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  1. Hi hopefully ok to report my first feedback after the 1.8.1 update with regards to VR

    Playing DR2.0 Deluxe version on PC Steam with an Oculus Rift. 

    Could be placebo or real fact (?)--> I changed nothing on my side but it seems VR runs much smoother. Even during night stages and heavy rain. Looks gorgeous

    I also noticed while running several daily challenges that only the first stage (bonus challenge heavy raining Argentina) the UI was larger and clearly readable. Great!!
    But all other daily stages the old smaller (and unreadable) text. I did not test it by going back to main menu and start another daily challenge. I stayed in the same mode and proceeded with the daily challenges accordingly. 


  2. Idem. First start of the game a message regarding a mismatch which has to do with something about the 'championship'
    Although after waiting a while I get connection but all credits seems to be gone? 

    Then restarted several times. The error message did not show up anymore but
    - All credits still gone.
    - Also D+ logo top right not visible anymore
    - When trying to enter my garage a time out error

    Will try later today and hopefully everything is back to normal so I can repair my cars 😉

  3. Played and tested the new 1.8 in VR (Steam/Oculus Rift/1080ti). First of all great that you can choose to start in 2D or VR via steam menu. I always race in VR and my son in 2D. 
    VR mode seems to be equally the same as before. I expected UI text the be larger or closer by.

    I think performance wise no changes (is that correct?) and I'm already satisfied with the VR performance so far. 


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  4. 2 hours ago, AadHofman said:

    After the update it is not possible to record telemetry data when using VR (works without VR). Neither RDA nor SimHub gets any data on the port 20777. 

    For someone who doesn't enjoy driving without VR, and take setups & tuning seriously, this is quite a bummer. 

    I had the same. Non VR my NLRv3 and Simhub works but in VR it doesn't. That's because a new hardware config VR file was added. You have to copy your motion 'lines' from the default hardware settings file to the new hardware config VR file and then it works again. 

    Hope this helps also for you. 

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    • What platform you're playing on (Steam or Oculus). Oculus (but Steam VR starts automatically when starting DR2.0)
    • What headset you're using. Oculus Rift
    • What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.). i7-7700k , 1080ti, 32GB, 512SSD
    • Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (Steam only). Deluxe user
    • Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc.  Fanatec DD1, Fanatec H shifter+handbrake and NLRv3 motion platform connected

    VR performance is really poor. You have to turn down all graphic options to the lowest value to have a car run 'smooth' through a stage (tried, Australia, Germany, Wales and Monaco).
    But with too low graphics it does not look that well . If you turn up to mid/high the graphics are obviously ok but the stuttering is massive and it becomes unplayable.

    I start DR2.0 VR via Steam as I also bought it via Steam. Then it both starts SteamVR as well as Oculus home. 


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  5. Thrustmaster T300 GTE* with F1 wheel add-on and recently bought 3TPA pedals. If you only play F1 and not e.g. rally games I would recommend the 3TPA in stead of 3TPA-pro. There is not much difference between these two.  

    Do you have the room (and money) for a race seat? Almost like the real thing ;)
    Maybe the outlet store of Playseat has something for you? http://www.playseatstore.nl/outlet.html
     I already have the Playseat Evolution and also the same "issue" as mentioned by @DauntingConch --> brakepedal to close to the strut. Also adjusted the pedal offset but still not optimal. 

    * do not know where you live, but in the Netherlands I bought this wheel for €255 (now €265), the F1 wheel for €125 and finally the 3TPA pedals for €80. 

    Enjoy your search to your best racing gear and beat the competition ;) 

  6. Haven't had any of the above mentioned "issues" while on PS4 with patch 1.0.5 and TM300 wheel. So probably that makes it for the dev team even more challenging. Some do have "problems" and others on the same platform, version etc can race without any hick up. 

  7. PS4 1.05 works fine so far. Did just a quick check. Timetrial and careermode (just continues where I left the game). Also the gears are visible on the wheel in all cockpit views. Didn't test MP. 

    Again a great job of the dev team. F1 2016 was already great and bit by bit it's even getting better. Still enjoying the game/sim ;)  a lot. 

  8. Matty5792 said:
    Im looking at getting the T300 with the F1 Ferrari add on wheel. Has anyone got the ferrari wheel and if sò what's it like?
    yes it is! It took me a couple of hours to get used to the button config comparing to the PS4 button lay out. Where to find the 4 buttons and REMEMBER them while driving. Also the turning knobs on the F1 wheel do work very well. During racing you can easily change the brake bias and differential %, 

    Cost some money but worth every € cent. 

  9. Codemasters, could you fix the A.I. in the next patch?  I just did an online race at Sochi, and I got crashed out during qualifying due to your A.I. driving like real life Max Verstappen (cutting in front of me and pushing me off the track), then I start the race from the back, and your stupid A.I. forget that this is F1, not Indycar, and just start crashing into each other like lemmings!  Just wrecked the championship my friends and I have going.  Thanks Codemasters.
    So Codemasters made the AI very realistic.   if it is just like 'our' new rebel Max. 

  10. I had the same. Seems like a temporary mechanical fault in the engine? Do not if this a 'game experience' (i liked it anyway). I asked friend Jeff for assistance but no response. After a couple of seconds the engine had power again and I could proceed my race. So no low fuel in my case. 

  11. scs1mon said:
    whats the perfect set-up, 
    In what way?

     perfect setup with regards top FBB settings? One driver likes high FBB scale the other one less. You have to play with it.  80%, 75%, 63% (but I have to check if I still use these FBB settings)

    perfect setup with regards to hardware setup?  Obviously e.g. a Playseat F1 seat ;) I have a Playseat Evolution. But with the TM 3TPA pedals the brake pedal is not situated in the most ideal way. I already moved the metal brake pedal to the most left side. 

    Or do you mean another perfect set-up?