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  1. Costa

    Online PC "multiplayer cars"?????

    TT times are almost the same as online QUALIFYING times.
  2. Costa

    Safety Car

    Safety Car doesn't work well offline because almost every retirement is a "safe" retirement (near marshall posts). AI doesn't really crash.
  3. Costa

    25% ranked is dead

    Nobody plays ranked, everyone just does league racing
  4. Costa

    Time Trial Glitch

    And if they don't know how to get to it they will never be able to reproduce it, which means it will continue in the game and won't be fixed. Use your brain please
  5. Costa

    Time Trial Glitch

    You posted 6 bugs in one post and didn't bother to use the bug template and decided to bugger off once someone told you to use it. How do you expect them to replicate if you don't provide full details?
  6. Costa

    Time Trial Glitch

    @zZ A M P Aa also btw if you are complaining so much, why haven't you posted a complete bug report in the Gameplay Issues and Bugs TA sub-forum? That's how this will be fixed.
  7. Costa

    Time Trial Glitch

    Time trial serves as a leaderboard and as practice. This is all solved by invalidating your lap once you use the flashback.
  8. Costa

    Time Trial Glitch

    You only found out about this now? This is at least 3 years old. I reported it back then but nothing happened.
  9. Costa

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Doubt they'd forget, most likely a licensing issue
  10. Costa

    What number do you choose and why?

    22. Button.
  11. What do you think?
  12. Costa

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    The AI this year loses their back end quite often
  13. Costa


    Soon, I'd say this week. The last update to the dev build was 4 hours ago.
  14. It doesn't happen every time but it does happen. Tried to replicate it today again but didn't work.
  15. Not my video, friend's video. I believe he had a drive through and forgot he couldn't take it during an SC.