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  1. When will you have a challenge that the rest of the world can join? So far I've only seen challenges for USA and Germany...
  2. I'd like to be able to see the full Racenet Challenge History for all weeks that the game has been live. Some weeks challenges have been posted as news pieces by Codemasters, but many are missing. Does anyone happen to have the cars and tracks and category saved for the now historical challenges?
  3. So the list so far is: Beat Rival (now One to watch)Cash boost 50% - Received from the Boost Pack, does not apply on all cash rewards received Clean RaceDifficulty bonus - This one is properly explained in the game itselfDistance Milestone (owned vehicle only)Fastest lapImpact Rating (when enabled)Location milestonePersonal Best (not 100% on how this triggers)Podiums MilestoneRace positionTime Milestone (owned vehicle only)Vehicle Level BonusWins milestone
  4. Hi, I've been searching a bit to find more information about which cash rewards that are available after different types of races. In another topic (http://forums.codemasters.com/post/quote/3037/Comment_38876) there is a screenshot which shows most of those that I am aware of. The ones I have seen are: Race position Fastest lapWins milestoneLocation milestoneDifficulty bonus - This one is properly explained in the game itself Cash boost 50% - Received from the Boost Pack Does anyone know if there is a definitive list of all cash rewards somewhere with levels for different milestones?
  5. Thanks Gary, it was as easy as you described it. It was as easy as installing Steam on the new PC and just installing and letting Steam sync the games.
  6. Really? Is there no-one that have an answer to this? I have googled for an answer but can't find anything worthwhile...
  7. I'm on the way to setup a new computer so I would like to migrate my progress in GRID Autosport to the new computer. How is that done? Is everything I need picked up through Steam including my saved career? Or do I need to backup some certain files and transfer them to the new computer?
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