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  1. What's the time scale for updating the F2 teams and drivers to the current season? Also what is the time scale on a performance update for the f1 teams?
  2. Using PS4 (not pro), Steering wheel used is thrustmaster t150, The game gets stuck on the loading screen when attempting to load Bahrain, Monaco, Britain, Italy in time trial, It does it weather your starting from the main menu or change car and track selection while at another circuit
  3. sorry scrap this as they have all now worked, but it did happen originally
  4. Attached an image of R&D progress from season 2 in my career (PS4) I'm in a Renault. Look how crazy the Alfa Romeo progress is!!.... I feel like this is ruining the immersion and the enjoyment for me, the last 2 races where completed post patch 1.09 also. Codemasters you may need to check this out and fix it.
  5. I can also confirm no change for us on any patch in either F1 2018 or F1 2019. It happened yesterday as per usual when cars pit.
  6. It happens with me and 2 friends who play on unranked doing championships, it happened on f1 2018 aswell. I haven't experienced it on Career Mode. -We all have base PS4. -I have steering wheel, they have controllers. -All use headsets. -Happens whenever the first car pits. 100% i can confirm that it only happens for us when cars are in the pits, it happens 100% of the time aswell without fail on f1 2018 and f1 2019. We have done 300+ races on 25% over the 2 games so we are very clear on the cause for us. (When cars pit! AI or Player).
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    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Mrghost010 = spot on 👍