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  1. BRICKS44

    GRiD needs the SPLIT screen, promised

    Yes split screen would e nice
  2. BRICKS44

    GRID the most underrated car game

    I agree Grid 2019 is a fantastic arcade racer, and it has improved so much since launch.
  3. BRICKS44

    Where's the Black Mercedes in F1 game?

    Did they update the Mercedes yet? Don’t own the game, waiting on a sale.
  4. Do you play the game? Or even like the game? If you hate the game so much why are you even here?
  5. This discussion is exhausting. Play the game and have some fun.
  6. Jesped, the issue most of us have with you is you are talking in circles, repeating the same thing over and over and over. I mean a thread exactly like this one was locked for a reason. It’s getting no where.
  7. You seem to really really reeeeeaaally hate Grid. Never have I seen anyone this hung up on graphics. And have you seen the game on your own tv yet?