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  1. "Tango Along the Tama" - After getting effectively rickrolled by Rick Scott for a chance to face him, Jack must collect his psyche to contend with Nathan McKane - this time over a 10-round series. Can Jack starts things off on the right foot (er, wheel)? http://youtu.be/a9wszhSLxd4
  2. F1 fans -  Wanted to pass along links for my F1 series Tales from the Paddock, which is a spinoff from my Tales from the Grid series (thread on Grid forum located at http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3171/tales-from-the-grid-comedy-series-for-grid-1-grid-2-and-autosport/p1).  Only a few episodes for now, but I'll post new videos as they are added. Haven't had time in months, but trying to clear a slot to work on them again.  Feedback always welcome, good or bad. Thanks much! http://youtu.be/hH2tNvr1ffc http://youtu.be/ZHN1kYZBPCQ http://youtu.be/Ox5vmL53Rtg
  3. Thanks Slane! It's at about 60% haha. Would love to have it done by next week.
  4. Yeah I could pull off a British accent but that is about as far as I'd be willing to go! I wanted to make Scott a little more a caricature anyway. Anyway, glad you're enjoying it. They're fun to make, and a good learning experience for editing.
  5. No you are 100% correct and I debated it. But I didn't want to embarrass myself or insult Scottish folk haha. Thanks for watching mate!
  6. I personally liked the IDEA of Season Challenge mode, but it was beyond annoying that it was always the same static calendar. How about picking our own tracks, weather settings, etc? Not sure why they made it static. 
  7. Yeah my one complaint about re adding cockpit is that Iooking right or left takes you out of cockpit (like the Forza series). Wish it just swivels your view like it did in Grid 1.  Could get away with some good comedy using that before, less so now. That said,  at least they added cockpit back in general.
  8. Haha nice. Thanks mate! Wish I could have gotten further on my F1 spinoff, but maybe when the clocks slow down...
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