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  1. boojar4

    Driver Number.

    I used to use 99 as a nod to Greg Moore until Giovinazzi came along... Then I used 27 as a nod to Gilles Villeneuve... Then I decided 9 was a perfect middle ground between the two so that's what I am using now.
  2. boojar4

    Pay to test

    I would agree with you... If they didn't fix things. Within days of reports of issues, there were fixes launched. The support cycle has changed and Codemasters is not the only company that has to do this. And like I said before... If this is such an issue for you, why did you buy the game right away and not wait? People could wait until September to buy the game, or even later. I bought the game right away because, and this may shock some people, I enjoy playing it. I don't know what's worse, people selling a game knowing they will patch it, or people expecting perfection upon release. Unlike some games that take years in production, the production cycle of yearly sports games are months. The support cycle which used to be non existent (because there was no ability to patch, not because the games were perfect) had a full year. And this is not the only industry knowingly selling something broken. Apple knowingly released software updates knowing it would affect performance of phones. That's just one example. And if some people don't think EA releases games that need patches instantly... You obviously don't play enough EA games. Day One patches are very prevalent in EA games and even those have issues.
  3. boojar4

    Pay to test

    I didn't know that we had to return the game once it has been tested... Is that true? And let's consider the alternative... If the game was set to be released in September, how many people would choose to pay for the game earlier and get it in July? I'd imagine quite a few people... and most of the people here.
  4. boojar4

    The cars are too fast

    Keep in mind that the lines used in F12020 are different than the lines used in real life. Also, the lap times in Austria and Hungary were not completed in ideal conditions like they usually are in online races.
  5. It comes down to rating systems. If you have alcohol-related sponsors, you likely won't get the 'E for Everyone' rating which limits how you can sell the game. It may not be targeted specifically to minors, but it's similar why movies fight or change things in the movies to not get a PG-13 or 'R' rating. By losing the 'E' rating, you can limit sales while not having much more upside in sales.
  6. boojar4

    Driver Moves My Team - ON/OFF Please

    But Driver Moves are off. Does Driver Moves being off in the backend allow for a team to hire a driver when it needs to? That's technically a driver move. Since the option is on by default I'm guessing not. You would also be forcing a team to hire a F2 Driver when this happens. How does the Driver Market exist with moves off? This isn't as simple as making the On/Off button functional. It may be an easy fix, but it's not as simple as making the button functional. There are variables that exist and need to be programmed in the actual functionality of "signing a driver from the FA pool".
  7. boojar4

    Driver Moves My Team - ON/OFF Please

    It's not as simple as simply adding an option. If you hire a driver from an F1 team with Driver Moves off, how will the AI team replace that driver? It's not as simple as in Driver Career mode where your driver replaces whatever driver you are replacing based on the team you choose. There's an extra team. That decision will need to be coded into the Off mode. Reminds me of a design quote I've heard before... If you have to ask "wouldn't it be easy to..." it usually isn't.
  8. boojar4

    Driver Moves My Team - ON/OFF Please

    The whole point of My Team is to hire a second driver and eventually hire F1 Drivers... Or have your second driver move to another F1 team. I am not sure how the mode would work if you had Driver Moves off, to be honest since contracts and acclaim is a major part of the mode... You're already getting rid of realism by adding an 11th team. Why would you want to restrict your team to F2 drivers only? And if your team alone could sign F1 Drivers and the others are stuck with their 2020 roster, wouldn't that be an unfair advantage?
  9. boojar4

    Unrealistically fast practice program times.

    Keep in mind that track progression is an issue as well. If you try to beat the program in the first run of P1 right away, you may struggle but lap times will increase through the weekend. I waited until midway through P1 or later after struggling early on and was able to be competitive with the time.
  10. boojar4

    Safety Car for too much rain/lightning?

    Ahh thanks! I hadn't seen it before.
  11. In my first My Team race in Australia, I had rain scheduled and noticed that halfway through the race there was rain and a bolt of lightning in the weather forecast. Sure enough, eight laps into the race, the Safety Car comes out. I expected it to be a driver error or crash, but no one retired and no positions changed. A few laps after the Safety Car went in, the track was ready for inters... Is this a new feature? I had not seen it before...