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  1. Matty5792

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    I’ve got Thrustmaster t300 and pedals sitting in a GT omega seat and I could never go back to pad Although I can’t do full races like I used to. But I’d definitely say it’s worth it.
  2. Matty5792

    How high can rookie driver stats go?

    For instance can Schumacher`s stats go into the 90s or do they only go to a certain number same with the other rookies?
  3. Matty5792


    That is true. Singapore track I put difficulty to 35 and still lost. I have struggled with the layout of that but did get more familiar with it in the race so difficulty will go up when I’m on it again in season 4. Once you get more familiar with those tracks you struggle on then eventually them times will start dropping and the difficulty needs increasing unless it’s Monaco in which case I just sim it because I really hate the track with a passion.
  4. Matty5792


    I’m like that on Austria track. Usually AI is around 63 but had to put it on 80 and got pole with 1:03 by about a tenth from bottas. I think I come 2nd in the race. If I put 80 on any other track I’d be stuck at the back trying to keep up.
  5. Matty5792

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    Or change in strategy every few seconds after only 2 laps. Also dumbest question of the week from Claire. Are you happy with your grid position for the race, well I’m on pole so what do you think. The media side definitely needs a overhaul because it’s not great even with ant and crofty, way too repetitive for me.
  6. Matty5792


    These are great to give people some idea. Just started season 4 of my team. Did Australia. I got pole. I managed 1:22 by 0.78 It was 1:24 in the race On 60 difficulty.
  7. Matty5792

    No Bottas in the driver market

    Bit of a surprise, Be interesting to see if he continues where bottas left off. He won the title. Now that’s how to end your career.
  8. Matty5792

    No Bottas in the driver market

    Bottas did retire. Message come before final race. Pretty sure there wasn’t any notification previously about. Vettel got his seat.
  9. Matty5792

    Settings for Wheel (calibration and force feedback)

    Just tried with these new settings and it seems fine now. Turned understeer enhance off too. It might be that I’m more used to it now.
  10. Matty5792

    Settings for Wheel (calibration and force feedback)

    It definitely didn’t feel right at zero. I was watching someone on YouTube playing his my team career and he was doing similar although not with Thrustmaster wheel. Having to turn wheel way too much. The comments were telling him he needs to calibrate his wheel which I’m assuming he did because he wasn’t doing it in the next video.
  11. Matty5792

    Settings for Wheel (calibration and force feedback)

    I’ve got it 360. Can’t remember if it matches but I know if I go around a bend that just requires the slight turn of the wheel I had to turn a lot more than normal but when I put saturation to 100 it was normal and turning wheel mirrors that on game.
  12. Matty5792

    Settings for Wheel (calibration and force feedback)

    Thrustmaster t300.
  13. Matty5792

    Settings for Wheel (calibration and force feedback)

    I have to put steering saturation to 100 otherwise I have to have full lock just to turn the slight bend.
  14. Matty5792

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Sorry. Misunderstood the post.