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  1. Hi hopefully ok to report my first feedback after the 1.8.1 update with regards to VR Playing DR2.0 Deluxe version on PC Steam with an Oculus Rift. Could be placebo or real fact (?)--> I changed nothing on my side but it seems VR runs much smoother. Even during night stages and heavy rain. Looks gorgeous I also noticed while running several daily challenges that only the first stage (bonus challenge heavy raining Argentina) the UI was larger and clearly readable. Great!! But all other daily stages the old smaller (and unreadable) text. I did not test it by going back to ma
  2. PC Steam, Deluxe version Minor issue--> NLRv3 works perfect on all stages except the free roam Dirt Fish.
  3. Played and tested the new 1.8 in VR (Steam/Oculus Rift/1080ti). First of all great that you can choose to start in 2D or VR via steam menu. I always race in VR and my son in 2D. VR mode seems to be equally the same as before. I expected UI text the be larger or closer by. I think performance wise no changes (is that correct?) and I'm already satisfied with the VR performance so far.
  4. I had the same. Non VR my NLRv3 and Simhub works but in VR it doesn't. That's because a new hardware config VR file was added. You have to copy your motion 'lines' from the default hardware settings file to the new hardware config VR file and then it works again. Hope this helps also for you.
  5. Sorry should have mention that PJ --> PC Steam, grtz Brian
  6. Racing into the weekend. Steam PC grtz Brian
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