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  1. @RedDevilK One small doubt, i dont see the DLSS option in the 2019 game but i guess it used to be there in the past. Was this removed? I just see TAA, Fidelity FX etc
  2. Hi! Thanks for the workaround and sorry for the explosion. I have a ticket on Nvidia running since Friday and all they ask is "indian" stuff if yo know what i mean.... Nothing leading to a fix or workaround. Its like having a memory leak on the code and ask the customer to reboot to see if the problem is fixed. Anyway, thanks for the workaround. Just tested it and working. After deletion of the files i am able to open the game with success. I will still get EGO Dumper crash when i close the game, but at least i can open and play. Its a great workaround. Thanks!
  3. Still no feedback, so i would like to issue a warning here before i escalate this. I know that technical support is always sub-contractors, so, before i put you all on fire for ignoring customers im giving you one more chance
  4. Dear codemaster, I previously had a 1080Ti Nvidia and i was playing F1 2019 without any problem. I've updated my system hardware to a new 3080 Nvidia RTX and the game is not working anymore. When i try to start the game i get a EGO Dumper popup with the following: I need to have this fixed or i will request money back on paypal / steam thanks for the support nvidia_support_f1_2019.nfo
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