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  1. Came here to post this. Couldn't even hit Bronze. Getting higher medals is impossible with these time imo.
  2. On PS3, I think only 1 person has Platinum so far It could be also a problem with the leaderboards though. I noticed that they seem to be quite buggy. The number one spot was usually just some milliseconds to a second faster than me and when I scored a faster lap it would then show faster times on the top spots. Happened several times. So there are probably more people with platinum ratings on the leaderboard but it just isn't showing them correctly.
  3. Well the Endurance challenge seems to be somewhat impossible. Checking the leaderboards (360 version), no one has reached the 20,196m yet...
  4. A title update was available today for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Did two of the challenges today and got medal EP and credits for both. So it seems to be patched. Hopefully it'll work the following weeks as well. Thanks Codies ;)
  5. Well, another week and again no EP and Credit payout for Medals in Racenet Challenges (Xbox 360 version). Any word on a patch for this?
  6. So I tried it again today with the new Challenges, still no Medal EP and Credits... Tried it with loaned cars and my own, nothing works. This is getting really annoying :(
  7. Nice to see that there are some good bugs as well :D
  8. In case you meant me, I'm on Xbox 360. My problem with the rank 10 achievement solved itself for me. I joined a Touring class online lobby and the achievement popped. Could you elaborate on the other bug you mentioned (last paragraph)?
  9. I think they are, because i did all challenges and got medals xp, maybe that problem its fixed, lets see what happens at new challenges this week CYA Well if it is fixed, it didn't apply to me. Glad that it worked for you, I just tried it again but no luck. Also now I have another issue, I reached rank 10 in Touring class but the achievement didn't unlock...
  10. I wasn't able to receive credits and EP for medals in this week's Racenet Challenges either. Really annoying. Are codies working on that issue?
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