headcanon that the FIA switched to One-Shot after all the shenanigans at Monza last year.
  6. As the title says, since release, I've never seen any spray during wet races or tyre smoke show in either the virtual mirror or wing mirrors. All my graphics settings are at maximum. Is this by design, is it a bug or is it something that can be enabled in a hidden config file?
  7. No, my save was made after 1.12 came out. Edit: Never mind, I misread.
  8. s00zster

    How do you qualify?

    I'd like to do Short or Full, but I do One Shot because it's the only one where you know it's taking all its results from on-track performance, as opposed to Accelerated Time scripted performances via crashing out, dropping out in Q1, fast forward, etc. There was also an issue in 2019 where the scripted performance didn't tally with R&D improvements. No idea if it's still the case with 2020 but I don't want to take any chances. Plus it's a time saver.
  9. s00zster

    Started a F2 season.........wish I hadn't.

    It needs to be remembered that, despite having wings, they have nowhere near the sort of downforce that the F1 cars have. It's like driving F1 cars from the 1960s, very slidey and oversteery, I'm assuming to teach those coming up through F2 about advanced car control. Stick at it, drop the difficulty a few notches and ease yourself into it.
  10. s00zster

    New Update

    Taken from the blue banner at the top of the forum:
  11. s00zster

    Grand Prix - No Quali - Post 1.12

    I've noticed this myself in Driver Career. Accelerated time, dropping out in Q1 and having the game make up the final grid, or getting a DNF and the race results auto-generate - there's a disparity vs on-track performance with the teams that have been downgraded. Cars that should be slow suddenly get a boost when these events occur.
  12. If it happens again, definitely. 👍
  13. Just to add to the list, this happened to me yesterday. 50% race, created a mid-session save. Exited the game to do other stuff. Reloaded the save and I wasn't being given blue flags or being told to move over when the leaders were trying to pass me.
  14. s00zster

    Life can be short.....I'm going full Monty

    I use a controller too. I have a wheel setup but I don't have the room or the energy to use it at the moment. It's nice to just lounge in a chair and get on with the game.
  15. s00zster

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    I meant for 2021 if they were going back to the original calendar.
  16. Well hush my mouth, that aged well didn't it? Vettel still needs a big downgrade though, as does Albon. And Racing Point has nowhere near their real life pace, remember they're known as the Pink Mercedes for a reason. In my case, I'm lucky enough to be on PC and I'm attempting to mod around this, although the 'accelerated pace' thing may be an issue. One way to get around this is to use One Shot Qualifying, but it's not quite the same is it? Edit: Plus it's impossible to mod AI performance. I do wish this game was as accessible as the old ones.
  17. s00zster

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    Remember the Classic DLC for F1 2013? A bunch of classic tracks to mess around on. If - IF - they have the ability, time and money to do this, that would be cool. Seeing as we can now pick and choose which races to include in a career calendar, this could be expanded upon. Although licencing does currently limit this to 'this year's calendar in that order', so probably not. A '2020 DLC' with this year's bonus circuits. I'd buy it.
  18. Have to agree with all of this. Since starting a fresh Driver Career save with the performance patch, I've had identical results - Leclerc & Vettel consistently getting 4ths and 5ths. Worse still, after only 4 races, they have the top engine once more, faster than Mercedes. At that point they started getting poles and podiums. Their laptimes are constantly within 0.5secs of Hamilton. I expected Ferrari to be pants, Leclerc around 6th, Vettel around 12th for two thirds of the season before they were able to work their way back up. Their resurgence has happened waaayyyy too quickly and it feels like the downgrade has been done half-heartedly. A big shame if this was intentional. Vettel himself also needs a big downgrade, the fact he said himself today he can't get anywhere near Leclerc's pace - whether that's due to skill or a drop in morale because Ferrari are releasing him, the fact is the game is trying hard to be viewed as a simulator and the first step to doing that is being accurate with driver and team representation. On the flipside, Racing Point are doing relatively poorly, barely scraping the top 10. It's all upside down. For the record, I'm not anti-Ferrari (Leclerc is one of my favourite drivers and I love Ferrari's history). I just like accuracy, especially when I've held off from playing for over a month on the promise that an accurate update was coming. 😕
  19. s00zster

    Who invented the strict penalty system?

    I didn't actually know this, I thought - as you said - that Strict was "Realistic mode". Good excuse for me to turn it back down (I have had a couple of over-the-top penalties since turning it up).
  20. s00zster

    Life can be short.....I'm going full Monty

    Good luck! It's totally worth it. 👍 I'm currently playing at 96% difficulty which is a level or two outside my comfort zone and I'm keeping it there the whole season - normally I would shift the difficulty to suit the track but this way, if I'm rubbish, then that's me being rubbish. I remember pre-difficulty slider games and the saves were actually really engaging because of the struggle using a set difficulty that was just that bit too high for my skill. Really having to fight for positions and every place gained is a victory (driving for Williams). On top of this, I'm using Elite controls, strict corner cutting, no flashbacks. If you're out, you're out. Heightens the drama.
  21. s00zster

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    BREAKING NEWS: Bottas just had an accident in the Dutch GP on my Driver Career save. \o/ He was going round the slow turn 12 and he managed to wheelspin-oversteer into the wall on the left as he accelerated out of the corner. It was quite comical, like someone learning how to drive the game with a wheel and pedals for the first time. The fact that he had only one hand on the wheel at the time because he was changing ERS modes or something, that added to the immersion that he couldn't control the car quite as well. Coupled with the fact I'd just installed the latest version of the 'Extreme, Medium, Realistic Damage' Mod from StrongestFish on Racedepartment (I use 'Realistic'), this meant he lost his front wing and had to pit. If that had happened without the mod, because it happened at such a slow speed, he would never have lost his wing and wouldn't have lost so many positions.
  22. s00zster

    Starting My Team in a post-patch F1 2020?

    I agree, this is why I always start as Williams in Driver Career.
  23. s00zster

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 21/10/2020

    Yeah, I only ask because the graphics for it focus on MyTeam and I was starting to wonder if it was 2 different sets of data used or something, but that would be pointless. Edit: Actually, I realise now that your teammate in Driver Career has ratings too, so I guess it must apply to both. Edit 2: For some reason I got another one (applied it to my saves anyway, just in case!). It applies to "any new saves or championships".
  24. s00zster

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 21/10/2020

    @BarryBL Actually, another thing I meant to ask was do the effects of the Driver Ratings update apply to Driver Career as well as MyTeam?
  25. s00zster

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 21/10/2020

    Cheers. 👍