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  1. Craig8921

    Monza Turn 1

    The 2016 season Hamilton and Rosberg we’re battling at Monza. Rosberg misjudged his braking and had to take to run off area. Yes he had to slow down but the boards are far enough apart to miss. In game they are too close to avoid without hitting. Similar issue is with the so called ‘Slow Lane’. When you go off track drivers have to rejoin having gone around an orange bollard. At Russia and Canada I have misjudged my own braking and not made the corner. I stick to the rule of going around the bollard and still get hit with a penalty unless I slow down to a complete stop and then go again. Not sure if this is something Codemasters can work on but would be good if we didn’t get penalties or have to slow right down
  2. Craig8921

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    Not got to end of season yet but I’m very intrigued as to who is going to get this seat.
  3. Craig8921

    Reset R&D if engine supplier is changed

    Good idea but I think it would make spending resource points on engine redundant if you decide to change. You will effectively have wasted points. An idea could be to have you chassis and/or areo departments take a hit instead. For example mclaren are switching to Merc engines, they will need to do some we small redesign at the rear to fit the Mercedes as it is different to the Renault. any change in engine supplier should come with the current supplier upgrades they have already done.
  4. Craig8921

    Fanatec podium shifter does it work?

    I’m on PS4. I have the v2 rim. The clutch bite point, I can’t get to work in terms of using both. I have the bottom left paddle set as clutch. The left and right middle paddles obviously up and down shift. I use the top left for DRS and top right for overtake.
  5. Craig8921

    Fanatec podium shifter does it work?

    The podium advanced paddle module?
  6. Craig8921

    Floor Damage?

    I have noticed a visual affect of floor damage to the car after contact with another driver. Is this just a visual effect or does this actually compromise downforce?
  7. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    So after finally getting a day off work. Jumped back on f1, did 3rd upgrade to gearbox. I worked on my braking throughout p1&p2. Trying to be smoother and not just go nuts with downshifts. After qualy and the race my GB had gone from 43% to 52%. A massive improvement on what it was before. Thanks again for the advice now I can compete in at least 4 races before the thing explodes 🤣 and wow fanatec has definitely rejuvenated my interest in racing. So much better than thrustmaster
  8. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    Thanks. I race on wheel and after 2 years have recently just upgraded from thrustmaster to fanatec. After what you guys have said, i reckon it may be combination of new equipment and getting used to it but also my driving style. I am pretty aggressive on downshifts. A habit I’ve had since 2015 game really when I first got a wheel. I tend to have all my downshifts completed before I’ve fully pressed down brakes.
  9. Craig8921

    Gearbox wear rate.

    I’m currently in season 2. I have 2 upgrades on my gearbox. I have just completed Canada on 50% after taking a brand new gearbox and the penalties to go with it. After checking my wear rate at the end my ‘brand new’ gearbox is at 43% after 1 race 😮 is this an issue with the game or down to driving style? Any advice is greatly appreciated