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  1. Again! Wasn't it that there were goldfish found on the pitch last time it flooded?
  2. Hi. I'm back! And now there is a 40 character minimum post to stop me saying "Hi, I'm back". That's new to me!
  3. sorry for Afk of late. had a lot of work followed by major IT problems... v(R.I.P Laptop  Qually: q1. Ham, w2. Ros, e3. Vet Race: Ham, Ros, Vet, Rai, Ma s, Bot, Ric, Kyv, Hul, Snz Ic'd like to point out, posting from Mobile is retarded. codiescyou need to fix this, it took me w2t5 mins to post thisa!
  4. Your can't tour over here anyway... 3 wins in your last 15 tests in England. We'll still have you... And don't count on Mitch, didn't he vow never to play in England again after the grilling we gave him in '09...
  5. You were so **** that Steven Finn took a hatrick. Steven Finn. The guy who hasn't played for about 2 years do you a technical issue where he can't bowl straight without clattering the popping stumps. Steven Finn...
  6. Marussia/Manor being quite bullish about their return. https://www.facebook.com/ManorRacing/posts/780283978694092 They've also updated their cover photo to a shot from Melbourne. They're convinced they're going...
  7. Ill sign up ill be your teammate if you want. Sure.. as long as you come up with a name for our team. :) You should go with LKOJ (Low Key Orange Juice), has a slight throwback to it, if you know what I mean, LKR! :smiley: 
  8. Wait, wth happened to Mexi? His twitter is completely gone!
  9. The flashmob in the comments on here... http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/force-india-say-rejected-marussia-bid-lacked-substance/?v=2&s=1
  10. I still think the teams will come up with some excuse, Force India and Sauber want the Marussia prize money. They can't get it without a re-write of the Concorde Agreement. The prize money is already hard set in there. Edit: When I think about it, Manor's entry means their part in the concorde agreement is still valid, right? So they would have to formally withdraw or allow that section to be torn up before the prize money can change. If they think FI/Sauber/Lotus aren't standing up for them, that wont happen. FIA keeps the $55m Another note is, that if $55m is the correct value, that's £
  11. Well, the agenda of 5 A-teams, 5 B-teams never looked clearer. Anyway, surely Manor only need to change the nose and get it crash tested to race? The rest of the car is still legal, right? Admittedly they wont make Melbourne, but who says they can't make it for Malaysia/Bahrain/China
  12. Utrer ****. The way Sauber, Lotus & FI were vocal about the collapse of the backmarkers last year, there's no way they'd want to veto a comeback. Red Bull, well Marko is just a *****
  13. 2011, when it was as it's worst vs. 2014 when the relationship was probably at it's highest... They've also split in 2013, somewhere around the Hungarian GP. Look how well that one went. ;) He then dedicated that win to getting Nicole back. Which happened. Idk. If Hamilton is unhappy with his private life, he's ****
  14. 2011, when it was as it's worst vs. 2014 when the relationship was probably at it's highest...
  15. In, assuming @yugin96 returns we will form a team, else, open to contracts.
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