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  1. Do you play the game? Or even like the game? If you hate the game so much why are you even here?
  2. This discussion is exhausting. Play the game and have some fun.
  3. BRICKS44

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    Ps4 pro
  4. BRICKS44

    What i heard of GRID 2019 so far!

    Yeah that’s what I hear. I just played Grid on PS3, been a few years and it’s still amazing because of the camera shake.
  5. Jesped, the issue most of us have with you is you are talking in circles, repeating the same thing over and over and over. I mean a thread exactly like this one was locked for a reason. It’s getting no where.
  6. You seem to really really reeeeeaaally hate Grid. Never have I seen anyone this hung up on graphics. And have you seen the game on your own tv yet?
  7. BRICKS44

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    Thanks, game looks amazing.
  8. BRICKS44

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    This guy is an amazing driver.
  9. BRICKS44

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Lol at these long winded post over a video game.
  10. BRICKS44

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    There are a few people in here that seem to have no plans of buying this game are still trashing it to death every single day. When I feels a game is going to be trash And I have no plans on purchasing it, then I won’t be in the discussion. Anyways, the game looks AMAZING.
  11. BRICKS44

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Have you played the final build of Grid 2019? I’m going to reserve judgement at least until the final product are in reviewers hands.
  12. BRICKS44

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I have one question. What is “LOD”?
  13. BRICKS44

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Game looks great imo, reflections and all. Even in real life photos of wet races some of the reflections have me scratching my head so who cares.