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  1. legakos

    F1 2019 E3 2019??

    F1 2019 is at E3, it is at the f1 game twitter.
  2. legakos

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Yh the sounds, but there is one thing bothering me, how did 3 cars go next to each other in the corner in monaco just before the hairpin? Im hoping that they codies didnt make the tracks wider.
  3. legakos

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Im sure they will update it, this is how they showed the game last year as well and they updated it.
  4. legakos

    F1 2019 tires

    Yh that could make sense and hopefully thats what happens. But there are some pictures of races where you can still see the tire being the same.
  5. legakos

    F1 2019 tires

    I saw the gameplay videos of f1 2019 which all looks very good and the f2 as well, but the tire in the f1 gameplay looks a bit unrealistic I think compare to real life. There is a shiny bit on the right side of the tire and on the left side of the tire aswell on both of the sides of the car, and in real life it only happens after a fresh new tire but only for about 200 metres. I know it is till Work In Progress so it can change.
  6. legakos

    hopefully some gameplay soon

    Koch Media twitter. They posted it yesterday, it says “ some exciting news we will be sharing about f1 2019 tomorrow” so that is going to be today.
  7. legakos

    hopefully some gameplay soon

    Koch Media posted on Twitter that today we should see some videos
  8. Yes, at release the game will have the 2018 F2 Season. The 2019 F2 season will come a bit later after release.
  9. legakos


    Hopefully we get some news because tomorrow is the start of the weekend at Baku, and it would make sense having like a lap onboard from Baku in f1 2019, or some kind of news about the game.
  10. legakos

    F1 2019 - Helmets

    Yh, we should have more helmets to choose from, and more designs. For example like Lewis’s helmet, so he got his logo and number on it, we should have some kund of similar option to edit it. I think there should be an option whether we want our number to be on the helmet and have more varied helmet designs. Just look at Lando Norris’s helmet this year, you cant even make a similar helmet in the f1 game, so there needs to be more.
  11. legakos

    f1 2019 intro to game

    Yh thats good, but for console players
  12. legakos

    f1 2019 intro to game

    I think it would be a good addition if you put the f1 2019 intro into the 2019 game. Lots of people want it. I heard that the 2018 intro wasnt in the 2018 game because it had alcohol advertisements on it, but in 2019 Williams dont have Martini, and Ferrari doesnt seem to have Mission Winnow ad in the intro, so it should be in the game.
  13. legakos

    F1 Setup Help

    Can anyone help how to make a setup where i dont only adjust the wings. I can only do the wings and tyre pressure, but i want to do the others like suspension,suspension geometry and transmission..