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  1. Just tried with these new settings and it seems fine now. Turned understeer enhance off too. It might be that I’m more used to it now.
  2. It definitely didn’t feel right at zero. I was watching someone on YouTube playing his my team career and he was doing similar although not with Thrustmaster wheel. Having to turn wheel way too much. The comments were telling him he needs to calibrate his wheel which I’m assuming he did because he wasn’t doing it in the next video.
  3. I’ve got it 360. Can’t remember if it matches but I know if I go around a bend that just requires the slight turn of the wheel I had to turn a lot more than normal but when I put saturation to 100 it was normal and turning wheel mirrors that on game.
  4. I have to put steering saturation to 100 otherwise I have to have full lock just to turn the slight bend.
  5. Maybe a budget of 90m to start but increase the cost of the major parts so it will take longer to be able to improve the car. It is a 10 year career so really we should only start winning consistently around year 7. Don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely my team but it can always be better.
  6. I’m currently just starting season 3. First season I just saved up with the occasional facilities upgrade. Finished 7th with 4pts. Because my main sponsor is tri star I got a nice 10m bonus. Because I saved 20m I could sign lando Norris for 9m. I do think it’s important to save as much as possible in season 1. 2nd season after some major upgrades to aero and powertrain it made us a lot more competitive. I’m even top for aero above Mercedes, was 2nd for power but with other teams improving We’re now 7th. Finished 5th in drivers championship with 100pts, lando had 84. A few podiums, 2 for me and
  7. Sky Racing Team Mercedes Engine. Other driver Lando Norris.
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