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  1. Hello All, Firstly, I just want to say that I love the F1 games from Codies and think that there is a lot of good in the game and do enjoy them. However, I really think that very little has been done in the last few years (including the 'New' 2014 game) and 2015 must start to modernise, or I will be out of buying any future games. I'm just going to bullet point some of my frustrations of what should be in F1 2015, otherwise I'll be writing a book - ERS/Harvesting SHOULD be in the game. This is not really debatable - its a fact and a major part of 'new' F1. Harvesting and the use of an overtake button must be in 2015. Not having this is like not having DRS.Braking - Not sure if this is just a bug in the new game or an error, but braking IS ridiculous - even when you try to (just slamming on the brakes), locking up the wheels is almost impossible even with all assists off.When you have a major lock up (if they get it right in the game) you should have vibrations on the wheel and flat spots on your tyres. This should be varied based on the lock up.Why, after years of having wheel tethers in F1, are wheels still flying all over the track when there is a crash? Sort this out Codies, its not realistic. You go on about "we cant do this and we cant do that" because of licencing issues, but it is ok to still incorrectly replicate a safety issue which was improved by F1 years ago?Steering wheels - the steering wheels are not correct.Warm up lap - I know this always has mixed opinion, but having it in as an option would not hurt. It is an important part of the F1 weekend (not an opinion, a fact), so should at least be an option. No need to get emotional about it if it can be turned on/off.Same engineer voice for the last few games and it was getting boring last year.Actually, same 'most things' as the last few games, and its getting boring!Codies, you have an awesome base to build from, why are you not sorting these things out? All you've done with 2014 is updated the visuals on the car, changed the handling and messed around with the graphics on the menu screens.  Its really poor, and 2015 needs to be a COMPLETELY new game. Deano
  2. paramoredeano

    F1 2014-no Anthony Davidson?

    anyone who says Anthony Davidson is a 'crap' driver is very disrespectful and knows very little about motorsport. Markdavies and tourgott, very good points.
  3. paramoredeano

    Codies Big Challenge for 'F1 2015' (Career Mode)

    Hi Guys, appreciate your comments. I have to say that I'm sick to the back teeth of hearing about 'licencing issues' and can already see that this won't wash any more with most F1 fans. I'll be honest, I will be buying F1 2014 and 2015 and will be giving them every chance. Not expecting much from 2014, but hoping to see some new ideas towards 2015. I'm expecting 2015 to be groundbreaking though and if Codies don't get it right that will be me done with the series. Look, if Codies want to take single seat/open wheel motorsport to the next level they need to work with FOM and to invest in the licenses needed to fulfill fans' expectations and stop saying 'we cant do this, we cant do that' and wanorac said this Steve said that. Well they can say what they want, but if this game doesn't go somewhere in the next 12 months many will give up on it. I don't think that GP2/3 generates enough interest to be a game on its own and needs to be integrated into the 'F1' series (obviously the game would then not be called 'F1'. I think this would be a winner for codies and FOM as it would give the game what it needs and promote the GP series (which incidentally I think is much needed). It already has been said that the game probably won't be called 'F1 2015' and I guess I'm hoping that it has something to do with integrating the GP series, but I'm probably wrong. It just seems silly as I can only see 'good' coming out of this for both the game and FOM!? Let's be honest, Codies have built up expectations themselves by saying they are 'cooking up a storm' for 2014/15 and they really need to live up to this. Too many simple request are met with a 'no' from Codies and if 2015 does not step up to the mark I fear that it will be the end of the F1 series under Codemasters. If licencing was such an issue would games like GT exist with 1000's of cars and championship options? If 'names' of drivers and teams are an issue why not have a career option with superficial team names and driver names where drivers can move teams? I would be happy with that as an 'option' within the game. Believe me, this is not just a post to have a go at codies and we should be careful what we wish for. There are many reasons why I want them to keep the series. Firstly, they are fairly local to where I live which is cool and I think many of the aspects of the game are excellent. I also don't really want to go through years of some other company picking the game up and possibly a huge backwards step, to me there's no doubt that losing codies' experience would be a huge blow to F1 fans who have enjoyed the F1 video game series. Finally there is the risk that nobody picks the game up at all! Dean 
  4. Hey All, I was going to make this a REALLY lengthy post with all my thoughts on career mode - what should be included, what shouldn't etc etc. But we all know this has been done to death - if Codies don't know by now what we want from Career Mode, they never will. I am a huge fan of Codies to be honest - F1 2012 - 2013 has given me hours of fun and in general most f the gameplay is brilliant, but I think if they don't buck up their ideas with Career Mode for 2015 people will steer away from the F1 series. Why? Well, looking at the development of other games for 2015, the Career Mode seems to be what they are concentrating on and I'm already very excited. Don't get me wrong, with Codies knowledge I think they are probably going to be a long way off with the physics of the game initially (I mean for open wheel racing), but career mode in the new games looks like its going to take you from Karting to being an F1 champion. In My opinion 'F1 2015' needs to do this for career mode. I know the series over the last few years is currently only focused on F1, but I think they really need to go down the route of having Karting/GP3/GP2/F1 as a whole in one game. Hopefully this is why they have not titled it yet, maybe the new title for 2015 will encompass all Formulas? I certainly hope so - this would then certainly be 'cooking up a storm'. They could make it so you could either start off from F1 or Karting (or any stage in between!) as a real driver with an age and career stats etc etc. I have seen comments that they may not be able to do much with Career mode in the next gen series, but I really can't see why they cant 'fit' this into the game when many other racing games have 100's of cars and many Championship modes. If the above is not the case for 2015 I worry for the future of the F1 series. This is such a shame as Codies seem to have most things nailed with regards to many aspects of the game play. I just don't see where things are going with this series otherwise. If you are not racing career mode you're either playing GP mode (which gets very repetitive), just trying to beat 'unrealistic' lap times or playing 'bumping cars' on-line, which is why people head off and do more serious sim racing. Finally, away from Career Mode Codies also need to improve their online racing options with penalties and leagues/championships on-line with penalties and bans for bad drivers. I know this would cost money to run, but as a keen sim racer I'd even be prepared to pay a small monthly fee to actually have a good administration and finally some 'fair' online F1 racing! I'd be interested in everyone's thoughts... Dean
  5. paramoredeano

