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  1. Costa

    F1 2021 game

    Thank you for absurdly increasing the price of F1 games in other regions on PC 🙂
  2. Costa

    next update

    F1 esports starts this week (14-15th October) so maybe around that time?
  3. I've seen stuff like this, you enter the pits to serve a drive through and SC comes out. Sometimes it doesn't count as served penalty. Very hard to replicate.
  4. @BarryBL would port forwarding help with most issues in online private sessions with 20 drivers in the same lobby?
  5. I have tried to replicate this 3 times with no avail.
  6. Costa

    Why !!!

    It's a bug that has been around ever since 2017 I believe.
  7. Costa

    McLaren Livery getting overlooked?

    Maybe they couldn't get a license for it. Who knows.
  8. Costa

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    There are literally thousands of players that do TT...
  9. Costa

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    I'd guess fixing time trial
  10. This is just not for the multiplayer car. If you already had a time in any track and do a new clean flying lap (even if slower than the old lap), it will replace the latest lap as the fastest one (instead of the old one).
  11. You need to verify integrity of game files on Steam to play in multiplayer again. Here's how to do it
  12. Costa

    Make Steam default to DX11

    No thanks, DX12 is superior for F1 2020 at least.
  13. Costa

    So, how's the multiplayer and safety car in F1 2020?

    Seems to be penalties for contact under SC, which technically it's not SC itself?