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  1. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    So after finally getting a day off work. Jumped back on f1, did 3rd upgrade to gearbox. I worked on my braking throughout p1&p2. Trying to be smoother and not just go nuts with downshifts. After qualy and the race my GB had gone from 43% to 52%. A massive improvement on what it was before. Thanks again for the advice now I can compete in at least 4 races before the thing explodes 🤣 and wow fanatec has definitely rejuvenated my interest in racing. So much better than thrustmaster
  2. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    Thanks. I race on wheel and after 2 years have recently just upgraded from thrustmaster to fanatec. After what you guys have said, i reckon it may be combination of new equipment and getting used to it but also my driving style. I am pretty aggressive on downshifts. A habit I’ve had since 2015 game really when I first got a wheel. I tend to have all my downshifts completed before I’ve fully pressed down brakes.
  3. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    I’m currently in season 2. I have 2 upgrades on my gearbox. I have just completed Canada on 50% after taking a brand new gearbox and the penalties to go with it. After checking my wear rate at the end my ‘brand new’ gearbox is at 43% after 1 race 😮 is this an issue with the game or down to driving style? Any advice is greatly appreciated
  4. Craig8921

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I personally have only seen rain at circuits you would expect... China, Austria, silverstone, spa, Suzuka. All in various sessions of the weekend. Not a whole lot of rain and at tracks you would expect.... My question is though, where has the ‘dynamic weather system’ gone? Scenario 1: dry start - rains at the end. Scenario 2: Wet start - dry at the end I’ve been watching F1 for many years now and witnessed many wet/dry races. Why is there never a Scenario were it starts dry, conditions change to rain but then drys out again or vice versa. In my opinion adding this change in weather would make the wet/dry races much more interesting as it’s quite easy to call strategy and change tyres