    Career AI have fully developed cars from race 1

    Hi All, This is a very good and pretty important post - Ill explain why - I was once in the group of players complaining that the difference between normal and even professional was too big and racing on Legend was unthinkable. (at this time I only played career mode). With some help from some players on the forum I managed to star improving by  or 2 seconds per lap and with some fine tuning started clipping off more 10ths of a second here and there. All of a sudden I raced in Australia in GP mode and noticed that I was actually more than competitive and regularly beat my team mate. The reason I think that this is an 'important' point (especially from Codemasters point of view with regards to game sales) is that it nearly put me off the game completely. I think many players who 'only' played career mode will have had the same feeling and probably don't realise how 'good' they actually are at the game and how BAD the car is at the start of career mode! The game is badly set up for the start of career mode, you have little chance of beating your team-mate on Legend in 100% races (that's all I play!) and the 'challenges' are a joke with the car being so bad at the start of career and can be really soul destroying! There is also the inconsistency of your engineer sounding excited on the radio saying "GREAT RESULT!!" at the end of the race only to then see the video footage of you walking into a disappointed garage with everyone's head down - this really needs sorting out Codemasters, seriously! That's a good idea from Quattro7 about amending the difficulty, but to be fair it should be integrated into the game. In general I like the concept of 'upgrades' in career mode, but the difference is way too big as veyronfan points out. At least your team mate should have the same level car as you for the start of career, but I think the whole field should have the same issues and that all of the 'potential' upgrades should be within the first few races of the season as in real life. Its still more of a challenge as the car is harder to handle and strategy is more difficult to plan, but at least the whole field wont drive away from you! I'm actually wondering if the AI 'can' drive the car in that condition though, possibly a programming nightmare, but hopefully something which could be sorted in 2015! It would be awesome (maybe for 2015) would be the introduction of some pre-season testing, giving you the chance to improve the car before the season starts!?I hope that a lot of players can relate to this, I would expect so! Dean
  6. paramoredeano

    Driver Market in Career

    I agree it must be a licencing thing, but don't understand why they can do it in football games. Is it maybe due to driver sponsor? - eg lets say that in the F1 2013 game, Maldanado moves from Williams to Lotus (like he did in real life), the Williams car would still hold the PDVSA logo (which would actually 'follow' Maldanado to Lotus). Just a thought... Although it rarely happens, it will be interesting if there are any 'in season' driver changes in the 2015 game, would Codemasters change it as a part of the 'regular updates' they are promising!? We'll see I guess!