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  1. It's better with a handful overpowered cars in their class, once all engine-maps are enabled, once you remember the stages like the Nordschleife and depends on the locations as well. I also don't like to take risks i would never take IRL and just use many restarts to get it done once well, and this with 10 stages per Rally. I tried the M1 on Australia yesterday in Elite and with one small mistake i was dead last without even using this awkward clutch+h-pattern. Dirt Rally and 4 were too easy in highest difficulty for me, so *** is this?
  2. 1.3 doesn't seem to fix the crazy AI-times and so i hit the 'retire' option once I'm in Elite again and fall back to Pro-level within a few minutes. I wouldn't mind some better times than Pro, but Elite means hitting restart a lot and often for lousy places in the middle or even dead last. In Pro i can play the game like it's designed for, so very few restarts if any and 10 stages per Rally is a bit too much repetition anyway. When i'm running those daily challenges it seems for me, that the assists are too powerful or maybe the gamepad-helpers. I loose like a second in every corner, whi
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