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  1. legakos

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    I get the same for Xbox as well.
  2. legakos

    How much time between levels?

    Around between 0.1-0.2.
  3. legakos

    I need help with difficulty

    Thanks for the help, but I think i'll leave my difficulty on 103 which looks like on some tracks is good and some tracks its more challenging, but challenge is good because you have to do the max you can.
  4. As soon as you go in the game you get it. You have to go in messages to get it.
  5. legakos

    I need help with difficulty

    You can change it between practice sessions, and you can change it between the loading times when moving to a different weekend.
  6. legakos

    I need help with difficulty

    So its a few levels lower like 5-7, not only 3 like I did.
  7. legakos

    I need help with difficulty

    Yh it looks like my teammate is better now. My question is that if you had to decrease the difficulty from 2018 to 2019 and by how much, so maybe i would need to try it out, but i see that you answered so thanks. :)
  8. I played f1 2018 on 106-107 difficulty which was basically my level. But in 2019, I started with 102 in Australia and beat my team mate by 0.5 seconds so I put it up to 104 for Bahrain but there I got like 0.5 from my team mate and in china 0.4 and in baku 0.8. Its true that maybe I could have done like 1 or 2 tenths better laps but that wouldnt have changed much.
  9. legakos

    Position of teams

    I guess it would be the 29th of june because that is when the game would have been released for 1 day.
  10. legakos

    Position of teams

    I feel like some of the teams are not where they should be on the grid. So the williams is p15 sometimes, but they should be p19 and p20. There are other teams which i think are at the wrong position. I hope there is some kind of day one patch coming which sorts the order of the cars out. Btw the game is very good imo.
  11. legakos

    F1 2019 E3 2019??

    F1 2019 is at E3, it is at the f1 game twitter.
  12. legakos

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Yh the sounds, but there is one thing bothering me, how did 3 cars go next to each other in the corner in monaco just before the hairpin? Im hoping that they codies didnt make the tracks wider.
  13. legakos

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Im sure they will update it, this is how they showed the game last year as well and they updated it.
  14. legakos

    F1 2019 tires

    Yh that could make sense and hopefully thats what happens. But there are some pictures of races where you can still see the tire being the same.