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  1. In 2019 you could, not sure this year
  2. Costa

    Mugello to be raced in 2020

    It's not as easy as copy and paste. They might have the scan data from Project Cars but even then building these tracks (it's not just 1, 3 tracks!) for F1 2020 will be near impossible. I can see them being added to 2021 though.
  3. Costa

    How do you buy Pitcoin on PSN in Belgium?

    See if you can buy Fortnite coins on PSN for example. If not, I doubt you will be able to buy Pitcoins.
  4. Can confirm this works, except for pre-purchase which doesn't show up.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199048593918 Costa Steam PC
  6. Costa

    Schumacher DLC removed

    Same here!
  7. Steam says it's in 1 day (24 hours) but the 10th is in 7 hours in my region. Is it a local release or what?
  8. For some reason there's a weird bump on that part of the track. Not there in real life aswell.
  9. Costa

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    Also the game is barely broken, the only major thing that was not working properly was the Podium Pass which is now working as expected. The rest are minor and isolated incidents.
  10. Costa

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    Early access is NOT release date.
  11. Costa

    Controller vs Wheel

    What...? The wheel is so much faster in fast direction changes. Are you telling me Codemasters favored the wheel in that part of the game? 😨😨
  12. Costa

    Safety Car for too much rain/lightning?

    It has been in the game ever since 2016. Normally always happened at Malaysia but does happen elsewhere.
  13. Costa

    Pad vs Wheel

    This is not a bug... Use the forum wisely.