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  1. Or they can simply drop the 5 speed gearbox which was used by everybody not running out of Boreham (and Boreham themselves on occasions) and bring the Escort up to speed with everyone else.
  2. You don't know what I am talking about, so stop embarrassing yourself. THIS is a newer spec of the Fabia, included in Dirt 5. https://www.facebook.com/132609796811597/posts/4221381314601071/
  3. No. There is a new spec car with different aero scoop and the Skoda logo replaced by lettering. That's the car that is gonna appear in Dirt 5.https://fabiarally2.cz/parametry/en/
  4. Hey, any chance DR2.0 gets the latest spec Fabia alongside the MK8 Fiesta R5?
  5. Dirt Showdown x Gravel hybrid. Both sold very well... Disappointing again. Instaed of perfecting DR2.0 and releasing a remastered version on the new consoles, just a waste of resources... When will you ever learn, Codemasters? $20 by Christmas is my bet...
  6. Can we at least get a proper colored roll cage for the Impreza 95 and maybe a McRae BRC livery for the Legacy?
  7. Is there any hope for a realistic livery on the 2007 Focus?
  8. Escort RS1600, Sierra Sapphire, Galant VR4, Kadett GTE, Clio 16S, Evo 2/3, Astra Kit Car, Megane Kit Car, some S1600s, some S2000s, Fiesta MK8 R5.
  9. Is there any hope of getting either a real livery for the Focus MK2, the Texaco livery from Grid for the Sierra, the proper colored roll bar for the Impreza 95 or a BRC 92 look alike for the Legacy?
  10. Does anybody know if it's possible to edit interiors? I am trying to change the rollbar of the 95 Impreza into purple but nothing seems to work.
  12. MK8 Fiesta R2 and R5 please.                                  
  13. 208 R2, Sierra Cosworth and Delta S4 confirmed here: https://youtu.be/wi4WcKrI-xg
  14. Peugeot 205 GTI.                            
  15. https://youtu.be/EBdF25EuK8Y Impreza ARX and MK7 Fiesta R2 confirmed here.
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