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  1. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    So after finally getting a day off work. Jumped back on f1, did 3rd upgrade to gearbox. I worked on my braking throughout p1&p2. Trying to be smoother and not just go nuts with downshifts. After qualy and the race my GB had gone from 43% to 52%. A massive improvement on what it was before. Thanks again for the advice now I can compete in at least 4 races before the thing explodes 🤣 and wow fanatec has definitely rejuvenated my interest in racing. So much better than thrustmaster
  2. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    Thanks. I race on wheel and after 2 years have recently just upgraded from thrustmaster to fanatec. After what you guys have said, i reckon it may be combination of new equipment and getting used to it but also my driving style. I am pretty aggressive on downshifts. A habit I’ve had since 2015 game really when I first got a wheel. I tend to have all my downshifts completed before I’ve fully pressed down brakes.
  3. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    I’m currently in season 2. I have 2 upgrades on my gearbox. I have just completed Canada on 50% after taking a brand new gearbox and the penalties to go with it. After checking my wear rate at the end my ‘brand new’ gearbox is at 43% after 1 race 😮 is this an issue with the game or down to driving style? Any advice is greatly appreciated
  4. Craig8921

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I personally have only seen rain at circuits you would expect... China, Austria, silverstone, spa, Suzuka. All in various sessions of the weekend. Not a whole lot of rain and at tracks you would expect.... My question is though, where has the ‘dynamic weather system’ gone? Scenario 1: dry start - rains at the end. Scenario 2: Wet start - dry at the end I’ve been watching F1 for many years now and witnessed many wet/dry races. Why is there never a Scenario were it starts dry, conditions change to rain but then drys out again or vice versa. In my opinion adding this change in weather would make the wet/dry races much more interesting as it’s quite easy to call strategy and change tyres
  5. Craig8921

    Just my initial thoughts on F1 2019

    Hi Fully agree... this years game is a step forward. I’ve only encountered minor issues that I think are down to my settings and not the game it’s self. VSC works really well and I have had the Safety Car appear in the final F2 scenario at Abu Dhabi. It came out for a car stopped on the side of the track. It honestly only needed a VSC but at the time I was some way off Devon Butler so it allowed me to close the gap, on the restart, i stuck to his gearbox till the back straight... I finished 4th he finished 5th. I’m F2 champion and thank you SC 👍🏻
  6. Craig8921

    Does it Feel Rushed?

    I’m on console. So far the only issues I’ve encountered are the occasional random up shifts. Not sure if this is down to the game or my wheel but as IRL these minor things can happen so I just get on with the race. I’ve also had to turn down the level of AI. Again is this down to the game or me just being rusty after not playing 2018 for a while before 2019 came out. As a whole I am really enjoying the game. The aggression of the AI. The graphics especially night races. I’m looking forward to seeing the driver transfers and how the pan out 🤞🏻 LH to Ferrari or Max to Mercedes 🤞🏻