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  1. Addsclayton

    Race starts

    I have turned it off and I am walking away. I am in my third year of career mode, every single race start I lose at least 5 places off the grid. I have tried 10000rpm, 8000rpm, flat to the floor, start assist on, start assist off, actually give up. I don’t use a wheel and all that, just a controller but the game is designed to be used with a controller. Shame because Codemasters have made some really positive changes, also while having a moan, the wet to dry AI level is horrific, in the dry I have the AI difficulty at 83%, to qualify in a similar place on the grid in the wet I have to set the AI to about 65%! As I said on my third season.....not a single safety car......what was the point in including the feature in the game? Been waiting for all the patches to come through, but they are just fixing small livery issues!.......fix the game play! Maybe when you are doing the beta testing you need to ensure it’s tested by a range of people, not just those with wheels and pedals and vibrating chairs Rant over and with that F1 2019 goes in a draw to gather dust......what a shame
  2. Addsclayton


    Since the new update my car settings reset to default after qualifying meaning I have no chance in the race