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  1. Random terminal failures and cool down / victory lap.
  2. BRDude

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    I have better sensibility without shoes, but use socks though.
  3. BRDude

    Is there manual starts or not?

    One of the things I don't like from previous games is the on screen start red lights. We should have a way to remove them and keep only the real track signaling lights.
  4. BRDude

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    Not only formation, but also cool down lap. It would be awesome to drive the car back to the parc fermé after a 100% race, specially for the top 3 parking in front of the 1 2 3 plates. It's terrible to have driving suddenly cut righ after crossing the finish line. Lets hope CM consider this for the next releases.
  5. BRDude

    Ideas for replays of F1 2014

    Go to lap function would be very welcome, specially for long race replays.
  6. BRDude

    PS3 Patch #2

    Was PS3 Patch #2 ever released in Americas? My system never downloaded it.