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  1. I have played hundreds of hours of Codemasters F1 games racing 50-100% race distances and I have hardly ever seen the safety car, not once in F1 2011 or 2012 and maybe 1 or 2 times in F1 2013 what gives? I have been racing co-op lately in F1 2013 and we are up to race 14 Korea not a single safety car. We just finished Singapore and despite having a car that was stuck behind me and wouldn't allow me to reverse out from the corner the car behind just dissapeared after a few seconds only a yellow flag and no safety car even though the two cars were stopped in a dangerous position for a lengthy pe
  2. Looks alright you can really notice the different sounds of the turbo. Much different to the previous V8's. Hopefully we get SPA before the race this weekend. :)
  3. Well let's hope they have included all of these but from what codemasters have said so far i'm not too confident.
  4. Well my xfire says F1 2013 is the one I have played the most I would have to stick to that handling is spot on. In F1 2012 the car grips to the track too much although I have played it a fair bit In F1 2011 it was good racing against ai and first chance of seeing a safety car which made it interesting F1 2010 though now this was a great game and the start for this generation series and although it didn't have the safety car the handling tyre wear and race graphics were nothing like we had ever seen for this generation. Best F1 Rankings 1. F1 2013 2. F1 2010 3. F1 2011 4. F1 201
  5. Hey all my friend and I were racing online at Spa tonight (not too many on F1 2013 either for PC) and this was the last race we had. We had an argument after this and he swears he didn't take me out. I was leading all race I acquired the footage from him and well you tell me was I pushed off into the wall on the last lap last corner of the race? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=395kVM13Jd4 I tried to put a poll in but couldn't see the option to do so, so just reply Yes I was taken out or No I wasn't taken out. Here is a screenshot from the race of what I am pretty sure is possible debris wha
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