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  1. So there’s no way to turn formation lap on in F1 21 career mode either?
  2. Thanks, I don’t know why but I always tend to miss info in the menu screens in F1 games.
  3. I’m playing on medium length in career and it’s only 5 lap a race, I thought medium was 25% races?
  4. I used the racing line for years, up until F1 2018. But I decided to practice with the line off in F1 2019 in time trial, going around various tracks for 100’s of laps. It took a while but it paid off and all racing games have become a lot better for me now that I don’t need the racing line.
  5. This info is very disappointing if it looks the same as last gen.
  6. I agree Grid 2019 is a fantastic arcade racer, and it has improved so much since launch.
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