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  1. JaymzVsTheWorld

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    If you liked it, you should buy it. If not, you should still buy it, because it's still a great game. Of course, the choice is yours, but only as long as it's a yes. More seriously, there is no release date for DiRT Rally2 (or even confirmation of its existence). As for repurchasing DiRT Rally, I'd recommend it but ultimately it's your money and your choice: you should only really buy a game if you want to play it. Though, of course, you knew that already. If you want to but don't want to pay full price, you could always wait for a sale, but again, it's up to you, as you already know. Lol cool I'll probably buy another one. Wouldn't mind if a steelbook pops up for sale! 
  2. JaymzVsTheWorld

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Is there a release date for Dirt Rally 2? I bought Dirt Rally Legend edition but it was the Dutch text cover version, so played it a while then returned it to amazon for a refund so I can buy the English language text version. Thinking maybe I should just wait it out until Dirt Rally 2 is out. But I think I only scratched the surface of Dirt Rally, my progress was as follows; Just started Elite championship Rally Hardly touched Rally X so the FIA had just opened and I hadn't even bought a Rally X car for it yet. Not touched Pikes Peak. Level 78 team. 36% trophies if that's anything to go by. Should I buy it again and progress further?