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  1. After opening up the radio menu, If I’m not mistaken, pressing square button will cycle through the radio menus. ‘Shut up Jeff’ is on the last page at bottom, if memory serves me right
  2. Came across this online the other day. Part of the article was talking about the esports handling model. Basically explaining why they have to separate handling models. This bottom part that I circled is interesting… Would love to get peoples opinion on how soon Codemasters soon really is?
  3. When talking about licenses for tracks, I was wondering, do they need separate licenses for each individual track, or is just 1 license that covers the entire calendar for that season?
  4. https://racinggames.gg/f1/f1-2021-tracks-dlc-new-mugello-imola-portimao-nurburgring/ Link to another article wouldn’t work. This one says it takes around a year and Codemasters could be looking at December for releasing
  5. I’ve seen a number of times it being mentioned about 12 months for a track. The article I read was specifically talking about Imola, Portimao and Jeddah as well. Hopefully Codies did plan on a DLC back in 2020 for extra tracks (which I doubt as they would of done Turkey also, considering how many people wanted it last year and this year). If they didn’t and only started working on them after they got officially announced then we’re looking at March 2022 at the earliest. Any earlier than that and they’ll most likely be broken, buggy and probably missing whole sections of the track 🤣
  6. Oh believe me I know it isn’t easy. Infact after doing a little research, I came across an article that states it takes codemasters 12 months to develop a new track. Based on this and the fact Imola and Portimao were not confirmed until March 2021, I think now a realistic target will be no sooner than March 2022. This also confirms your knowledge of how long and difficult it is to create tracks from ground up
  7. Not necessarily PP2 that was more an example of how I think they could add tracks without having an update for a new pass then a week or so later another big update for tracks.
  8. 2020 they would have had no idea Imola or Portimao were going to be on the calendar for 2021. I’d be very surprised if they started working on tracks on the off chance they might be added. If that’s the case then maybe they’ve done the same for Turkey? As I said it was my opinion, an opinion that seems more plausible than throwing 3 tracks into a game in a random month. If their building 3 tracks from ground up and their not using anything in terms of data from a previous game then it would be highly unlikely we see the tracks until early 2022.
  9. I also wouldn’t be opposed to them adding 1 new track per podium pass. For arguments sake, let’s say they started working on the tracks 6 months ago. We can assume Imola doesn’t need too much work doing as the files from previous games are already there. Portimao they have in other games that they could get a hold of. Jeddah doesn’t even exist. F1 2021 game is released, Codemasters have Imola at a stage now that is more or less finished. They spend the duration of Podium Pass 1 adding the finishing touches to Imola, then release this track along with Podium Pass 2. Now their 1 t
  10. End of season 1 I had Lance Stroll - Alfa Romeo Christian Lundgaard - Alpha Tauri Pierre Gasly - Aston Martin Jack Aitkin - Mercedes Callum Ilott - Williams George Russell - My Team Kimi Raikkonen - Retired Valtteri Bottas - Free Agent Quite happy with how my transfers went, no chance of Bottas being OP in Mercedes now, unless they re-sign him.
  11. My opinion I can see tracks being added when a new podium pass begins rather than a big update during the middle of a podium pass that’s already running. My reasoning for this, is I imagine that along with the new tracks, there will also be new objectives added that will involve the new tracks.
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