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  1. tobi90ger

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    btw for a little bit more of showing my issue: https://vimeo.com/535292778
  2. tobi90ger

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    thanks so far. i read somewhere else for a 360 degree option but never found one in any option at the game? this is how my FFB looks like, bit different?
  3. tobi90ger

    Thrustmaster Ferrar F1 Wheel Setup?

    hey guys, just received my Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel but i'm struggling with the settings :/ my main problem is that i have like massive understeer if i take any corner like with 100kph it is fine but on higher speed i miss the turn and always run into the grass on the outer line of the turns. any idea? it's like i need the wheel to steer a bit more / harder TIA